USS Archer-Fish War Patrol #6
10 January to 3 March 1945
Report and Endorsements


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Patrol Report


Sailing List - Patrol #6

Patrol Report of U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH (SS-311)



SS311/A16-3                                                                           Care of Fleet Post Office

 San Francisco, California,

Serial ( 03-45 )                                                                                3 March 1945             


From :              The Commanding Officer.

To :                  The Commander-in-Chief, United States Fleet.

Via :                 (1) The Commander Submarine Division FORTY-THREE.

(2) The Commander Submarine Squadron FOUR.

(3) The Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet.

(4) The Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet.

Subject :           U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH - Report of War Patrol Number Six.

Enclosure :       (A) Subject report.

(B) Track chart to Comsubspac only.

            1. Enclosure (A), covering the sixth war patrol of this vessel conducted in waters of the South China Sea off Hong Kong and the southern tip of Formosa during the period from 10 January to 3 March 1945, is forwarded herewith.





Serial (03-45)


Subject:           U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH (SS-311) - Report of War Patrol Number Six.


Dec. 15, 1944. Arrived in Guam at end of 5th war patrol. Assigned to division 102 for refit.

Dec. 16, 1944. Crew moved to Camp Dealey for recuperation.

Dec. 30, 1945. Returned to ship.

Jan. 1-9, 1945. Post repair trials, training, and loading. The refit was accomplished very

efficiently and all troubles were corrected.


Jan. 10, 1945.

1710 (K)         Departed Guam for patrol in accordance with Comsubspac op. ord. 436-44 (revised). The Task Group (17.16) composed of the Archer-Fish, Blackfish, and Batfish with Commander J. F. ENRIGHT as the group commander.

1735 (K)         Formed column astern of the escort, DD Boggs, and changed time to -9 (Item).

2220 (I)           Released escort. Formed line of bearing with Blackfish and 5 miles on port beam and Batfish 5 miles on starboard beam.

Jan. 11, 1945.

0530 (I)           Training dive.

0601 (I)           Surfaced.

0900-1000 (I) Tracking drill.

1300-1400 (I) Tracking drill.

Jan.12, 1945.

0550 (I)           Training dive.

0610 (I)           Surfaced.

0900-1000 (I) Tracking drill.

1059 (I)           Sighted unidentified aircraft 5 miles. Dived. Aircraft contact #1.

1130 (I)           Surfaced.

1300-1400 (I) Tracking drill.

1459 (I)           Training dive.

1515 (I)           Surfaced.

1610 (I)           Radar pip at 3,500 yards, bearing 310 relative, followed by OOD sighting through high periscope about 3 feet of periscope. Avoided. Other two boats were on surface and well clear.

1830 (I)           Sent message 120915 concerning periscope and weather.

Jan. 13, 1945,

0620 (I)           Training dive.

0635 (I)           Surfaced.

0900-1000 (I) Tracking drill.

1108 (I)           Training dive.

1122 (I)           Surfaced.

1300-1400 (I) Tracking drill.

1601 (I)           Sighted unidentified plane. Dived. Aircraft contact #2.

1631 (I)           Surfaced.

Jan. 14, 1945.

0636 (I)           Training Dive.

0658 (I)           Surfaced.

0833 (I)           Sight and SJ contact on unidentified plane at 13,000 yards. Dived. Aircraft contact #3.

0901 (I)           Surfaced.

0902-1000 (I) Tracking drill.

1300-1400 (I) Tracking drill.

1530 (I)           Sighted and closed to investigate an empty life raft. About 10 man size usually lashed to sides of ships. No identification marks.

1700 (I)           Sighted second raft about the same as previous one. Closed and found it also empty.

2226 (I)           Changed course to 047 to cover area for 2 rafts of downed aviators.

Jan. 15, 1945.

0655 (I)           Trim dive.

0705 (I)           Surfaced. In area for downed aviators, searching while en route.

0914 (I)           SD contact 12 miles. No IFF. Dived. Aircraft contact #4.

0935 (I)           At 50 foot. SD contact 9 miles.

1003 (I)           Surfaced.

1300-1500      Barometer dropped .8 point. Heavy clouds, seas built up from force 2 to 5.

2145 (I)           Land contact on SJ, 85,000 yards. Babuyan Islands.

Jan. 16, 1945.

0225 (I)           Watched plane on MI scope show up at 25,000 yards and fade out about 28,000. No APR interference. Aircraft contact #5.

