USS Archer-Fish War Patrol #2
16 March to 27 April 1944
Report and Endorsements


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Patrol Report


Sailing List - Patrol #2

Patrol Report of U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH (SS-311)


c/o Fleet Post Office,
San Francisco, Calif.
Serial (04)   27 April, 1944
From:   Commanding Officer, U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH.
To:   Commander-in-Chief, United States Fleet.
Via:   Commander Submarine Division Two Hundred and One.
Commander Submarine Squadron Twenty.
Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet.
Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet.

Subject:   U.S.S. Archer-Fish, Report of War Patrol Number Two.

Enclosure:   (A) Subject report.
(B) Track Chart (ComSubpac only).
  1. Enclosure (A), covering the second war patrol of this vessel conducted in the Palau area during the period 16 March to 27 April 1944, is forwarded herewith.

    G. W. KEHL




Subject:   U.S.S. Archer-Fish (SS-311) - Report of Second War Patrol.


• Arrived Midway February 15, 1944 for refit after first war patrol. Normal 14 day refit commenced on 16 February by relief crew of SubDiv 61 and SubBase Midway. Major material trouble: (1) Leak in main induction hull flange at blown-in soft rubber gasket was repaired by replacing gasket with canvas inserted rubber gasket in this one flange, all the other main induction flange joints which have soft rubber gaskets remain a hazard; (2) Indication of reduced battery capacity with cell No. 119 forward dead and jumped out and cell No. 1 forward dropping, cell No. 1 was spiked and whole battery given many overcharges, no facilities available for cycling the battery or individual cells. Regular crew returned aboard on March 1st and spent the 1st and 2nd in loading, checking all machinery and conducting drills at the dock. March 3rd conducted battery discharge on the surface south of Midway at 6 hr. rate cutting to 10 and 20 hour rates. Capacity obtained 90%. March 4th independent exercises at sea. March 5th day and night torpedo approaches. Developed severe sparking in No. 1 main motor and it would not take a load. Returned to Midway March 6th to repair main motor - Renewed all brushes. March 7th and 8th held in port by weather. March 9th conducted approaches and fired three exercise torpedoes. March 9-12 kept at sea by heavy weather. March 13th entered Midway, completed loading. Departure delayed until March 16th by despatch instructions. No gray paint available Midway so was painted black after an abortive attempt at the new dark gray. Took fuel in safety tank.


March 16, 1944

1300(Y) - Underway and departed Midway for second war patrol in accordance with ComSubPac Operation Order 81-44 (Revised) under air escort.

1540(Y) - Plane escorts departed.

1700(Y) - Made trim dive and went to deep submergence.

l820(Y) - Surfaced. Zigzagging with constant helm on surface during daylight and bright moonlight.

March 18-22, 1944

0630(M) - Crossed 180th meridian, changed date to 18th and zone time to -12. Conducting dives, drills, and approach problems en route to area. Made battle surface and fired all weapons. Held approach problem daily and at least one dive for each section daily.

March 23. 1944

0513(K) - Dived for trim and morning twilight.

0553(K) - Surfaced.

1210(K) - Lookout sighted plane bearing 6O relative, flying low on easterly course, estimated range 4 miles. No radar contact; plane not sighted by anyone else as we dived immediately. Lookout identified plane as NELL. Twin engine, twin tail, land plane. Plane contact No. 1. Conducted approach and attack problem.

1405(K) Surfaced.

March 24,1944

0526(K) - Dived, for trim and morning twilight.

0607(K) - Surfaced.

l038(K) - Lookout sighted plane bearing 45 relative, flying low on easterly course, estimated range 8 miles. Plane contact No. 2. No radar contact, not sighted by anyone else. Lookout described plane as large, two engine land-plane. Dived. No -radar contact. probably SALLY or NELL. Either our SD is not working properly or these planes are flying too low. Held battle stations and battle problem.

1310(K) - Surfaced.

March 25, 1944

0545(K) - Made trim dive.

0625(K) - Surfaced. Have SJ manned today to see if it will pick up these low flying planes.

0837(K) - SD radar contact at 8 miles. Dived immediately. Plane contact No. 3. Plane not sighted. Leveled off at 150 ft. Changed course

0840(K) - One heavy depth bomb. No apparent damage. Stern plane motor contactor panel breaker tripped out by shock. Went to 350 ft.

0910(K) - Up to periscope depth - Nothing in sight. Remained submerged to grind in H.P. air manifold M.B.T. blow valves.

1847(K) - Surfaced.

2130(K) - Received special assignment from ComSubPac. Went to three engine speed. Plan to go west just north of assigned area and then southwest between restricted area and Palau in order to keep out of restricted area in accordance with directive. Will make assigned position in time with luck and if we are not put down too often by planes. Commenced treatment today on suspected case of appendicitis.

March 26, 1944

0556(K) - Made trim dive.

0648(K) - Surfaced. Remained submerged until sun well up to guard against low flying planes as we are within 100 miles of Guam.

0808(K) - Plane contact No. 4. Plane sighted astern by lookout, just above horizon, estimated range 10 miles. Dived.

