Full Military Honors
Funeral Service and Burial of
Joseph F. Enright, Captain USN(ret)

8Aug2000, 0845, "Old Post Chapel" - Ft Meyer, Virginia

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Arrival - Color Guard Honors           Services -Old Post Chapel
Departure           Caisson and Honor Guard
Approach - Arlington           Present Arms
Rifle Salute           Graveside Honors
Folding of the Colors           Presentation of the Colors
Salute           Rest in Peace Captain Joe

Many heart-felt thanks to Mike Klein, Archerfish Crew 1960, for these pictures.

Captain Joe & Virginia
  (Pages1 & 2)
Honoring the Life of Capt. Joseph F. Enright, Sr.
(Pages 3 & 4)
The Program & Navy Hymn
  (Pages 5 & 6)
A Drawing by Great Grandaughter Erica Marie King

"Archerfish was represented at Captain Enright's funeral by
Mike Klein, a Radioman aboard in the early 60's and
Gordon Engquist, Commanding Officer in mid 60's."

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