0300 (I)           Passed Babuyan Island abeam to port, 6 miles. No indication of radar on island.

0850 (I)           Made quick dive. .Decided to stay down because of reported planes along island chain and we can reach area on tine.

1410 (I)           Sighted surfaced sub on northerly course. Identified as friendly and probably Blackfish. Range 1,000 yards when abeam. First picked up by screws on JK.

1902 (I)           Surfaced.

2020 (I)           APR interference on 155 mcs.

2054 (I)           Picked up plane on SJ at 38,000 yards. Soon disappeared. Started sweeping with SJ at 5 minute intervals with MR interference weak. Aircraft contact #6.

2130 (I)           Lost interference and resumed normal SJ operation.

2400 (I)           Entered area. Legjoint.

Jan. 17, 1945. 

Heading west in Legjoint toward lifeguard station.

0723 (I)           Dived.

0900 (I)           Changed time to -8 zone (How)

All times now -8 (How) unless otherwise noted.

1818                Surfaced.

1945                Radar interference on SJ at 245T.

2040                Exchanged calls with Guardfish who is leaving area. We had interference from the Guardfish for about 3 hours, and as we were on opposite courses, the initial range must have been about 45 miles.

Jan. 18, 1945.

0647                Dived.

0955                Surfaced. Got first position since passing straits. A sun line.

1141                Dived.

1831                Surfaced.

Jan. 19, 1945.

0650                Dived.

0809                Surfaced to look for aviator survivors down since Jan. 16. Condition of sea 5. Heavy overcast. Visibility 4,000 yards.

0825                SD contact 13 miles, closing. Dived. Aircraft contact #7.

0936                Surfaced.

1121                SJ contact 14,500 yards closing rapidly to 12,000. Dived. Aircraft contact #8. Necessary to use SD and they are probably homing on it.

1938                Surfaced.

Jan. 20, 1945.

0645                Dived. First stars in 5 days. Have been using soundings taken approximately every 4 hours. Found we were about twenty miles to the north.

1004                Surfaced.

1045                Dived.

1845                Surfaced..

Jan. 21, 1945.

0033                SJ contact and radar interference at 022T, 17,000 yards. Tracked on westerly course. This is probably the Charr but had no success in exchanging identification by SJ.

0140                Lost SJ contact.

0435                SJ radar interference at 083T. Probably Blackfish.

0510                SJ contact 2490T at 6,900 yards. 2 pips. Tracked on course 035 at 4 knots. Obviously small boats, probably fishing. Did not close.

0630                Dived.

1841                Surfaced.

1900                Sent routine weather message 211100.

2255                SJ contact 3520T at 13,900 yards. Tracked on course 140, speed 4. Closed.

Jan.22, 1945.

0040                Identified SJ contacts in moonlight at 1,500 yards as 2 sailing junks. Probably 100 feet long. One large mainsail, and a smaller foresail and kicker.

053                  SJ contact 1400T, 15,000 yards. 2 pips. Closed and identified by sight as two more sailing junks. Quite certain that those are fishing boats and probably Chinese. Did not desire to close to less than 1,500 yards in darkness.

0640                Dived.

1843                Surfaced.

2017                SJ radar contact 165T, 16,750 yards.

2050                Identified by sight 5 sailing junks.

Jan. 23, 1945.

0002                SJ contact 020T, 16,000 yards.

0032                Identified as 2 sailing junks.

0642                Dived.

1835                Surfaced.

2137                SJ contact, 3400T, 13,200 yards.

2153                Identified as 5 sailing junks.

Jan. 24, 1945.

0249                SJ contact, 1450T, 14,600 yards. Identified as sail boats.

0339                SJ contact, 200T, 9,550 yards. Identified as sail boats.

0640                Dived.

1837                Surfaced.

Jan.25, 1945.

0240                SJ and sight contact 2 sailing boats.

0645                Quick dive.

0955                Sighted aircraft. Probably Topsy, 8 miles. Aircraft contact #9.

1838                Surfaced.

1930                Sent routine weather message. 251120

2240                Received message from ComSubsPac about plane sighting of raft and unidentified plane wreckage. Changed course to head for spot.

Jan. 26, 1945.

0235                SJ and sight contact 2 sailing boats.

0545                SJ contact and interference. 2140T, 13,000 yards. Exchanged calls with Batfish who is also looking for raft.

