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Jack Ratledge collection: Road Runners Member, 1947-ca. 1948


Webmaster note: The Jack Ratledge collection of pictures is what started our quest to find old Road Runners pictures and directly led to the development of this webpage. We continue to discover more information and learn more about the individuals and cars in these pictures even as we receive new pictures. We hope you enjoy your visit to "yesterday" and invite you back often.

(The following pictures and information is from Jim Ratledge, Jack's son.) I found some old pictures that my dad had (from his Dry Lakes racing days). Amongst the pictures are two inspection slips, both are for S.C.T.A. One is for 1945 at Rosamond Dry Lake and the other one does not say, but it has Wally Parks listed as secretary and this one is for 1947. There doesn't seem to be a lot of pictures of my dad and his car. Some pictures have names: Crager, Noble, Minos, Muroc, Herb Days, Paul Pedigo and some show numbers on the cars. The album is in very poor condition and some of the pictures are of a very poor quality (and are damaged.)

Webmaster Note: I spoke at some length with Jim Miller (SCTA & AHRF Historian). He reviewed the pictures and read your information along with what I found in the 1948 SCTA El Mirage program. Jim says he is pretty sure he knows your Dad's roadster and has some pictures of it in his archives. He said there was only one Bantam (Austin) Roadster that ran at El Mirage that he has ever found in his research. That had to be your Dad's.

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Left: Jack Ratledge Album - Page 1
Center: Jack Ratledge Album - Page 2
Right: Jack Ratledge Album - Page 3
Album - Page 1:                
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Business Card:
Jack's (Ratledge) Speed Shop
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< Muroc -
Herb Day's Merc roadster
Muroc - Paul Pedigo >
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#6 - unknown
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#57 - Jim's Speed Shop
(??) 3 Port - 111.11 mph
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Old's 3 Port
      click on image
Cragar - 103.48 mph
Album - Page 2:            
click on image
Jack Ratledge with his Mercury Speedster Flat Head
at 24th & Western, Los Angeles - date unknown
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SCTA Inspection Slip - Oct 21, 1945 *
- Rosamond Dry Lake
Speeds: 91.86 & 93.36
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SCTA Inspection Slip - Oct 19, 1947
- El Mirage Dry Lake
"A" Roadster - 140cu.in. V8-60
Speed: 97.19 - running as "Guest"
Webmaster Note: * The October 21, 1945, SCTA Inspection Slip is rather interesting - According to various books written about Dry Lakes Racing, a US Government Decree suspended all racing activities in the US during the War (due to gas, oil, rubber, etc., rationing and shortages). Following the War, the SCTA was reorganized on September 7, 1945. Wally Parks was elected President, Randy Shinn was elected Secretary and Mel Leighton was elected Treasurer (all were members of the Road Runners). The first post-War SCTA Meet was scheduled at El Mirage Dry Lake for April 4, 1946. A later reference says the date was April 28, 1946. (There is no explanation given why the dates are different. Very well could have been a rain out that caused the rescheduling.)

It appears the Inspection Slip for the October 21, 1945, Meet at Rosamond Dry Lake was either a non-sanctioned Meet that was using old SCTA Inspection Slips or, it was a SCTA sanctioned event that pre-dates the meet at El Mirage in 1946, therefore providing possible evidence to "re-write the history books". Or ????? - who knows! If someone does have information about the "mystery", please contact us. Very interesting!!

The following from Jim Miller, SCTA and Historian/Curator, American Hot Rod Foundation regarding the October 21, 1945 Rosamond Dry Lake Meet:

Here is a little info to clear up some misinformation and add more confusion to the year 1945.