0820(K) - To periscope depth. Nothing in sight. Negative tank vent gasket blew out while venting pressure off tank. Remained submerged to find gasket and reinstall it.

0948(K) - Negative tank vent back in commission. Nothing in sight in periscope, SD reports all clear. Sounded surface alarm. As we passed 35 ft. on way up plane sighted in periscope ahead at about 8 miles. Down again to periscope depth. Plane contact No. 5. He apparently did not see us. He continued a wide sweep around us. Sighted another plane in periscope astern. Plane contact No. 6. Range about 6 miles. In view of this apparent concerted search, decided to lie doggo for awhile. Maybe something is coming through. On the other hand maybe they have us fairly well plotted in from bearings on our SD and sightings during the last three days.

1855(K) - Surfaced, having conducted periscope patrol. No shipping sighted. They must have been looking for us.

2130(K) - Received information from ComSubPac that date for being in position for special assignment is moved ahead two days. Cannot make it. Will get there as soon as possible.

March 27, 1944

0820(I) - Made trim dive.

0840(I) - Surfaced.

0949(I) - Plane contact on SD radar at 16 miles. Plane contact No. 7. Dived when contact had closed to 14 miles. Plane not sighted. Weather overcast with rain squalls. Conducting periscope depth patrol. Working on SJ radar, routining torpedoes. Put starboard shaft out of commission to clear 45 volt ground in main motors.

1539(I) - Surfaced. Have decided to pass to North and West of Palau in taking assigned station in view of latest dope received from ComSubPac.

1948(I) - Sent Archer-Fish Serial ONE to ComSubPac reporting position results and above decision. Sent direct to NPM with no difficulty on first harmonic of designated frequency.

March 28, 1944

0618(I) - Two lookouts reported object ahead at about 3000 yards as we were swinging on a zig. Could have been a periscope. Lookouts say it looked like a bottle and flashed in the sun. Dived to 150 ft. and searched carefully with sound gear but nothing heard.

0700(I) - Up to periscope depth and conducting continuous periscope patrol. Have decided it will be wise to remain undetected as we head for and near the vicinity of our sub concentration, so will remain submerged during daylight.

1830(I) - Surfaced.

2130(I) - Picked up MOs on 450 Kcs with sign DV.

March 29, 1944

0545(I) - Dived for the day. Conducting periscope depth patrol. Overcast with rain squalls.

1750 to 1820(I) - Heard distant explosions through the hull.

1844(I) - Surfaced. Shortly after surfacing sighted flickering light in water to northeast, estimated range six to seven miles. No radar contacts. In view of this decided it was nothing worth investigating further as we were already late in getting on station.

March 30, 1944

0500(I) - Arrived on Station.

0544(I) - Dived. Went deep for BT card. Found decided gradient at 325 ft. Conducting high periscope depth patrol.

1215(I) - Heard two explosions through hull.

1315(I) - Sighted 3 planes in periscope to westward at about 15 miles. Plane contact No. 8. Land based light bombers. Circled around through south and disappeared in south-east. Closest range about 6 miles.

1825(I) - Surfaced.

2310(I) - SD radar contact at 20 miles. Closest range 14 miles. Did not dive. Plane contact No. 9.

March 31, l944

0539(I) - Dived.

1835(I) - Surfaced.

2255(I) - SD radar contact at 16 miles, opened out to 20 miles and disappeared. This seems to be a regular nightly patrol or run to somewhere. Plane contact No. 10. Have been running SD radar, intermittent operation, for the last two nights until moonset. Looks like it's a good hunch.

April 1, 1944

0544(I) - Dived.

0745(I) - Sighted smoke bearing 074 true. Bearing did not change and plots in on Anguar Island. Too much smoke for a ship. Looks like that island is being hit today.

1735(I) - Sighted two planes in periscope - identified as BETTY. Course 070, heading for Palau. Took pictures. Nearest range 6 to 8 miles. Plane contact No. 11.

1835(I) - Surfaced.

2155(I) - Had indications of another radar in A-scope of SJ radar to eastward on southerly course. Expected friendly sub there tonight.

April 2, 1944

0545(I) Dived.

1833(I) Surfaced. Upon trying to flood negative tank found could not open flood valve. Investigation disclosed that linkage in tank apparently broken. Tank can be blown normally but can be flooded only via trim manifold, as sea pressure seats flood valve as soon as internal tank pressure is relieved. Will run on surface with tank flooded and hope that we wont have to go deep fast otherwise. We find that it takes 8 minutes to flood negative via trim manifold and about 5 minutes to reach deep submergence from periscope depth.

2020(I) - Received instructions from ComSubPac for new assignment. Went to two engine speed and headed west.

2157(I) - Sent Archer-Fish serial TWO to ComSubPac reporting results to date and fuel remaining, also negative tank trouble. Received receipt from NPM later on Haiku frequency.

April 3, 1944

0100(I) - Shifted to operational command of ComTaskGroup 71 and commenced copying VIX0 Baker schedules.

0552(I) - Made trim dive.

0646(I) - Surfaced.

0743(I) - SD radar contact on plane at 10 miles, closing. Plane contact No. 12. Dived. Plane not sighted.

1051(I) - Surfaced.