0645                Daylight. Looking for raft.

0854                Quick dive.

1000                Surfaced.

1132                Quick dive.

1748                Surfaced.

1845                Dark. During the day numerous new wooden planks about 8 feet long were sighted. If these had been secured together they probably would have looked like a raft. The China based plane reported sighting the raft an hour and a half before sunrise.

Jan. 27, 1945.

0659                Quick dive. Visibility 3-5000 yards during day.

1837                Surfaced.

Jan. 28, 1945.

0643                Quick dive.

1842                Surfaced.

1850                SJ radar interference to north. Drew west. Probably Croaker or possibly Blueback.

2030                Lost radar interference.

Jan. 29, 1945.

0652                Quick dive.

0800                Sighted 2 sail boats. Range about 8,000 yards. Probably fishing as they lowered their sails at 0845.

1842                Surfaced.

Jan. 30, 1945.

0648                Quick dive.

1839                Surfaced.

Jan 31, 1945.

0644                Quick dive.

0850                Surfaced for sun line.

0900                Quick dive.

1205                Surfaced for sun line.

1223                Quick dive.

1845                Surfaced.

1930                SJ contact 3040T, 29,000 yards. Manned tracking stations.

1950                Secured from tracking stations when it became apparent that pip was a plane. Aircraft contact #10.

Feb. 1, 1945.

0005                SJ contact 14,500 yards. 2 pips. Closed and identified by sight as 2 sail boats.

0639                Quick dive.

1840                Surfaced.

1945                Received Comsubspac 010749 and changed course to 070 and speed to standard.

Feb. 2, 1945.

0001                SJ out of commission.

0245                SJ repaired.

0701                SJ contact 13 miles. Dived. Aircraft contact #11.

1829                Surfaced.

2000                Received Comsubspac serial 17 directing us to join Plaice and Scabbardfish.

2300                Master gyro out.

Feb. 3, 1945.

0130                Master gyro back in commission.

0630                Made quick dive on station on Tokao-Aparri route.

1348                Surfaced for sun line.

1406                Quick dive.

1818                Surfaced.

2015                SJ radar interference 060.

2315                Exchanged calls by SJ with Blackfish. Later determined to be at a distance cf 35 miles.

Feb. 4, 1945.

Closed Blackfish to check SJ. Picked them up at 11,250 yards. Obtained PE from them as they earlier had SJ fix on Formosa.

0619                Made quick dive.

1811                Surfaced. Weather during day was poor. Force 6 sea. 4,000 yards visibility.

2305                Exchanged calls by SJ with Blackfish.

Feb. 5, 1945.

0017-0035      2 SJ contacts on planes. 8-12,000 yards. No APR interference and probably friendly. Nothing on SD. Aircraft contact #12.

0145-0202      APR interference on 180 mcs. Probably aircraft warning on Formosa looking for our Philippines based planes.

0558                APR interference at 155 mcs. Nothing on SJ or SD and as he seemed to be closing and it was almost light, made quick dive. Aircraft contact #13.

1814                Surfaced. Weather about the same as yesterday.

Feb. 6, 1945.

0610                Made quick dive. Weather improving.

0916                Surfaced for sun line.

0931                Quick dive.

1204                Surfaced for sun line.

1210                SJ land contacts. On Itbayat and Batan Islands at 55,000 and 75,000 yards.

1214                Made quick dive.

1815                Surfaced.

2134                Rapidly closing SJ contact at 5,000 yards. Keyed SD and had 1/2 mile contact. Quick dive. Aircraft contact #14.

2157                At 40 feet had SD contact at 4 miles with IFF response.

2217                All clear. Surfaced.

2225                SD contact at 8 miles. No IFF but he didn’t close. Aircraft contact #15.

Am certain these are friendly bombers working over Formosa, but if they are using radar it doesn’t show on our APR. Rather doubtful but a possibility that they would bomb an unidentified radar contact so plan to dive if they get within 4 miles. VHF was on the aircraft frequencies but no information was being sent.

Feb. 7, 1945.

0108                Short APR contact on 180 mcs.

0214                SJ contact 9,000 yards on another plane. Aircraft contact #16.

0604                Quick dive.

1209                Sighted 9 B24's flying in close formation at about 3,000 feet on their way to Formosa. Aircraft contact #17.

1523                Sighted single B-24 distance 6 miles on his way home. Aircraft contact #18.

1623                Sighted single engine, float plane, Rufe. Aircraft contact #19.

1817                Surfaced.

Feb. 8, 1945.

0603                Quick dive.

0925                Sighted formation of 20 B-25's heading north. The second big reason in two days for the scarcity of targets. Aircraft contact #20.

