2019 Race Schedule and Duty Assignments

El Mirage Racing Procedures (EMP)*
(Includes BLM regulations, SCTA racing procedures and safety information.)
*Please Note: If the link above does not open El Mirage Procedures, then go to the SCTA website.
Go to the"El Mirage" menu and scroll down to El Mirage Procedures and click selection.
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Click Here for Important Information Regarding Your Patrol Duty Assignment

Where and what time to report for duty, what you will need, what you will be supplied, what your
duties and responsibilities are, what you do at the end of the meet. Copy of SCTA Patrol Duties phamphlet.


El Mirage 2019 - Race Date Schedule and Patrol Assignments:

May 18,Saturday     Patrol 6 - Return   AM     Bill Anderson   PM     Mark Saxlund
May 19, Sunday Patrol 6 - Return AM Hayden Huntley PM Hayden Huntley
June 9, Sunday     Patrol 7 - Return   AM     Bill Woodcock   PM     Rick Ross
July 21, Sunday     Patrol 8 - Return   AM     Terry Geer   PM     Gary McGavin
Sept 15, Sunday     Patrol 9 - Return   AM     Mark Ewing   PM     Dave Bennett
Oct 20, Sunday     Patrol 10 - Return   AM     Mark Ewing (RJ)   PM     Leonard Carr
Nov 9, Saturday     Patrol 11 - Return   AM     Jess Feeback   PM     Dave Ward
Nov 10, Sunday     Patrol 11 - Return   AM     Scott Baxter   PM     Steve Gibson

NOTE 1: Our Patrol positions are assigned by SCTA at the beginning of the season. All our Patrols are on the RETURN side of the course. NOTE: Check in with John Carroll at 6:45 on the morning of your patrol. PLEASE VERIFY your Patrol position at the 7am Patrol Meeting.
NOTE 2: If your Patrol duty conflicts with running your race vehicle, contact Vice President John Carroll, in advance, to arrange for temporary relief during your run.

NOTE 3: YOUR PATROL ASSIGNMENT DUTY INCLUDES - Post Race: Pick up and store all spectator/picket line cones, return road cones, finish line cones, push truck and return road markers, and end line banner on the return road side of the course. Return the return side cone and banner trailer to the SCTA compound.

Course Prep: (NOTE: Course Prep is 9am, May, June, Sept, Oct & Nov. It is at 8am in July.)
Saturday, September 7th - Dale Wester, Bill Harris, Harry Evans, Wendell Burns

Course Walk: Each meet at 5pm prior to race day (4pm in Nov). Our 2019 assignment is Back Door to Finish Line .
May - July - Mark Fullner, Brandon Fullner & available Club Members

Sept - Nov - Amanda Lane, Larry Foley, Axle Foley, Bob Marshall & available Club Members

Cone Pick Up Duty (Third person to work with AM & PM Patrols for cone pick up.)
May - July - Basil Schmidt

Sept - Nov - OPEN

Cone Trailer Maintenance (Return Side): Position open

Club Duty Coordinator: John Carroll

SCTA Board Reps: Jack Masson (Gary McGavin - Alternate) (see schedule below)

Bonneville 2019 Race Schedule:

August 10-16 - Speedweek (Tech Inspection begins Aug 8.)

October 1-4 - World Finals (Tech Inspection begins Sept 30.)

SCTA Board & Reps Meeting Dates and Locations - 2019 :

Jan x   Arcadia           Feb x*   Anaheim           Mar x   Arcadia           Apr x  
May xx   Arcadia           Jun xx   Anaheim           Jul xx   Arcadia           Aug xx   Anaheim
Sep xx   Arcadia           Oct xx   Arcadia           Nov xx   Arcadia           Dec x   Anaheim

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