Indianapolis, Indiana


Three Squared Away Sailors
(Well I'll be...... these uniforms still fit!)

A Note to My Archerfish Shipmates

Over the past several months, I've received some inquiries about the creation of an Indy 2003 Reunion Page. Here is the "straight skinny" Shipmates................

The only reason that nothing has been posted from Indy is due to my laziness..... I've been working daily on a race car and find my days are full. I just have not taken the time to sit down and sort thru all the pictures, and do the necessary work to get them scanned, reduced, thumbnailed and posted to the website. I planned on doing it a couple of weeks ago while my buddy (race car owner) was up in the Sierras hunting. As luck would have it, I got called for Jury Duty and ended up for the week on a drug trial (we convicted the son-of-a-#$%*&) so that screwed up the time I planned to devote to getting the Reunion page done ....FINALLY.

We are painting the race car this week and next. Then we begin the process of putting the car all back together and the suspension set up and engine tuned. In a couple of more months, I may "get my life back"..... I've even dropped my membership at the gym due to working on our race car. I'm NOT complaining.... I love it!!!!! It's better that any PAID job I ever had. (1938 Chevy - Vintage Gas Coupe - Bonneville / Dry Lakes race car. Full body off restoration and "ground up build", including chasis and engine, of - hopefully - 150+ mph race car.)

I WILL get the Indy 2003 Reunion page up one of these days, sooner rather than later I hope!!!!

Corny - (with apologies) - 06OCT04

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