Archerfish Shipmates Web Pages: (Personal/Business Web Pages of the Archerfish Crew)

The Allergy Shop - Norm McDonald, RM1(SS), 6/27/67 - 5/1/68

Casey's Page Mill - Mike Casey, FT2(SS), 3/12/60 - 1/17/61

Mickey Freeman - Director of Photography - Mickey Freeman, QMSN(SS), 4/1/67 - 5/1/68

Simayof Diamond Cutters and Jewlers - David Kasden, CS3(SS), 5/16/67 - 3/22/68

Kinnard Properties - Florida / Hawaii - Jim Kinnard, LT, 6/28/66 - 1/29/68

Mike Giambattista's Home Page - Mike Giambattista, LTJG, 7/12/59 - 1/20/61

Quest Real Estate Service - Ray Thomas, Realtor - Ray Thomas YN2(SS), 4/19/64 - 2/17/65

River Banjo - Handcrafted Banjos - Jerry Oliver FTG2(SS), 4/16/62 - 9/20/63

Starlight Cases™ - New Innovative Products, Inc. - Steve Ramos, LT, 12/31/57 - 12/14/59

The Cornelison Pages - Jerry Cornelison RM3(SS), 5/17/67 - 4/19/68

Toyman's Web Page - Home of the "Rice Rocket" - Joe Melhorn, EM2(SS), 9/25/67 - 5\1\68

Boat Links:
(Web sites of Subs that have a unique relationship to Archerfish or we have shared information with)

Operation Petticoat from Gary Walker's great website - Boats used in filming (Balao, Archerfish, Queenfish) - pix & info.

USS Atule SS-403 by Gary Walker - USS Atule, USS Pampanito, Key West Boats, Operation Petticoat, Sub School info & more.

USS Batfish (SS-310) by Mark W. Allen - Sister Ship site.

USS Grayback (SS-574) by Bill Accord - New home for many ARCHERFISH crew after decommissioning.

USS Queenfish (SS393) by Jerry Uffelman - One of the 3 Operation Petticoat Boats. - Includes info about Nuc Queenfish.

USS Snook (SSN-592) by Bob Pettengill (ARCHERFISH and SNOOK - forever linked in submarine history.)

Other Submarine Links:
(Useful information and resources for Submariners)

On Eternal Patol - By Bowfin Museum - Dedicated to men who lost their lives while serving in the U.S. Submarine Force.

USS Bowfin Museum and Park - Pearl Harbor - Operated by the Pacific Fleet Submarine Memorial Association.

Home Page of the United States Office Representing The St. Petersburg Submariners' Club by Lee Steele

The Kitchen Table Gang by Charlie Taliaferro - Very worthwhile project to assist our forgotten Vets in VA Hospitals.

John "Chainfall" Przybyla's DBF Website by John Przybyla - Diverse Submarine and Navy website.

Periscope Shots by Jim Mandelblatt - Periscope shots from various submarines, including ARCHERFISH.

(former) Subic Bay Naval Base - Republic of the Philippines by Sgt. H. James Holub, USMC Ret. - Trip down "Memory Lane".

Submariner's Information Page by Sid Harrison (visit "Green Board" - Submarine homepage listings)

Submarine Losses - WWII from the official website of Sub Vets of WWII.

WWII Lost Boats 1941 - 1945 from the official COMSUBPAC website.

Submarine Shipmate locator, reunion information, BBS, submarine homepage listings and MUCH more

View Crew List on - USS ARCHERFISH (SS/AGSS-311) Sailing List
BottomGun BBS on Submarine - Bulletin Board for Submariners
Classic Diesel Boats on - Classic Diesel Boat picture album
Bash at the Ranch - 2001 "Memory Book" of a truly outstanding and unique gathering of Submariners

Submarine Ship's Store Online Ship's Store for submarine related items (Links to Submarine resources)

Submarine World Network / Ron Martini's SubBase by Ron Martini - Shipmate locator, reunion info, BBS, links & much more

Subnet - Cyberspace Association of United States Submariners by Don Merrigan - Shipmate locator, history, memorials & more

The Sub Report Comprehensive "magazine type" website about current and historic Submarine news.

United States SubVets WWII National Web site

United States SubVets WWII Unofficial Web site

United States Submarine Veterans Inc. (member) USSVI's National Web site

United States SubVets - Lockwood Internet Base (member) USSVI - Internet Base Web site

United States SubVets - Los Angeles/Pasadena Base (member) USSVI - LA/Pasadena Base Web site


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