1553(I) - SD radar contact on plane at 12 miles. Dived when plane closed to 10 miles. Plane contact No. 13.
Plane not sighted.

1844(I) - Surfaced.

April 4, 1944

0526(H) - Dived at eastern edge of assigned sector. Have decided to remain submerged today and conduct periscope patrol in the absence of any instructions. Perhaps well get some dope tonight. Fuel situation is rapidly approaching its "low-voltage-limit" for carrying out our operation order.

1756(H) - Surfaced.

April 5, 1944

0650(H) - SD radar contact at 5 miles. Plane not sighted. Rain squalls and partially overcast. Had decided to patrol on surface until forced down. Plane contact No. 14. Dived. Atmospheric conditions are such that SD radar screen is jumping all over the place and sparks emanating from the antenna.

1238(H) - Sighted 4 engine land plane at estimated range of 4 miles. Plane contact No. 15.

1803(H) - Surfaced. Will close Palmas Island to about 10 miles to try to adjust SJ radar. It does not appear to be working properly - not picking up rain squalls as it has done.

April 6, 1944

0612(H) - Dived. Were not successful with SJ radar, will check through it today.

1756(H) - Surfaced. SJ radar appears to be working in excellent fashion - rain squalls out to 25000 yards. Radar officer and technician have spent all day checking through all its components and tuning with wave meter.

2000(H) - Released from special assignment. Heading east to area.

April 7, 1944

0550(H) - Made trim dive and went to 300 ft.. for BT card..

0644(H) - Surfaced.

0800(H) - Passed to operational command of ComSubPac and commenced guarding NPH submarine fox schedules.

2200(I) - Received new area assignment from ComSubPac.

2300(I) - Sent Archer-Fish serial THREE to ComSubPac reporting fuel getting low and asking for routing to Johnston. On southern edge of assigned area so headed north after transmission.

April 8, 1944

0608(I) - Dived. Went to300 ft. for BT card.

1828(I) - Surfaced near northern edge of assigned area.

2015(I) - SJ radar contact reported at 13,000 yds. Put stern to contact and manned tracking stations. Got one more bearing and range of l2,900 yds. then contact was lost and could not be regained. Headed up last bearing for several miles searching. With our SJ radar working as good as it is, decided that contact, which was a single very small pip, was either a light rain squall, (small scattered clouds) a submarine which dived or a patrol craft. Nothing was sighted with a full moon about 30 high.

2130(I) - Received instructions from ComSubPac to depart area to southward of Palau with routing instructions to Pearl via Johnston. Headed accordingly. Warned to lookout for Jap subs. Plan to run submerged during daylight while in this area in hopes of knocking one off and to keep from getting knocked off.

April 9, 1944

0530(I) - SJ radar contact at 189T. 29,650 yds. on single small pip; not able to see it in P.P.I. Changed course to true bearing - could not pick it up again.

0534(I) - SJ radar contact at 228T. at about same range. Same small pip not visible in P.P.I. Stopped to track without changing course; pip disappeared and could not be found again. Decided this must be a plane because of such a rapid change in bearing. About this time lookout reported a light astern. Officer of the deck thought he saw it once. No radar contact back there and light not seen again. It was getting quite light with sunrise about 10 minutes off.

0544(I) - Dived and patrolled line between light and radar contact with continuous high periscope watch for several hours. No further contacts.

1500(I) - Sighted object on horizon. Went to battle stations and made approach on what turned out to be wreckage with various spars and planks sticking up. When sighted, it looked like the conning tower of a submarine, hull down.

1829(I) - Surfaced.

1950(I) - SJ radar contact on Anguar Island at 28,000 yds. Headed southerly and then east to keep the range over 30,000 yards in case their reported radar is still operative. Radar contacts on rain squalls these last few nights have kept us all in a dither.

April 10, 1944

0600(I) - Dived. Went deep for BT card.

1311(I) - Surfaced.

April 11, 1944

0527(I) - Dived for trim, morning twilight, and BT card.

0720(I) - Surfaced.

1935(I) - SJ radar contact on Fais Island at 34,000 yds.

April 12, 1944

0507(I) - Dived for trim and morning twilight.

0619(I) - Surfaced.

1325(K) - SD radar contact at 25 miles. Plane contact No. 16. Contact closed to 20 miles then opened and disappeared at 25 miles. Did not dive. Played tag with rain squall contacts on SJ radar again tonight.

April 13, 1944

0549(K) - Dived.

0645(K) - Surfaced.

1315(K) - Radar contact at 14 miles. Plane contact No. 17. Dived when contact closed to 12 miles. Plane not sighted.

1609(K) - Surfaced.

1616(K) - Lookout sighted two planes flying low, headed in, estimated range 12 to 14 miles. Plane contact No. 18. Dived. Not identified.

1830(K) - Surfaced.

1845(K) - Indications in SJ radar of another sub SJ radar to westward. This gradually got weaker and disappeared after an hour. Friendly sub had been expected.

April 14, 1944

0536(K) - Made trim dive.

0610(K) - Surfaced.

0947(K) - Lookout sighted plane, two engine land plane, estimated range 8 miles. Plane contact No. 19. Dived.

