Head & Neck Restraints

SFI spec 38.1

There has been significant discussion and have been some rules decisions made regarding the issue of head and neck restraints in our race vehicles. Listed below is the wording that will appear in the 2009 SCTA- BNI Rulebook. Below that is a list of websites we have found that describe a variety of the head and neck restraints that are now on the market. Following that is a list of websites with information on research, tests and specs for various types of devices.

SCTA-BNI 2009 Rule regarding Helmet Support: (approved 11/21/08)
3.A.3 Driver's Helmet Support: Lateral movement: The seat or roll cage structure shall provide restriction to lateral head movement of less than 2 in. per side inclusive of structure deflection. See Section 3.B.1.

Modification to Rule: (approved 12/7/08)
Sections 3.A.3, 7.H.4 Beginning January 1, 2010 all new cars and motorcycle streamliners presented for inspection shall have an engineered and tested SFI spec 38.1 type head and neck restraint system. The association intends that this requirement shall be inclusive of all cars and motorcycle streamliners as soon as applicable devices are available for these vehicles

The following list is provided for information purposes only. No recommendation to type or supplier is made or implied. As new items are discovered they will be added to resource list.

Types of Devices & Systems available -
Hutchens Device: http://www.hutchensdevice.com/
Hybrid Device: http://sports.espn.go.com/rpm/news/story?series=2&id=2928491
R3 Device: http://www.r3device.com/id12.html
Hans Device: http://hansdevice.com/site/index.html
DCEL Device (Simpson): http://www.upr.com/D-CEL-Restraint-System-p522.html
Isaac System: http://www.isaacdirect.com/
defNder Device: http://www.defnder.com/
Leatt Brace Device: http://www.leatt-brace.com/index.php?page_id=16&id=3
G Force SRS1 System: http://www.soloracer.com/gforcesrs1.html

General Information, Research & Specs-
http://www.sfifoundation.com/manuf.html#38.1 <-- Click this link for list of SFI approved devices.

NOTE: Road Runners member John Julis (Julis Marketing) attended the 2008 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, in December. John says he saw several new head and neck restraint devices that will be on the market soon. You may want to wait a bit to see what will be available if one of the current designs is not easily adaptable for use in your vehicle.

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