1.     Situation: SVERLOV class cruiser and two destroyer escorts at the critical range, speed 20 knots. You have Mk 14 low speed cam setting on the Angle Solver. There are Mk 16 mines in the forward tubes and Mk 10 mines in the after tubes. In this case, attack doctrine calls for:

a.     Start up the ice machine to produce negative thermocline.

b.     Situation is in doubt.

c.     Come to normal escape course and blow sanitaries.

d.     Make shrimp noises and relieve the watch.


2.     Target is a slow burning merchantman. You have come to full speed on the normal escape course, but target is still closing. Suddenly the captain jumps down the periscope well. This would indicate:

a.     He didn't keep ahead of it.

b.     The helmsman pushed him.

c.     You were seeing things. It is impossible to drop in the well since there is an interlock against this.

d.     Impossible, my captain can't fit down the well.


3.     Depth of water at Lat. 33-42-15N, Long. 56-34-19W is:

a.     1753 fathoms

b.     1754 fathoms

c.     1755 fathoms

d.     None of the above since this is a point in the Sahara Desert


4.     Fill in the blanks: ___________ on the ___________ is normally __________ kept ______________ in the __________ except during _________________________________________.


5.     You have just dived to 100 feet when someone observes that the Captain and Exec were left on the bridge when you submerged. At this point the proper course of action is:

a.     Move your gear into the Captain's stateroom “it's bigger".

b.     Submit a correction to last month's OCDR.

c.     Check lineal numbers; you may be SOPA.

d.     Turn in, you probably have the next watch.


6.     You have Exide Ironclad 53D batteries. You have been charging for the last week and a half at 13000 amps and 2700 volts over the TVG curve - temperature 212 F. Chlorine is being evolved and you have a battery explosion in the after well. In this case the proper procedure would be to:

a.     Check the last chemical analysis report on battery water and re-water battery anyway.

b.     Notify BUSHIPS that the Exide Ironclad battery is a fraud and the navy has been sold a bill of goods.

c.     Close all red switches on the IC board.

d.     Pump forward battery to after battery, reporting every 500 amps.


7.     You have just dived and reported 54', trim satisfactory, when the Captain remarks that the ship is still going ahead flank and has a 25 up angle. As Diving Officer you would:

a.     List the ship 90 and use the rudder as a stern plane since its larger area makes it more effective.

b.     Decide that you are light forward, light aft, and heavy all over.

c.     Ask the engineer for a new bubble, since this one is obviously erratic.

d.     Pass the word for student officers to take stations for dive #8.


8.     Periscope observation reveals a single DD at 3000 yards, AOB port 5, speed 25 knots. Attack doctrine in this case calls for:

a.     Shift to silent running and make croaker noises.

b.     Rapidly rotate the bow planes so that cavitation occurs and the ASW ship will think you are going in the opposite direction.

c.     Pass the word for church services in the after battery.

d.     Shift the UQC to the topside transducer and ask for a range check.


9.     As Communications Officer you enter your safe to get some comic books and candy. While aimlessly shuffling through all the publications which clutter up the thing, you notice that KAK - 23.5B is missing. You know that it is not in the Attack Center, since that space was thoroughly searched when the radar was stolen. You are sure of this since it was the same day you had a fire in the radio shack. In this case, the best thing to do is:

a.     Try to get relieved before the next inventory.

b.     Steal one from WAHOO which is alongside.

c.     Send a message to SUBPAC recommending that subject publication be declassified.

d.     Buy a full shaker of martinis next trip to the club.


10. You are the torpedo officer in the forward torpedo room. You have just reported all tubes fully ready. Suddenly you hear a gurgling noise and notice you are standing in water up to your waist. This could be caused by:

a.     Holes in your shoes.

b.     Jack nut in improper position for hand operation.

c.     Leaky depth diaphragms in torpedoes - check hydrogen burner.

d.     Excessive wear in tubes, check all lands with ball point micrometer.


11. You have stealthily been making an approach on an oar-driven ferry boat for the past three days, and are in the attack phase. You prepare to fire the bow tubes, when suddenly the PK blows up and you lose all power to the forward relay transmitter. In this case the proper procedure would be to:

a.     Fire the forward nest rapidly using tracer control.

b.     Cavitate the gyro pot while motorizing the depth engine.

c.     Remove all igniters and replace the transportation pins.

d.     Remove the warheads before firing since there is no sense inn losing everything.


12. You are 980' below ordered depth and have a 40 down angle. You have already blown main ballast, fuel ballast, auxiliaries, safety, negative, sanitaries, battery water tanks, along with main engine lube oil sumps and you are still dropping like a rock. In this situation it might be advisable to:

a.     Bleed air.

b.     Cross connect the exhaust blower with the trim line and pump bilges through the IC board.

c.     Pass the word for swim call.

d.     Check the chart - you may be within the 10 fathom curve.


13. You are OOD on a fleet snorkel, underway in a dense fog, visibility zero, and making flank on three engines. Suddenly you sight the Matsonia broad on the bow, angle on the bow zero, speed 25 knots, range 20 yards. In this case, it might be advisable to take corrective action as follows:

a.     Exercise the General Prudential Rule and slow to full.

b.     Check the charts - you may be in inland waters where collisions are not authorized.

c.     Pass the word to standby to repel boarders.

d.     None of the above since this is your operating area and the Matsonia has no business being there.


14. You are running at flank speed on three engines on the surface when suddenly [you] suspect trouble in the #3 main engine. Your suspicions have been aroused by the fact that the crankshaft just went out through the side of the boat and the engine room is filled with flying crankshaft particles from the lower crank. In this case the alert engineer would:

a.     Check the exhaust manifold with a torque wrench

b.     Submit the monthly summary.

c.     Go forward to the wardroom, its safer, quieter, and there is a fresh pot of coffee on.

d.     Check on tonight's movie at the SUBASE theater.


15. A submarine upon  returning from patrol made a trim dive and while futilely attempting to surface, recorded the following conditions of loading:

a.     Torpedoes in tubes #1 and #2.

b.     Shrimp and croaker in tube #3.

c.     Torpedo officer in tube #4.

d.     Evening water noise in Pearl Harbor in tubes #5 and #6.

e.     Crushed rock and coral in tube #7.

f.      Main engine spares in tube #8.

g.     #1 NFO - 400 gallons of battery water.

h.     #4 NFO a fresh water river for positive gradients.

i.       Bridge trunk has a blown gasket on the upper hatch and has been kept flooded with ship compensated accordingly.

j.       While in the shipyard, forward trim was converted into a barber shop. After trim was removed to allow installation of a smoke generator.


Using the information given above compute the correction to reserve buoyancy in load condition "N" modified.

NOTE: 1 lb = 16 oz., specific gravity of coffee = 1.026.


16. Briefly sketch and describe a negative thermocline, cross-hatching all isothermal areas.



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