Boswell "Bozzie" Willis was the S.C.T.A. president, Nick DeFabrity was Secretary and Mel Leighton was Treasurer when they shut down official racing in June of '42 due to WWII. Willis, resumed his role as President along with Leighton and new Secretary Thatcher Darwin in '45. They decided to get things rolling again and scheduled a race to be held on October 7, 1945 on Rosamond Dry Lake. A program was printed with 70 entrants listed. After being inspected and some cars running, mother nature came along and deposited rain on the formerly dry lake to make it a mud hole. Needless to say the event was called. Some of the boys took off for dry El Mirage where the Pacific Coast Timing Association would time runs for a nominal fee.

After that things hit the proverbial fan. Some guys said it was unfair to hold races without everyone back, two scheduled races didn't equal a Championship. Others said the orginization wasn't legal since paperwork to re-incorporate wasn't done. And what about elections for Officers?

The October 21st timing slip is a mystery as no mention of it was published in the S.C.T.A. Racing News. There was another meet scheduled for November 25 but that too was scrubbed because of Sacremento "Red Tape" reguarding Incorporation.

The boys had to wait till April 28, 1946 for racing to begin in earnest under the guideance of its new leaders, President Wally Parks, Vice President Bob Rufi, Secretary Randy Shinn and Treasurer Mel Leighton.

Road Runners listed in the '45 program were Ray Brown, Vic Edelbrock, Randolph Shinn, Harold Anderson, Robert Montgomery, Zeke Miller, John Browning, Bert Letner and D. J. Caruthers. Hope that clears up a few things. Jim Miller

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< # 2 - Welcher Brothers
2 port Riley
(Wally Parks sedan is the
tow vehicle.)
#35 - Fronty >
81-26 (unknown reference)
n.D. ( Indy ??)
Looks somewhat similar to a 20's era Indy Fronty Ford racer
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Jack Ratledge' s Bantam Roadster
1640 lbs., right hand drive
'28 A block, 4" bore, 31 lb. flywheel, Mallory ignition (?)
Jack Ratledge's Bantam Roadster (far right) had a '28 A, 4cyl engine. Jim (son) remembers, "All I know is that when I was growing up from '53 till the late 60's that it had a V-8 in it and it just sat in our back yard before he sold it to a Sgt. in the Air Force, named Ernie, while I was in the military. I tried for quite a while to try and find it, ran ads in the local papers and out in papers around Edwards Air Force Base to no avail.... Oh, a little bit of information on the Bantam - - - he named it "The Jimmy Special"." Webmaster Note: My guess is that the SCTA Inspection Slip from the October 19, 1947 Meet (above) is for Jack's Bantam Roadster, after the engine swap from the '28 A "4 banger" to the 140cu.in. V8-60 flathead. He ran as a "Guest" entry and likely joined the Road Runners following that meet since he did join the Road Runners in the 1947 season.
Album - Page 3:                  
click on image     click on image     click on image     click on image
#67 - "Goon Spc."
Speed: 94.63
#81 - Mino's 4 Port Riley
Speed: 104.04
Speed: 118.2?
#38 - Burrud
Speed: 92.--
      click on image     click on image      
#82 Noble's 2 Port Riley
Speed: 94.24
#16 - unknown
Speed: 118.--


Don Baker collection: Road Runners Member, 1948-1949


click on image   click on image   Hi, my name is Don Baker, I was in the club in 1948 and '49. I ran a 29 A roadster and later a 27 T rear engine roadster. My partner in the T was Fred Reno also a member. We took 1st in B roadster class a couple of times with the T at El Mirage. My 29 A number was 148 the T's number was 55. All picture of the T have been lost. Hoping someone has pictures.

