Radar Contact! It's now about 9:00pm. The captain is called to the Conning Tower. The men in the Con don't know what it is yet, but from the size of the blip on the radar screen, it's very big and very fast.

Immediately, upon first radar contact, the bow of Archerfish is swung directly at the contact. A radar plot is prepared to determine the exact range, speed and course or the target. Once determined, Commander Enright orders Archerfish's four powerful diesels fired into action. All ahead full! Enright set a course he hoped would put Archerfish ahead of the target.

Archerfish is making 18 knots.

As she gets closer to her goal, radar reveals more blips on the screen. The original large blip is accompanied by four smaller dots.

Target group speed is now estimated at 20 knots. Archerfish will never gain on her contacts at this rate. The captain orders a five minute blow on all ballast tanks. He orders safety and negative ballast tanks blown. The excess weight of water in the tanks is holding Archerfish back. Another 20 RPM is ordered to the Engine Room. Archerfish is doing 19 knots. Still not enough! The captain orders the Engine Room to "give her all you've got!" The speed indicator quivers right around 20 knots!

It's now about an hour after initial contact. The foe is sighted for the first time. An aircraft carrier! The jackpot! Four destroyers provide a protective screen.