1406(K) - Surfaced.

April 15, 1944

0526(K) - Made trim dive.

0550(K) - Surfaced.

April 16, 1944

0504(K) - Made trim dive.

0535(K) - Surfaced.

1020(L) - Lookout sighted plane astern. Plane contact No. 20. Not identified. Plane went into cloud..

1021(L) - SD radar contact at 20 miles. O.O.D. got the report "7" miles and dived.

1130(L) - Up to 50 feet for SD search prior to surfacing. SD radar contact at 8 miles. Went to periscope depth again.
Plane contact No. 21.

1530(L) - Surfaced.

April 17, 1944

0545(L) - Made trim dive.

0617(L) - Surfaced.

April 18, 1944

0532(L) - Made trim dive.

0637(L) - Surfaced.

April 19, 1944

0507(M) - Made trim dive. Converted Safety tank into variable tank and blew about 1/3 its capacity into auxiliary tanks in order to have variable water In auxiliaries for trim adjustment, Auxiliary tanks were almost dry and forward trim tank getting low. We have already emptied #1 fresh water tank and left it so. It is apparent that the ship should be reballasted to accommodate this maximum heavy condition; i.e., all torpedoes, low fuel, and well filled with provisions and fresh water.

0619(M) - Surfaced.

April 21, 1944

0543(M) - Made trim dive.

0611(M) - Surfaced.

1530(Y) - Crossed 100th meridian. Changed to Zone 12 and date to Thursday 20 April.

1820(Y) - Indication in SJ "A" scope of another SJ radar in the vicinity to the south-westward. Gradually got weaker and disappeared after about an hour. Have been expecting to pass one of our subs; this must be it.

2200(Y) - Sent Archer-Fish serial FOUR to ComSubPac info CincPac and ComHawSeaFron reporting 1630(Z) positions and requesting rendezvous at Johnston Island at dawn of 23 April.

April 22, 1944

0510(Y) - Made trim dive.

0531(Y) - Surfaced.

April 23, 1944

0603(X) - SD radar contact at 30 miles. Closed to 4 miles then opened. Plane contact No. 22. Plane sighted and identified as Liberator. Attempted to exchange recognition signals. Plane paid no attention to us.

0700(X) - SD radar contact on two planes at 10 miles. Plane contact No. 23. Identified as similar to TBF. Exchanged recognition signals.

0912(X) - SJ radar contact on Johnston Island 30,000 yds.

1017(X) - Johnston Island pilot came aboard.

1053(X) - Moored alongside U.S.S. MACKINAC at dock at Johnston Island. Received 14,900 gallons fuel and small amounts of fresh provisions.

17l7(X) - Underway and departed Johnston Island.

2006(X) - Commenced 6 hour battery discharge on surface.

April 24, l944

0215(X) - Completed 6 hour battery discharge having obtained battery capacity of 100% even.

0907(X) - SD radar contact on plane at 12 miles and sighted by lookout at same time. Plane contact No. 24. Identified as Catalina. Exchanged recognition signals. Had to secure battery charge prior to obtaining even a normal charge due to high battery temperature.

1950(X) - Interference in SJ radar from another SJ radar. We are apparently passing expected friendly submarine. Bearing was picked up in the East and drew aft through the South around the southwest.

April 25, 1944

0535(X) - Attempted to make trim dive. Could not get her under. Gave up after 10 minutes and 20,000 flooded into auxiliary. Surfaced to investigate. Discovered that bow buoyancy vents were not opening, though light on Christmas tree showed normal operation. Could not budge vents in hand or power. Took manhole cover off bow buoyancy and started linkage with bar and hammer. Operation then normal.

0720(X) - Made trim dive.

0809(X) - Surfaced.

1140(X) - Sighted plane at estimated 12 miles on parallel course to southward. He turned toward after a few minutes and reduced altitude to just off the water. Identified as Catalina. Exchanged recognition signals. Plane contact No. 25.

1216(X) - Sighted plane at estimated 12 miles on south westerly course. Identified as Catalina, apparently same plane as above. Picked up by periscope watch. Plane contact No. 26.

1342(X) - Made training dive.

1407(X) - Surfaced.

1413(X) - Made training dive.

1501(X) - Surfaced.

2000(X) - Received new routing and rendezvous instructions from ComSubPac. Headed accordingly.

April 26, 1944

0518(X) - Made trim dive.

0618(X) - Surfaced.

0655(X) - Sighted plane at estimated 11 miles on parallel course. Plane headed in. Made recognition signal and fired flare. Plane identified as friendly scout bomber similar to SB2U. Plane contact No. 27.

1704(W) - Made training dive and deep submergence.

1803(W) - Made battle surface.

1816(W) - Made training dive.

1845(W) - Surfaced.

1906(W) - Made sight contact with high periscope and SJ radar contact with friendly task force. Avoided on surface. Many radar contacts on expected friendly vessels during the night.

April 27, 1944

0450(Q) - Contacted escort vessel.

0945(V-W) - Moored Submarine Base Pearl Harbor.