(Note and photos from Don Baker)

The following from Jim Miller, SCTA and Historian/Curator, American Hot Rod Foundation:

For the first meet of 1948, in April, Fred Reno ran a B liner # 147 that turned 110.29 mph. At the second meet in June Fred was back with his # 147 and Don was entered in B rdstr as # 148. The program listed the motor as a 249" '46 Merc with Navarro heads and manifold, Smith cam and Kurten ignition. Fred ran 106.54 mph and Don ran 118.89 mph for 13th in class and got 90 points. Both were entered again in July. Don switched to a Finkle cam for this meet. Fred ran 117.18 mph for seventh in class. Don ran 122.78 mph for around 21st or 22nd in class. In August again both cars entered. The program listed Fred's car as a '29 A chassis with a T body and Don's as a Deuce. Don't have any results from that meet. In September both were back. The program now had Don's car as a '29 on '32 rails. Fred ran 126.76 mph for 7th and Don ran 120.96 mph for 19th in class. In October they were back. The program said Don now was running a Huck ignition. Fred ran 124.30 mph for 4th and no speed was listed for Don. In the Dec. '48 issue of Hot Rod there is a pix of Fred's car on page 9.

Here's what I found on the B Lakester # 55: '27 T body with a '46 Merc, 249", now with Meyer heads, Evans intake, Finkle cam and Huck ignition.. Entered in May, no speed. Entered in June, ran 137.82 mph for fourth in class. Entered in July, ran 139.96 mph for 5th in class. Entered in Sept. by Fred alone. Ran 139.96 mph for 4th.

Will look through my pix to see if I have any shots of the #55. - Jim

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I found this old trophy in my garage. Inscription reads
More from Don Baker:
A little info on the (Reno - Baker) 27 T Lakester, Frank Breen and Harvey Haller. I blew the engine in my 29 A at El Mirage, it must have in 1948. I don't know why but the pistons and valves met and were really messed up, the cam shaft was in several pieces, but for some reason the block was ok. I had decided I was going to build the T before this happened. The rear engine T had a drop tank nose, and a full belly pan (and) it was quite streamlined. I could reach out from inside the car, over the door and put my hand on the ground. It was painted school bus yellow with red flames on the front end. It wasn't a bad looking car. Fred Reno helped build the T because we had decided to use his engine in the T (since) my engine wasn't ready yet. All we did mostly was stick his engine it theT without doing anything to it. It went about 20 mph faster than when it was in his car.  
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From August 1950
Popular Mechanics
Thanks to Jim Miller

Frank Breen and Harvey Haller (Road Runners) had built a Bill Burke type streamliner with a flathead Ford engine. I made the rear end in the T the same as their streamliner, with the idea of changing back and forth if need be. Mine had 3:27 gears theirs had 2:84's. We never did change. Breen and Haller later put a Chrysler Hemi in the tank and took it to the salt flats and I think they broke 200 mph. Unfortunately Harvey died from an accident he had there.

I rebuilt my Ford engine, bored it to 3 and 3/8's inch's and had it stroked 3/8's, which put it in C class. The Smith cam was shot, so I put in a Winfield cam and a 3 carb manifold. I put the engine in a friends 32 street roadster to break it in. It seemed to be very strong. I put the engine in the 27 T, put it on it's trailer and took it to El Mirage. I thought it should make 150 mph, but I couldn't get it run right. I took it back to Long Beach. I was very disappointed. In the meantime I got married and my hot rod days were over. I sold the T roadster, minus engine and its trailer, to the Sumner [sp] brothers. I don't remember what club they were in, but I heard they did well with it at the salt flats. - Don

Webmaster Note: Fred Reno's name recorded as Renoe in some records.

click on image   Regarding club photo, the second from the right is Ak Miller, the two on the far left are his two brothers, I can't recall the others. That's only part of a club photo and I have lost the rest of it. (Webmaster Note: See Walt Rose entry below from complete picture.) I do remember all of the guys who were in the club when I was, the president was Randy Shinn, he had a beautiful 27 T roadster and held the C roadster record at 150 mph. He also built my alcohol carbs for me. We won a 3 carb Navaro manifold for 1st place in B roadster at one meet. (Story and [original] photo from Don Baker) (Apr 2012 - See updated ID's below as noted on original picture provided to Charles Rollins by Ak Miller.)

