Following the war, Archerfish returned to peacetime operations. In 1946, she was deactivated. The Korean War saw her return to her nation's service. Again, the proud lady was moth-balled. This time, from 1955 till 1957.

Archerfish's services were required again in 1958. She returned to duty as an hydrographic/oceanographic research submarine.

1960, saw Archerfish chosen for Operation Sea Scan. Sea Scan was an intensive program of exploration and charting the oceans of the world. Archerfish had the distinction of being the only submarine in the program. She covered the world in mapping and charting operations. Many areas, until her efforts, were previously uncharted. An average month would find Archerfish traveling 5 to 10 thousand miles and spending almost the whole time at sea. Very seldom at her home port, Pearl Harbor, she visited many exotic, out-of-the-way places.

May 17, 1967, as I stood looking out at that mass of black metal resting on the water, little did I know that I would grow to love her so much, and take so much pride is serving aboard her. My year aboard Archerfish was the happiest of my "Navy life".

The first months of 1968 saw the Defense Department making huge cuts in spending. Suddenly, it seemed, there was no longer a place in Uncle Sam's Navy for the proud lady who had given so much of herself and her men for her country.

The decision was made to scrap Archerfish. All of us onboard made an appeal to try to save the gallant fighting lady. We hoped that she could be converted to a floating museum....a monument to the submarine service, past, present and future.

The decision stood....she must die

Rather than see her used for scrap metal, we requested that Archerfish be towed to sea and used as a target ship. For our lady, this would be a more fitting and dignified death....far better than ending up on a scrap heap.

October 17, 1968, USS Archerfish was towed far out to sea. With her rudder set and one diesel propelling her through the sea, she maneuvered in a giant circle. She was alone now....no crew aboard her....Just her. Just the sea. The last fleeting minutes of her life passing by.

The USS Snook, a modern nuclear submarine is lining Archerfish in her sights.... just as Archerfish once had Shinano in her sights.

The wake of a torpedo, slashing beneath the sea, races for Archerfish. THWANG!....BOOM!! The torpedo slams Archerfish broadside. She raises about four feet above her waterline. She breaks in half. Her bow and stern raise to the sky like a giant reaching her arms toward Heaven. Suddenly, she slips out of sight.........

Rest in Peace Dear Lady! Rest in Peace.