•No unusual weather was encountered, until several days out of Johnston when wind and seas built up from the East. Rain squalls were quite prevalent but were for the most part of tropical nature and small extent. These caused us much trouble as it proved difficult to identify them as rain squalls in SJ radar until they were closed to 8,000 to 20,000 yards depending upon their size.

Tidal Information:

•No current information was obtained that would be better than that contained in Pacific Ocean Current Chart. In the eastern edge of assigned area off Davao, a strong easterly set was observed of about one knot drift. Lat. 5-49'N. Long. 127-46'E. This current was not expected and was 180 degrees from the set experienced about a hundred miles to the south westward.

Navigational Aids:

•None seen. SJ radar contacts were made on Palmas Island, Anguar Island, and Fais Island which aided in checking position. The Navigator found that the solution of star sights with small hour angles (2-8) with H.0. 214 invariably gave lines of position 5 to 10 miles north of the fix. The same sights worked with Ageton or reduced to the meridian gave lines of position through the fix.

Ship Contacts:


Aircraft Contacts:

1. Operating on the surface on the afternoon of 23 March, at 1210(K), when a lookout spotted a low flying Nell at an estimated range of 4 miles in the area of 17-00'N / 155-31'E. Dived; no bombs

2. Operating on the surface on the morning of 24 March, at 1038(K), the lookouts spotted a plane on an Easterly heading with an estimated range of 8 miles. We were in the vicinity of 15-12'N / 150-34'E. It was either a Nell or a Sally. Dived.

3. Operating on the surface on the morning of 25 March, at 0837(K), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 13-24'N / 147-50'E, at a range of 8 miles. Dived on radar contact. Not sighted. He dropped one large depth bomb.

4. Operating on the surface on the morning of 26 March, at 0808(K), lookout sighted a large plane on a South-Easterly heading. We were in the vicinity of 11-40'N / 144-43'E, at an estimated range of 10 miles. Dived

5. While surfacing on the morning of 26 March, at 0948(K), a large transport plane was spotted through the periscope in the vicinity of 10-40'N / 144-40'E. The plane was on a South-Easterly heading at an estimated range of 8 miles. Dived.

6. While operating submerged on the morning of 26 March, a land bomber was sighted through the periscope in the vicinity of 10-40'N / 144-39'E. The plane was on a North-Westerly heading.

7. Operating on the surface on the morning of 27 March, at 0949(I), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 10-32'N / 140-02'E, at an initial range of 16 miles. Plane not sighted. Dived when range closed to 14 miles.

8. While operating at periscope depth on the afternoon of 30 March, at 1315(I), 3 light bombers were sighted through the periscope in the vicinity of 6-50'N / 133-40'E. The planes were circling at an estimated range of 12 miles.

9. Operating on the surface on the night of 30 March, at 2310(I), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 6-10'N / 133-24'E, at an initial range of 20 miles. Closed to 14 miles, then disappeared.

10. Operating on the surface on the night of 31 March, at 2255(I), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 6-35'N / 133-26'E, at an initial range of 16 miles. Opened to 20 miles and pip disappeared.

11. While operating at periscope depth on the evening of 1 April, at 1735(I), 2 Betty's were sighted through the periscope in the vicinity of 6-49'N / 133-42'E. The planes were on a heading of 070 at an estimated speed of 200.

12. Operating on the surface on the morning of 3 April, at 0743(I), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 6-19'N / 131-27'E, at a range of 10 miles. Plane not sighted. Dived.

13. Operating on the surface on the afternoon of 3 April, at 1353(I), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 5-39'N / 130-22'E, at a range of 12 miles. Plane not sighted. Dived when range closed to 10 miles.

14. Operating on the surface on the morning of 5 April, at 0650(H), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 5-00'N / 126-33'E, at a range of 5 miles. Plane not sighted. Dived.

15. While operating at periscope depth on the afternoon of 5 April, at 1255(H), a 4-engine land plane was sighted through the periscope in the vicinity of 5-05'N / 126-34'E, at a range of 4 miles. The plane was on a heading of 210

16. Operating on the surface on the afternoon of 12 April, at 1325(K), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 10-52'N / 143-45'E, at a range of 25 miles. Plane not sighted. Did not dive.

17. Operating on the surface on the afternoon of 13 April, at 1315(K), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 12-34'N / 144-21'E, at a range of 14 miles. Plane not sighted. Dived when contact closed.

18. Operating on the surface on the afternoon of 13 April, at 1616(K), lookout sighted 2 low-flying, unidentified, planes in the vicinity of 12-35'N / 147-26'E, at a range of 12 to 14 miles. No radar contact.

19. Operating on the surface on the morning of 14 April, at 0947(K), lookout sighted 2-engine land plane in the vicinity of 13-43'N / 149-40'E, at an estimated range of 8 miles. No radar contact. Dived.

20. Operating on the surface on the morning of 16 April, at 1021(L), an unidentified plane was sighted by a lookout and SD radar in the vicinity of 15-31'N / 157-49'E, at a range of 20 miles.

21. While preparing to surface on the morning of 16 April, at 1130(L), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 15-31'N / 157-51'E, at a range of 8 miles. Plane not sighted.