Webmaster Note: Veified photo at Santa Anita Racetrack in 1948 from group photos taken at a Road Runners Club picnic. (Determined from evidence in Dean Batchelor's book, Dry Lakes and Drag Strips, pg 141, picture of Walt Rose that appeared in Hot Rod magazine.)(Additional info provided by George Bertolotti, July 2017.)

The panoramic shot looks like it was shot at Santa Anita. Ak is standing next to his deuce powered by a Buick straight-8 and featuring Buick independant front suspension. He ran the car at the lakes in '47 as car # 115. The fellow to his right in the darker jumpsuit looks like Ak's brother Sigfred. Don't know the others.

Here is a list of some Road Runners from that year. The names might ring a bell. George Kalem, Pete Henderson, Ric Howard, John Bedford, (?) Crawford, Jerry Stoner (or Stroner) , Jack "John" McDermott, Ray Charbonneau, Harvey Haller, Frank Breen, Charles Ferris, Don Lodes, Ed Scheller, Si Westbrook, Glen Roark, Dick Westling, Johnny Johnson, Dean Batchelor, Earnest Thompson, Ralph Chamberlain, Luther Eldridge, Doug Caruthers, Paul Laurance, Jack Avakian, Bert Letner, Randy Shinn, Johnny McCoy, Bob Byars, Reed Bingham, Roland Mays, Walter Rose, Ed Scheller, Tommy Thompkins, Dave Glotch, Leland McCormick, Bill McBurney, Fred Reidman, Dave Cruz, Bud Marcia, Henry Johnson, Dick King, Dick Finkle, Jim Woods, Lee Enfiajian, Jack Ratledge, Lute Eldridge, Bill Phy, King Fisher. (Courtesy of Jim Miller)

Webmaster Note: If anyone can help us identify these Road Runners and the rest in "Part 2" of the picture (See the Walt Rose entry below), please e-mail me at: glc311@earthlink.net


Walt Rose: Charter Member Road Runners, 1937-ca. 1948


The following article about Walt Rose, from Car Culture magazine (date unknown), was provided by current Road Runners member, Scott Baxter. (Road Runners Picnic at Santa Anita Racetrack 1948)
Webmaster Note: These Road Runners Club photos are cropped from the Car Culture article to the right.   click on image    
    L to R: Zeke Miller, Lawrence Miller, William Farris, John Farris,
Ak Miller, Lute Eldridge (Apr 2012 - Updated ID's as noted
on original picture provided to Charles Rollins by Ak Miller.)
    click on image    
    L to R: unknown, Dean Batchelor, John McCoy,
Walt Rose, Randy Shinn (July 2017 - Verified by George Bertolotti
from information on photo by Coy Thomas and purchased from car
shop in Port Townsend, WA.)
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Doug Caruthers collection: Road Runners Member, ca. 1940-1948


The majority of the following images were provided by Doug Caruthers' youngest son, and Associate Road Runners Member, Roy Caruthers. Some pictures provided by Jim Miller.

Roy is also building a replica of Doug's #6 C&C Special and hopes to bring it to El Mirage to display. Roy lives in Indianapolis.

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click on image click on image click on image
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Wally Parks behind the wheel of the #6 C&C Special.
click on image
Following conversion to the Chrisman #25 Dragster. Car is now in the NHRA Museum in Pomona.
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click on image
Doug Caruthers had a very successful career in USAC as a driver, builder, mechanic and car owner. Many well know drivers from the 50's, 60's and into the 70's drove his USAC Midgets. His two oldest sons, Jimmy and Danny both had very successful careers in Midgets and other USAC racing, including Indy. Doug, Jimmy and Danny are all Midget Driving Champions and all are in the USAC Hall of Fame. Doug also was responsible for developing Quarter Midget racing on the West Coast. The links below are reproductions of 16 articles about that part of the Caruthers story.