1815                Surfaced.

1853                Exchanged calls and message with Blackfish by SJ radar.

2157                Plane contact on SJ at 14,000 yards. Aircraft contact #21.

2211                APR interference on 180 mcs.

Feb. 9, 1945.

0640                Quick dive.

1820                Surfaced.

2125                Plane on SJ at 4,200 yards. Aircraft contact #22.

2126                Quick dive. There was no APR indication.

2158                All clear on SD and SJ. Surfaced.

Feb. 10, 1945.

0225                SJ plane contact 4,400 yards. Made quick dive. Aircraft contact #23.

0253                All clear on SJ and SD. Surfaced.

0601                Quick dive.

1822                Surfaced.

2125                SJ contact on plane. Checked by SD at 4 miles. Made quick dive. Aircraft

contact #24.

2152                At radar depth. Plane contact on SD at 10 miles.

2210                Radar depth. Plane contact on SD at 12 miles.

2240                All clear on SD and SJ. Surfaced.

These plane contacts cannot be satisfactorily explained. The APR is apparently working properly but there are no indications of interference. The night is dark with no moon and is usually overcast. At first it was assumed that they were friendly planes either with radar off, or not in the band of the APR. The contacts are so persistent though, and with the plane remaining in the area, it appears they are searching and therefore probably enemy. There is time on about half the contacts to check for IFF and there has been no response except on one occasion. So far they have dropped no flares or bombs.

Feb. 11, l945.

0405                SJ interference and contact 7,700 yards. Exchanged challenge and calls with Scabbardfish.

0600                Quick dive.

1202                Sighted B-24 at 3 miles on southerly course. Aircraft contact #25.

1819                Surfaced.

2040                Received message giving location of fighter pilot in raft. Changed course to head for eastern side Batan Island.

Feb. 12, 1945.

0620                Made quick dive.

0822                Surfaced. The bow planes would not rig in. Seas caused heavy pounding. All appeared normal below and it was too rough to inspect topside.

0855                Quick dive.

1818                Surfaced. Ensign G. E. CROSBY and CMoMM H. A. LIGHTER went forward in the superstructure to inspect the planes. Found the forward universal on the rigging shaft completely carried away and one end of the shaft resting on the pressure hull. No repairs possible.

2030                Received message 120128 giving position of pilot late afternoon of the 10th. With the currents in this area (12 - 2 knots) and varying set it is rather difficult to plot his course. Later notified he was picked up by plane.

Feb. 13, 1945.

0030                Sent message to Comsubspac telling of bow plane trouble and requesting permission to leave area. It is regretted that this was necessary but was considered so as the planes were pounding so heavily that it was felt something else would give way and the planes would be totally disabled. Routine dives are alright without bow planes, but not approaches or evading depth charges. Three days of the assigned time remain.

0634                Made quick dive.

1812                Surfaced.

2030                Received message 130205. Set course for Saipan.

2300                Sent weather and acknowledgment dispatch to Comsubspac 131423.

Feb. 14, 1945.

0546                Trim dive.

0604                Surfaced.

0647                Lookout reported periscope. Evaded. Not sighted by others.

0705                SD contact 10 miles. No IFF. Quick dive. Aircraft contact #26.

0737                Surfaced.

1057                SJ radar interference bearing 1780T.

1105                Exchanged challenge and reply and ships calls with USS Brill.

1238                SD contact 16 miles. Aircraft contact #27.

1240                Contact closed to 13 miles. Quick dive.

1315                Surfaced.

1435                Sighted aircraft followed by SD contact 8 miles. Quick dive. Aircraft contact #28.

1518                Surfaced.

2008                SJ contact 030T, 6,000 yards.

2010                A couple of erratic rapidly closing range gave appearance of another plane contact. Made quick dive.

2012                Sound picked up high speed screws. Tracked aft.

2031                Surfaced. Changed course to head for contact.

2053                Picked up contact on SJ at 7,200 yards. Continued to close at full speed. His speed 102 knots.

2115                Range closed to 2,650 yards. Could see target as being low and probably a submarine. If not, a PC boat.

2117                All stop. Got a turn count of 256 rpm. Checked IFF and no response. No SJ interference. His course 235 with 25 zigs. .Zigs are irregular in time.

2148                Sent message to Bennets Blazers reporting we had a contact with no radar interference and asked for their position.