22. Operating on the surface on the morning of 23 April, at 0603(X), SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 16-35'N / 169-55'W, at a range of 30 miles. Plane appeared to be a Liberator on a North-East heading at a speed of 200. Closed to 4 miles, then opened.

23. Operating on the surface on the morning of 23 April, at 0700(X), SD radar indicated planes in the vicinity of 16-35'N / 169-41'W, at a range of 10 miles. Exchanged recognition signals with 2-TBF's that were in a searching pattern.

24. Operating on the surface on the morning of 24 April, at 0907(X), lookout sighted and SD radar indicated a plane in the vicinity of 18-35'N / 168-20'W, at a range of 12 miles. Exchanged recognition signals with a Catalina that was in a searching pattern.

25. Operating on the surface on the morning of 25 April, at 1140(X), lookout sighted a plane in the vicinity of 19-39'N / 164-35'W, at a range of 12 miles. Exchanged recognition signals with a Catalina that was on a North-East heading.

26. Operating on the surface on the afternoon of 25 April, at 1216(X), high periscope watch sighted a plane in the vicinity of 19-40'N / 164-28'W, at a range of 11 miles. The Catalina was on a South-West heading and did not close.

27. Operating on the surface on the morning of 26 April, at 0655(X), lookout sighted a plane in the vicinity of 20-22'N / 161-46'W, at a range of 11 miles. Exchanged recognition signals with a Scout Bomber that was on a North-East heading.

Attack Data:

•No attacks made.


•No mines, mining activity, nor mine sweeping were observed.

Anti-Submarine Measures and Evasion Tactics:

•None experienced.

Major Defects and Damage:

1. Negative flood valve operating gear inoperative upon surfacing in evening of April 2nd. Investigation disclosed that trouble is apparently in tank. Operating gear is jammed in closed position. Flood valve opens with internal pressure and closes with bang when pressure is relieved.

2. As fuel got low on return trip, it became apparent that we are not properly ballasted for a maximum heavy condition. It was necessary to convert Safety tank to a variable tank in order to have sufficient water in auxiliaries and forward trim for trimming purposes. About 20,000 pounds appears to be the amount to remove.

3. Operating linkage in bow buoyancy tank for bow buoyancy vents badly out of adjustment or is binding on something. On 25 April were unable to dive because vents could not be opened in power or hand operation. Indicator light on TR panel or "Christmas Tree" showed normal operation. Indicator light should be adjusted to show RED only when vents are fully open with full throw of operating gear. Fortunately this did not happen in enemy waters. Some previous trouble has been experienced but only with closing of the vents; however, this is the first time they could not be operated in HAND.


•No casualties were experienced. ComSubPac Serial A1 of 24 March was only serial not filed. All of NPM Haiku frequencies were very good, especially 9090 Kcs. Ehich we used for the most part.

•During the period from 1600Z 2 April until 0000Z 7 April we guarded VIX frequencies. These were jammed heavily and practically continuously. 9250 Kcs. Seemed to come through the best.


• SJ Radar,

•• During operations off Midway Island ranges varied from excellent to poor. A final tuning before leaving gave good indications but a low maximum range of 26,000 yds. was obtained on the island upon leaving for patrol March 16. T-R tube was replaced after "keep-alive voltage" was found to be low. Tuning with "echo box" made little improvement in echos from calm seas. Sudden momentary increases in height of grass was observed every few hours. No current or voltage fluctuations observed, jarring units and movement of wiring had no effect.

•• Complete item by item inspection 1 April located loose inner screwed fitting and pin in crystal output jack. Thorough tightening removed trouble. Following failure to obtain satisfactory echo on 347 ft. high island a complete R-F tune up with wave meter was made 1 April. TR cavity was found to be extremely out of tune explaining failure of previous attempts at tuning it a small amount.

•• On 15 April fuses 7 & 8 burned out during daylight hours. Diodes in "B" regulated rectifier found shorted internally. New replacement tubes shorted and burned out in few seconds time. Thorough check up revealed no trouble. Second replacements (used tubes) put equipment back in operation.

•• General remarks:

1. Fairly accurate tuning can be made with wave meter if time, patience and previously recorded values of magnetron and beating oscillator frequency are used (wave meter readings recorded with set in good operating order).

2. Lack of good wave echos and rain squall contacts indicative of poor operation under all conditions.

3. Rain squalls arc usually easily identified on precision sweep with hand training unless of very small extent

• SD Radar,

•• On 19 April bright small pulses observed at right of trace; caused by short sweeps. Replaced tubes in sweep circuits.

•• General Remarks:

1. Lower filament voltage increases life of transmitter tubes.

2. Careful training of all operators in receiver tuning greatly improved overall performance.

Sound Gear and Sound Conditions

•All sound gear worked satisfactorily with no casualties. Sound conditions were apparently good. Much fish noise was heard.

Density Layers:

•Density layers found are listed as recorded on Bathythermograph cards.

1. Date: 29 March 1944.

Time: 2100 GCT
Lat. 6-55'N Long. 133-41'E.
Five degree negative temperature gradient between 200 and 320 feet. Continued to 340 feet.

2. Date: 3 April 1944

Time: 1600 GCT
Lat. 5-59'N Long. 130-22'E.
Four degree negative temperature gradient between 140 and 215 feet.