All this material was provided by Doug's third and youngest son, Roy who came along later in Doug's life. Roy had a successful career of his own in Midgets and Gold Crown cars, mostly in the Mid-West. (Articles provided by Roy Caruthers)

Viking 1/4 Midget Kit (developed by Doug Caruthers)
Tom Thumbs of the Popcorn Bowl - part 1
Tom Thumbs of the Popcorn Bowl - part 2
1/4 Midget Action - part 1
1/4 Midget Action - part 2
1/4 Midget Action - part 3
1/4 Midget Action - part 4
1/4 Roadsters race at Viking Mfg - part 1
1/4 Roadsters race at Viking Mfg - part 2
Building the 1/4 Roadster
Youngsters race in roadsters in Anaheim - part 1
Youngsters race in roadsters in Anaheim - part 2
Cars His Life Despite Deaths
Slugger Caruthers Winner In More Ways Than One - Robin Miller Article
Cancer Claims Champion Doug Caruthers at 60
Caruthers Saga: Triumph and Tragedy - Robin Miller Article


Bill Burke: Road Runners Member, ca. 1946-1950's


Following WWII, Belly Tank Lakesters began to appear at the dry lakes. In 1946, Road Runners member Bill Burke is recognized as having been the first person to take an Army Air Corps, surplus P-51 wing tank, build a rolling chassis, stuff in an engine and run it at an impressive 131.96 mph. Bill's first Belly Tank Lakester was a front engine design. The first four pictures below are of that trend setting racecar. Bill went on to design and build numerous Land Speed race vehicles, including the famous SoCal Speed Shop Belly Tank Lakester.

Bill has a long list of accomplishments, accolades and honors including: AHRF (American Hot Rod Foundation) Pioneer, inventor of the Belly Tank Lakester, participant at the first Bonneville Speedweek - 1949, SCTA Points Champion 1949 with fellow Road Runners member Don Francisco, SCTA President - 1951, Bonneville 200 MPH Club - 1960, Dry Lake Racers Hall of Fame - Inducted 1996 and many more.

click on image   click on image   click on image   click on image
Picture courtesy of Jim Miller
Picture courtesy of Jim Miller
Picture courtesy of bakerracingpix.com
Picture courtesy of Jim Miller
      Burke Bantam at Bonneville - '51        
      Bill Burke teamed up with Jim and Tommy Dahm for an assult on Bonneville in 1951. Running out of San Gabriel, the boys entered this Class B Modified Coupe consisting of a chopped Austin/American Bantam body fitted with a 249 Merc flattie that powered the car to 141.509 mph for second in class.

Look closely to see more WWII aircraft influences on Burke. A Douglas A-26 Invader wing radiator duct was used for the nose grill-shell. It is said that this is the last car Bell Autoparts ever sponsored.

Bill also acted as the starter at the beginning of the meet and then quit. A young fellow by the name of Bob Higbee stepped up for the next 50+ years.

  click on image
Photos and information courtesy of Jim Miller
  click on image
This shot shows the 249 Merc flattie it used to power the car to second in class with a speed of 141.509 mph
click on image   click on image   click on image   click on image    
click on image  
click on image
Sorry - enlarged image is only
resolution available.
#888 Super Shaker
Burke-Laster Bonneville Streamliner
circa 1959/1960

Restoration by Jerry Weeks-Baker, Indianapolis.
Photos courtesy of Roy Caruthers - Road Runners
and Jerry Weeks-Baker.

click on image


More from the '40's at El Mirage


click on image
Road Runners at Dry Lakes - pre WWII
(Photo courtesy of AHRF)
click on image
#42 - 25 Chevy - Speed 89.02
(Photo from Roy Caruthers via AHRF)
Randy Shinn:
Road Runners Member - ca. 1940-1948
Randy Shinn's #251
SCTA #1 Car - Won 1946 Championship
Roadster Record Holder at 128.66mph average
(132.74mph one way)

(Photo and information from
Veda Orr's Lakes Pictorial - 1946 Season
- original copy in Road Runners archives)