2145-2308      Kept range between 5,000 - 6,000 yards while we worked up his starboard side. Waited for position reports from the Blazers, decoded all messages into present time, rechecked all serial messages and zone notices as complete.

2309                Changed course to head in for attack. Before deciding to attack the following facts were carefully considered.

1. All friendly submarines were well clear. The Brill about 200 miles west of us and all the Blazers reported positions about 140 miles east of us.

2. A screw count of 256 rpm for 10-11 knots indicates enemy. That turn count would give one of our boats a speed of about 18 knots.

3. No radar interference of any kind and no indications that we were detected as close as 2,650 yards.

4. No signals on sound.

5. No IFF response.

6. On a course heading to the northern tip of Luzon.

7. If the target was a PC, he was in a submarine patrol zone.

2315                By sight from the bridge the target was seen to be a submarine. The conning tower was more square than ours, no periscope shears, no gun platforms forward and aft of the bridge. Conning tower about half way between bow and stern. Deck flat.

2317-10          Fired #3 tube.

2317-20          Fired #4 tube.

2317-30          Fired #5 tube.

2317-40          Fired #6 tube.

No hits. A possible reason is that he zigged toward us and it was undetected. It was not possible to give angle on the bow. The track was less than was desired, but the range was closing quite rapidly and it was necessary to fire early to avoid detection. The torpedoes were set at 3 feet earlier due to the possibility of a PC boat and were not changed. The sea was calm and no reason to expect an erratic run.

We swung left with full rudder and flank speed. Minimum range broadside 920 yards and details of silhouette checked with previous inspection.

2320-15          Due to wakeless torpedoes and apparently poor lookouts, he continued on.

Fired #7 tube.

2320-25          Fired #8 tube.

2320-35          Fired #9 tube.

2320-45          Fired #10 tube.

2321-45          Hit. Probably first stern tube. The enemy sub was momentarily completely illuminated with the large white flash and again the features checked. Range about 2,000 yards.

The radar pip started to disappear immediately and the target was no longer visible from the bridge. The pip disappeared completely about 12 minutes after the hit and at 3,200 yards.

2329                Explosion. Probably end of run of one of the bow shots.

2330-30          2nd end of run explosion.

2331-10          3rd end of run explosion.

2332                Water noise in direction of target making her last dive.

2341                On the scene of the sinking looking for survivors or debris. Explosion heavier than any of the others apparently under us. Nothing found.

Feb.15, 1945.

0145                Sent 141645 concerning sinking.

0701                Sighted Puffer and Sea Owl.

0712                Stopped to receive Ensign James Warren GOIN by rubber boat from the Puffer. Indications of appendicitis.

The Sea Owl circled the two boats lying-to as an anti-submarine and anti-Chidori                         screen but said we would have to take care of planes ourselves.

0810                Transfer completed and course resumed.

0850                Trim dive.

0900                Changed time to -9.

1007 (I)           Surfaced. The SJ did not appear to be working as well as usual but considered it of some value.

Feb. 16, 1945. 

0225                Sent message in Wopaco code to Mobsters giving our position and that our SJ was not up to par.

0605 (I)           SJ radar interference.

0625 (I)           Sighted submarine. Tried unsuccessfully to exchange calls by SJ and searchlight. Either the Tilefish or one of the Mobsters.

0714 (I)           Sighted and exchanged calls with Thresher and Peto

0850 (I)           Trim dive.

0903 (I)           Surfaced.

1434 (I)           Sighted plane. 4 engines. Unidentified. Quick dive.

1531 (I)           Surfaced.

(EDITORS NOTE: Page 17 of copy of Patrol Report is damaged. Best interpretation of infomation follows:)

1645 (I)           Tried a radar ?? Our SJ operation is still ?? 

Feb. 17, 1945.

1100 (I)                       Patrol ??

Feb. 18, 1945.

0123 (I)                       Sighted two ships on ?? Range 22,000 yards. ?? 30 to stay clear.

0??? (I)                       Sighted ??

0842 (I)                       Sighted ??

0905 (I)                       Exchanged calls with Place ??

1157 (I)                       SD contact 17 miles. ?? Closed to 13 miles. ??opened out. Not sighted.

Feb.19, 1945.

0603 (I)                       Sighted escort, LCI-1054

0915 (I)                       Sighted Saipan. ??

1017 (I)                       Sighted ??

Feb 20-21, 1945.

Voyage repairs. ??

Feb. 22, 1945.

Repair to bow planes completed. ??

