Woodcock '34 Omega Class (Electric) Coupe

SPEC Info:

The batteries consist of 1104 cells, built up into four packs.  In total, they

weigh 330 pounds, exclusive of the cans that hold them, and they give us 780

volts to power our motors.  They hold 18kWh of power, while our motors draw half

a megawatt at peak, so that means we have enough power to run the motors at peak

output for two minutes and ten seconds.  At peak, the motors produce 810

foot-pounds of torque and 570 horsepower.  That's delivered through a

single-speed 0.37:1 gearbox that combines the torque from the two motors and

brings the RPM up to driveshaft speed, and a 4:11 Ford 9" rear-end.  The two

motors and the gearbox together weigh about 600 pounds.  In addition, there are

a pair of inverters that convert the DC power from the batteries to AC power for

the motors, and modulate it depending what I do with the throttle-pedal, and

each of those weighs about 70 pounds.