Pierson Brothers (Bob and Dick):
Road Runners Members - ca. 1950's
Pierson Brothers famous 2D Coupe
(Picture courtesy of bakerracingpix.com)
AHRF Pioneers
Dry Lake Racers Hall of Fame - Inducted 1994
DLR Hall of Fame car - Inducted 1994
Displayed in Peterson Auto Museum
click on image   click on image   click on image   click on image   click on image
  February 1947, Mechanix Illustrated article by Earl Bruce about SCTA Racing at El Mirage. Story features Randy Shinn, Doug Caruthers and the Road Runners. Interesting to read what it cost to build and run a Lakes car back then! (Courtesy of Roy Caruthers )  


Road Runners featured in Veda Orr's Lakes Pictorial - 1946 Season:
Bill Barrett, ca. 1946; Bill Burke, ca. 1940-1950's; Doug Caruthers, ca. 1940-1948; Verne Houle, ca. 1942-1946;
Ed Korgan, ca. 1946; Mel Leighton, ca. 1940-1947; Bert Letner, ca. 1946-1948; Johnny McCoy, ca. 1946-1948;
Wally Parks, ca. 1937-1951; John Pugh, ca. 1940-1946; Rob Pugh ca. 1940-1946; Randy Shinn, ca. 1940-1948


click on image
Veda Orr's Lakes Pictorial -
1946 Season
(photos scanned from original copy
in Road Runners archives)
      click on image
Wally Parks, President
Mel Leighton, Treasurer
Randy Shinn, Secretary
1946 SCTA Officials

front row, left to right: Wally Parks, President
Mel Leighton, Treasurer, Randy Shinn, Secretary

back row, left to right: "Addie" Leonard, DeRalph Frizell,
Louie Meyer, Rex Mays

Full Picture Description
Car numbers assigned based on final 1946 SCTA Points position
click on image   click on image   click on image
Randy Shinn - Car #1
SCTA Points Champion
Record Holder: 128.66 mph
Roadster Class
Doug Caruthers - Car #6
Best Speed: 130.81 mph
Modified Class
Bill Burke - Car #16
Driver: Ed Korgan
Best Speed: 131.96 mph
Streamliner Class
click on image   click on image   click on image
Bert Letner - Car #24
Best Speed: 120.96 mph
Roadster Class
Randy Shinn - Car #36
Best Speed: 121.13 mph
Roadster Class
Johnny McCoy - Car #40
Best Speed: 118.87 mph
Roadster Class
click on image   click on picture   click on picture
AW "Bill" Barrett - Car #53
Best Speed: 114.64 mph
Roadster Class
Pugh Brothers - John & Rob:
Former Record Holder at 127.03 mph
Modified Class
Verne Houle - English Riley V8
Clocked "around" 126.00 mph
Modified Class


Road Runners featured in first issue of HOT ROD Magazine, January, 1948:
Bill Burke, ca. 1940-1950's; Doug Caruthers, ca. 1940-1948; Johnny Johnson, ca. 1946-1948; Wally Parks, ca. 1937-1951


click on image  
Bill Burke Belly Tank
SCTA Record Holder
Driver: Wally Parks
  click on image
Road Runner Wally Parks was the first Editor of Hot Rod Magazine.
He helped co-publishers Bob Petersen and Bob Lindsay with the
development and introduction of the magazine in 1948
(photos scanned from original copy in Road Runners archives)
  click on image  
Johnson - Caruthers Entry
#6 C&C Special
BS Record Holder at 136.39


Doug Ray collection (Dixson & Ray): Doug Ray - Road Runners Member, 1957 - ca. 1961;
Howard Dixson - Road Runners Member, 1956 - ca. 1963


Following information and pictures are from Doug Ray Jr. -

I was looking at your Road Runners members list and noticed my Dad, Doug Ray (Ray, Ray & Dixson) listed. His racing partner and next door neighbor was Howard Dixson. My Dad also helped build Dr. Nathan Ostich's J47 Jet Car, The Flying Caduceus back in the early 60's. The Jet Car is housed at Harrah's Museum in Reno, Nevada. I hope this helps you with your research.