3. Date: 8 April 1944

Time: 2115 GCT
Lat. 6-38'N Long. 133-09'E.
Eleven degree negative temperature gradient between 190 and 290 feet.

4. Date: 10 April 1944

Time: 2030 GCT
Lat. 8-24'N Long. 138-37'E.
Two degree negative temperature gradient between 320 and 395 feet.

Health, Food, and Habitability:

• Health, food and habitability were in general ggod. There was a small epidemic of common colds during the first two weeks after departure on patrol. The effects of the air conditioning appears to be not properly distributed by the ventilation in that the temperature of the forward battery compartment is consistently higher than that of the after battery.

• Pharmacists Mate's records show the following:

    No. of Cases   Days Lost
Appendicitis (possible)   1   0
Catarrhal Fever   2   0
Pediculosis   4   0
Fungus infection (feet)   10   0
Fungus infection (groin)   5   0
Colds   16   0
Lacerations (minor)   10   0
Burns   4   0
Earache   2   0
Tonsillitis   4   0
Infections   5   0
Toothache   3   0
Headache   24   0
Cellulitis   1   4
Constipation   22   0
Furunculosis   1   4


• The performance of duty of all hands left nothing to be desired. Morale is good notwithstanding disappointment over a fruitless patrol.

(a) Number of men on board during patrol. - - - - - - - - - 73

(b) Number of men qualified at start of patrol. - - - - - - - -51

(c) Number of men qualified at end of patrol. - - - - - - - - 42

(d) Number of unqualified men making their first patrol.- - -7

(e) Number of men advanced in rating during patrol. - - - - 9

Miles Steamed - Fuel Used:

Midway to (originally assigned) area           2,785 miles           32,820 gallons
In area           2,885 miles           31,430 gallons
Area to Johnston           3,074 miles           29,760 gallons


Days en route to (originally assigned) area             11
Days in area             16
Days en route base             15
Days submerged             15

Factors of Endurance Remaining:

Torpedoes         Fuel (at Johnston)         Provisions         Personnel Factor
24         4,000 gallons         24 days         24 days
Limiting factor this patrol - Fuel.


• It is hoped that some of our outstanding alterations can be accomplished during this refit, especially conversion of 4A and 4B to fuel ballast and installation of new type centrifugal trim pump.

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Serial (041)

  Fleet Post Office,
San Francisco, California.
28 April, 1944.

SS311/A16-3 Seria1 (04) dated
27 April, 1944.

From:   The Commander Submarine Division Two Hundred One.
To:   The Commander-in-Chief, United States Fleet.
Via:   (1) The Commander Submarine Squadron Twenty.
(2) The Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet.
(3) The Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet.
Subject:   U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH , Report of War Patrol Number Two.

1. The second war patrol of the U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH (SS311) was of forty-two days duration sixteen of which were in the Area. This patrol was terminated because of a lack of fuel resulting from extensive running to carry out different assignments. The health and spirit of the officers and crew were good on their return.

2. The material condition of the ARCHER-FISH is good and the refit will be accomplished in the regular period. The outstanding alterations, especially conversion of tanks No. 4A and 4B to fuel ballast and installation of a centrifugal trim pump will be accomplished this refit. The air conditioning in the forward battery compartment is being studied and will be improved. The need for reballasting to meet the maximum heavy condition seems apparent and will be effected if necessary.

3. No contacts with surface vessels were made on this patrol. The many plane contacts made surface patrol impossible and resulted in a total of fifteen days being spent submerged.

4. Commander Submarine Division 201 regrets that there were no opportunities for the ARCHER-FISH to sink "Japs" on this patrol. This can be attributed to successful strikes by our own sea and air forces. It is pleasing to note that in spite of no encounters with the enemy the ARCHER-FISH returned with morale high and eager to get back out again.

    F. L. FENNO

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Serial 016   Care of Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Calif.,
28 April, 1944.

SS311/A16-3/ Serial 04
dated 27 April, 1944.

From:   The Commander Submarine Squadron TWENTY.
To :   The Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet.
Via :   (1) The Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet.
(2) The Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
Subject:   U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH, Report of War Patrol Number Two.
  • Forwarded, concurring in the remarks of Commander Submarine Division 201.
    LEO L. PACE.
Copy to: CSD-201

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Serial 0827


  Care of Fleet Post Office,
San Francisco, California,
1 May 1944.
THIRD ENDORSEMENT to ARCHER-FISH Report of Second War Patrol


From:   The Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet.
To :   The Commander-in-Chief, United States Fleet.
Via :   The Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
Subject:   Subject: U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH (SS-3I1) - Report of Second War
Patrol (16 March to 27 April 1944).

1. The second war patrol of the ARCHER-FISH was conducted in the Palau Area.

2. Although good area coverage was maintained, the ARCHER-FISH made no contacts worthy of torpedo attack. The ARCHER-FISH was in the Palau Area doing lifeguard duty during the Palau strike. The lack of targets was due in part to the subsequent lack of shipping to and from Palau after the strike.

