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In the early days of the Road Runners, Doug Caruthers ran a Modified Roadster on the dry lakes of Southern California. His car, the #6 C&C Special already had a long and successful history. Doug contributed more to the success of that car, which was eventually purchased by Road Runners members LeRoy Neumayer and Art Chrisman. Art Chrisman made additional modifications to the car and it became the famous #25 Dragster.

Doug Caruthers went on to a very successful career in Midgets, Sprint Cars, Champ Cars and more. He raised three sons, Jimmy, Danny and Roy, all successuful racers.

Click Here   When Roy retired from professional racing, he built this beautiful little 1931 Street Rod. His goal was to create a car that looked like it came right out of the 40's. Mission accomplished!

Roy lives in Indianapolis. He joined the Road Runners as an Associate Member in 2006, following his Dad's legacy as a Road Runner.

Roy is building a replica of his Dad's #6 C&C Special Modified Roadster as it was in 1947 when the car held the class record and was featured in Hot Rod Magazine.

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Doug sold the #6 C&C Special to fellow Road Runners, LeRoy Neumayer and Art Chrisman in the early 50's. The car was modified and campainged as a (NHRA) Dragster. It was the first dragster to top 140. Today, the car in on display in the NHRA Museum in Pomona, CA. (Street Rodder Magazine story)

Road Runners - 2006

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