More from Doug Ray Jr. - I forgot to mention that my Dad became the first person to break and exceed 100mph in the 1/4mile in a factory produced stock car at Lions Drag Strip. He did this in 1957 and I believe the month was sometime in the summer (July or August). He drove a 1957 Pontiac Chieftan with a 347. I remember reading the story about this in (I believe) Hot Rod Magazine. The story started out by saying, "Name any track in Southern California and you can bet Doug Ray of Missile (Firestone Missile Division) holds the record...."

My Dad and Howard Dixson raced together as Ray and Dixson. My Dad drove the Pontiac and Howard drove a Chevy pickup truck. I think it was a 1956 stepside. They both knew Ak Miller, Ray Brock, Mickey Thompson, Dean Moon and many others as well.

As I come up with more info from my father's memorabilia I will forward it on to you. I feel these pioneers need more recognition on the internet because they played a big part in racing history.

  click on image
Doug Ray Pontiac

Originally a drag racer, the Pontiac made a transition to El Mirage as the Dixson/Ray Pontiac.

Doug is pictured here with some of the numeruous trophies the he won with this car in it's Drag Racing days.

Road Runners mentioned in Doug's notes:

Doug Ray: Member 1957-ca.1961
Howard Dixson: Member 1956-ca.1963
Dr. Nathan Ostich: Member ca.1963
Ak Miller: Member 1937-ca.1960's

  click on image   click on image
    "The Flying Caduceus"

Dr. Nathan Ostich: Road Runners Member, ca.1961
Bonneville 200 MPH Club - 300 MPH Chapter - 1961
(First jet car - is now on display at Harrah's Auto Museum, Reno)

  Cars from "The World's Fastest Indian"

The Pumpkin Seed - Built by Bill Burke
The Red Head - Harmon, McGrath & Whipp
The Challenger - Mickey Thompson
The Flying Caduceus - Dr. Nathan Ostich

Bold print =Road Runners members


Chuck Embrey collection: Road Runners Member, 1959-1967


click on image   click on image   click on image   click on image
707 Roadster

The car was a 5 window coupe (belonged to Marlon Sefton, Rod Rider Pres). Later belonged to Holmes & Kugel, Road Runners.

Jerry Tucker: Road Runners Member, ca.1963 (RR Pres)

Jerry Kugel: Road Runners Member 1959-ca.1973

  Holmes Bikeliner

Lowell, has his back to us, wearing brown plaid shirt. You can see why we called him "Big Red".

Lowel Holmes: Road Runners Member, 1961-1970

  Crowe's Crutch

Dickie Valenzuela, behind Roger Crowe's 34 sedan. The sign says, "Have Chevy Will Race", hidden behind Dickie's head is a painting of a crow with a crutch under one wing (the car was known as "Crowe's Crutch).

Dick Valenzuela: Road Runners Member, 1962-ca.1969
Roger Crowe: Road Runners Member, 1962-ca.1968

  Fullerton Muffler

The Fulerton Muffler crew. Thats Emil Grissotti (Grigs) with cigar on the right.

Emil Grissotti: Road Runners Member 1959-1963

click on image   click on image   click on image   click on image
Dixson/Ray Pontiac

Howard Dixson under hood of Dixson/Ray Pontiac

Howard Dixson: Road Runners Member, 1956-ca.1963
Doug Ray: Road Runners Member, 1957- ca.1961

  Bell & Embrey 29/32 Roadster

At Bonneville, 1966 (record in X/FR). Ted Pearson stading by car, and Chuck Embrey behind wheel. Photo was in Hot Rod's event coverage of Bonneville Speedweek.