3. This patrol is designated as not successful for Combat Insignia Award

    C. A. LOCKWOOD, Jr.
(Complete Reports)
Cominch   (5)
CNO   (5)
Cincpac   (6)
Intel. Cen. Pac. Ocean Areas   (1)
Comservpac (Adv. Base Plan. Unit)   (1)
Cinclant   (2)
Comsubslant   (8)
S/M School, NL   (2)
Comsopac   (2)
Comsowespac   (1)
Comsubsowespac   (2)
CTF 72   (2)
Comnorpac   (1)
Comsubspac   (20)
SUBAD, MI   (2)
ComsubspaoSubordcom   (3)
All Squadron and Division
Commanders, Subspac
Comsubstrainpao   (2)
All Submarines, Subspac   (1)
    E. L. HYNES, II
Flag Secretary.

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George William KEHL, Commander, USN

Sigmund Albert BOBCZYNSKI, Lieutenant, USN

William Henry CRAWFORD, Jr., Lieutenant, USN

Clark Kelly SPRINKLE, Lieutenant, USNR

Romolo COUSINS, Lieutenant (jg), USN

John Kneeland ANDREWS, Lieutenant (jg), USN

Frederick Adelbert OYHUS, Ensign, USNR

Virgil "D" ELEY, Machinist, USN

ACUNA, William Leon, TM2c, USNR

ANDERSON, Thomas Little, MoMM2c, USNR

BAIRD, Willie Benjamin, EM2c, USNR

BAUMGARTNER, William Francis, S2c, USNR

BAROODY, Joseph James, SC2c, USNR

BENNETT, John Paul, EM1c, USN

BLANCHARD, Joseph Roger Leo, S1c, USNR


BROWN, John Melvin, CMoMM, USN

BRISTOW, Henry (n), StMlc, USNR

BUNTALN, Finley Cline Monroe, TM1c, USN

BURNHAM, George Joseph, S1c, USNR

CADWELL, Rolla Lee, S2c, USNR

CAMP, Warren Henry, MoMM2c, USNR

CARNAHAN, Eugene Earl, CY, USN

CARNIFAX, Thomas Henry, Jr., EM3c, USNR

CHONKO, John Joseph, CEM, USN

CICHON, John Joseph, MoMM1c, USN

CLOTHAKIS, Nicholas Vasilios, RM3c, USNR

COUSINS, Richard Merton, RT3c, USN

ELLIOTT, Amos Demoin, MoMM1c, USN

ELLZEY, Daniel Webster, CQM, USN

ENSIGN, Everett Raymond, EM2c, USN

FOX, Taylor Lincoln, TM2c, USN

HEALEY, John Patrick, S2c, USN

HOFFMAN, Lambert Dali, MoMM1c, USN

KEAST, Edwin Paul, SC2c, USNR

KENNEY, Richard Albert, FCS2c, USN

KURESMAN, Albert Jacob, MoMM2c, USNR

LA BARROW, Richard Child, CEM, USN

LAFFIN, Sylvester John, TM1c, USN

LIGHTER, Hershel Arthur, MoMM2c, USN

MAIORANA, Benny Frank, EM3c, USNR

MAYHEW, Wilbur Wesley, TM2c, USNR

MANTZEY, Edward Minnis, QM1c, USN

MYERS, Earl Edgar, RT3c, USNR


  OLESEWSKI, Francis Xavier, EM2c, USNR

OLIVER, Paul Linza, EM3c, USNR

POTANOVIC, John Francis, Flc, USN

PIERCE, Evan John, S1c, USNR

PRUITT, Clarence Allan, TM3c, USNR

RUEDIGER, Manfred Warner, TM2c, USN

SCANLAN, Richard Cullen, RM2c, USN

SCHONBORG, Walter Otto, EM3c, USNR

SHERMAN, William Eugene, CMM, USN

SMITH, Frederick Stanton, CPhM, USN

STEVENS, Charles Roland, MoMM3c, USNR

SYKES, William Lewis, S1c, USNR

TARBOX, Fred "A", EM3c, USN

TREDWAY, William Chasteen, RM1c, USNR

TEATER, Gilbert (n), CMoMM, USN

TELLIER, Norman Leo, S1c, USN


VERZWYVELT, Anthony Everist, M0MM3c, USNR


WELLS, Lowell Earnest, TM3c, USNR

WELLS, Charles Neal, MoMM2c, USNR

WHALEN, Thomas William, MoMM1c, USNR

WHARTON, Wade Lemuel, BM2c, USNR

WHEELER, George Dewey, Jr., S1c, USNR

WHITE, Robert (n), EM2c, USNR

WILKEN, Carl Anthony, MoMM2c, USNR

WILL, Alfred Irving, MoMM2c, USNR

WILSON, Harold Emerson, RT1c, USNR

WILSON, Norman Jay, S1c, USNR

WINKLE, Norman William, S1c, USNR

WOOD, Paul Richard, S1c, USN

WOODRUFF, George Elmer, SM2c, USNR

YOTTER, Carl Norman, TM2c, USNR

YOUNG, Donald Augustus, StM1c, USNR

ZJELINSKI, Edward Felix, TM3c, USNR

ZYCH, Henry Joseph, MoMM2c, USN

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