Video "Eye Candy"
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Hot Rod Movie in production -

Deuce of Spades - a Hot Rod movie by Faith Granger, currently in production. A lot of footage for this movie has been filmed at recent El Mirage SCTA meets. Check it out.

Land Speed Racing on the Internet -

El Mirage on You Tube - Land Speed Racing at El Mirage Dry Lake

Bonneville on You Tube - Land Speed Racing at Bonneville Salt Flats

Note: There is some duplication between these two links. You may also wish to search other "key words" like SCTA, BNI, Land, Speed, Racing, Dry, Lake, etc. The two search lists above feature many videos but do not cover all the possibilities.

Vintage Racing - Vintage gas powered model midgets on board track & Midgets at LA Colosseum,circa 1940's & post-war El Mirage meet, . The #27B Roadster is the (Road Runners) Harvey Haller car. Also, notice the Road Runners shirts in the last sceen with the SoCal Bellytank.

Road Runners on video -

Pat Riley's Record Run - #1938 Vintage Gas Coupe, Sept 2007, El Mirage - Thanks to former Road Runner, Bobby Sykes Jr. for posting this video on You Tube.

Bill Anderson's 1960, 500cc Norton and Scott Baxter's 1946, 350cc BSA - May 2007, El Mirage - Thanks to "Ducandy" for posting this video on You Tube.

Road Runners Vintage Hot Rod Safety Film 1952: Part 1 - Part 2- This film, featuring a few Road Runners from the early 50's and now in public domain, is available from multiple sources on the Internet. This link posted by "Vigilante82" is one of several You Tube postings. This is the same movie that is linked from our Road Runners Home Page from two different sources.

Oops! 134mph spin - June 2006, El Mirage - Right rear kicks out at approximately 134mph. The #1938 Coupe snap spins, goes through the timing lights backwards at 125.482 mph, straightens out and continues on. Thanks to Mark Brazeau, Official SCTA-BNI Photographer for this video clip.


Road Runners - SCTA, 2007