Ted Pearson: Road Runners Member, 1960-1966
Chuck Embrey: Road Runners Member, 1959-1967
Bob Bell: Road Runners Member, 1956-1965

  Miller Roadster

Larry Miller Jr.
1966 SCTA Points Champion

Larry Miller Jr. : Road Runners Member, 1961-1989

  Miller Roadster

"In the genes" - Larry Jr. is the son of Larry "Dad" Miller, and nephew of Ak Miller and "Zeke" Miller, Charter Members of the Road Runners, 1937.

Ak Miller: Road Runners Member 1937-ca.1960's
Larry Miller Sr.: Road Runners Member 1937-ca.1973
Zeke Miller: Road Runners Member 1937-ca.1946

click on image   click on image  
Many thanks to Chuck Embrey for the photos and information in this collection.
Willow Springs road course, Chuck Embrey behind wheel and Glenn Miller sitting on car.

Also "in the genes" - Glenn is another son of Larry "Dad" Miller
Glenn Miller: Road Runners Member, ca.1960-2000
Bonneville 200 MPH Club - 1990
El Mirage 200 MPH Club - 1990

  Stan's '55
Can't remember Stan's last name. Ask Jerry Kugel, he should remember.

Webmaster note: Could be Stan Johnson: Road Runners Member, ca.1960's-1973



Road Runners featured in El Mirage Program - Sept 23, 1962: Officials, Racing participants, Advertisers

Road Runners serving as SCTA Officers, event and support officials:

SCTA President - Tom Bryant
Chief Tech Inspector - Larry Miller, Jr.
Board & Technical Committee Members - Emil Grisotti & Bill Graham
Inspection - Larry Miller, Emil Grisotti
Program Editor - Chuck Embery

click on image
(photos scanned from original copy in Road Runners archives)
  Road Runners/vehicles entered:
#59   BP   Chuck Lynch   348" Chevrolet
#67   BG   Bob Jones   354" Chevrolet
#68   DG   Ted Pearson   292" Ford
#63   DG   Marvin Miller   301" Chevrolet
#54   DG   Chuck Vandaveer   283" Chevrolet
#369   EG   Ben & Embrey #2   265" Chevrolet
#53   EG   Mike Wheeler   265" Chevrolet
# --   FG   Ron Hope   278" --
#66   GG   McDonald's Project   -- Valiant
#25   BMG   Ray & Dixson   370" Pontiac
#55   BMG   Bud Fitzgerel   371" Oldsmobile
#58   CMG   John Alvaney   335" Oldsmobile
#7   CS   Lufkin & Jones   374" --
#52   DS   Ron & Judy Yost   292" Corvette
#65   DS   Irv Hess   283" Corvette
#10   DSR   Bell & Embrey   296" Mercury
#3   DR   Tom Thumb Special   -- Chevrolet
#56   FR   Larry Miller's Garage   302" Flathead
#61   CH   Anderson & Rech   354" Chrysler
#26   DC   Holmes & Kugel   274" Chevrolet
#34   CA   Gravel & Weber   318" Ford
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Program ads by Road Runners Members:

RR Club - Good Luck for 1962 Season
L&L Screw Machine Products
Fullerton Muffler Shop
Graham's Standard Service Station
Ak Miller Garage


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Larry "Dad" Miller - ca. late 40's or early 50's

Webmaster note: This looks like (and probably is) the Harvey Haller Roadster.
Don't know if Dad Miller had bought the car from Haller or was driving for him in this picture.

  Display of SCTA race cars - 1948 @ Lincoln-Mercury Plant, Maywood

Front row, second from left - Baker/Reno "B" Lakester
Front row, far right - Parks/Miller Roadster (?)
Second row, first on left- Harvey Haller Roadster (?)
Second row, second from left - Burke/Francisco Belly Tank Lakester
Second row, third from left - Breene/Haller Belly Tank Lakester (?)

(Any other Road Runners in picture not yet identified.)


The Howard Eater Story  (Or the tale of two Studebakers)

Click on link abobe for a great Road Runners story from the early 60's


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