(EDITORS NOTE: End page 17, begin page 18:)

1635 (K)         Underway en route Saipan - Pearl.

1702 (K)         Passed entrance buoy and took station astern of escort, SC-1362.

2210 (K)         Released escort.

Feb. 23 - Mar. 2, 1945.

En route Saipan - Pearl.

Trim and training dives en route. Sighted westbound Chubb at 1321 (K) the 23rd.

Mar. 3, 1945.

0017 (W)        Radar contact on westbound convoy. Closest range 10,000 yards.

0630 (W)        Made rendezvous with Batfish and escort, PC-1078.

1251 (W)        Entered Pearl Harbor, completing sixth war patrol.

Narrative Continued:

• Officers attached to U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH (showing previous patrols)

J. F. ENRIGHT, Commander, U.S.N.                        (2 patrols)

D.E. BUNTING, Lieutenant, U.S.N.                          (3 patrols)

R.L. HAMILTON, Lieutenant, U.S.N.                       (0 patrols)

J.K. ANDREWS, Lieutenant (jg), U.S.N.R.               (5 patrols)

J.J. BOSZA, Lieutenant (jg), U.S.N.R.                       (2 patrols)

G.E. CROSBY, Jr., Ensign, U.S.N.R.                        (3 patrols)

J.C. DYGERT, Ensign, U.S.N..R.                              (1 patrol)

W.H. CASSIDY, Ensign, U.S.N.R.                           (0 patrols)

D.W. ELLZEY, Boatswain, U.S.N.                           (5 patrols)

• Chief Petty Officers attached. to U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH (showing previous patrols)

F.C.M. BUNTAIN, CTM(AA)(T), U.S.N.                (10 patrols)

G.T. FORD, CGM(AA)(T), U.S.N.                           (8 patrols)

J.J. CICHON, CMoMM(AA)(T), U.S.N.                  (9 patrols)

H.A. LIGHTER, CMoMM(AA)(T), U.S.N.               (8 patrols)

T.E. COUSINS, CEM(AA), U.S.N.                          (5 patrols)


• No unusual weather conditions were observed. Overcast heavy weather with intermittent rain

was the usual condition.

Tidal Information:

• No unusual tidal information can be added to that found on the charts and coast pilot of the area.

Navigational Aids:

• The island chain in Luzon Strait was used to advantage for obtaining radar fixes. No other navigational aids were sighted. The heavy overcast weather at times made navigation rather difficult, in this area. On two occasions periods of four days passed with no stars and only an occasional sun line. The use of Loran equipment would have proven invaluable to us. It is hoped that submarines will soon be able to avail themselves of this equipment.

Ship Contacts:

No.   Date       Lat                 Type             Initial          Estimated      How                     Remarks

         Time       Long                                   Range        Course          Contacted


1-      1/21-      Within 10        Sail Boats      8,000 -      Various         SJ (27)                 Probably

29      2/1         mi. radius                             16,000        4 kts             Periscope (2)       Chinese

                        of 20-37N                                                                                               fishing

                        127-33E                                                                                                  boats

30      2005       20-47N        Submarine      6,000           2400T          SJ                         Sunk

          14 Feb   127-54E                                                  11 kts.

Aircraft Contacts:

No.   Date       Lat                 Type             Initial          Estimated      How                     Remarks

         Time       Long                                   Range        Course          Contacted


1      1059(I)    15-27N        B-24              5 mi.          N                    Sight                    Dived

        Jan 12      136-20E

2      1601(I)    15-25N        B-24              5 mi.          N                    Sight                    Dived

         Jan 13     129-42E

3      0833(I)    14-58N        Bomber          6 mi           W                    SJ                       Dived

         Jan 14     126-04E                                                                      Sight

4      0914(I)    16-45N                              12 mi                                 SD                      Dived

        Jan 15      126-48E                                                                                                 No IFF

5      0225(I)    20-25N                              12 mi.                                 SJ                      Surface

        Jan 16      121-03E

6      2054(I)     20-56N                              19 mi.                                 SJ                     Surface

        Jan 16      120-36E

7      0825(H)    20-13N                              13 mi.                                 SD                    Dived

        Jan 19      113-49E

8      1121(H)    20-34N                              72 mi.                                 SJ                      Dived

         Jan 19      113-49E

9      0955(H)    19-46N           Topsy             8 mi.          E                   Sight                  Submerged

        Jan 25      112-19E

10    1950(H)    19-52N                             15 mi.                                  SJ                      Surface

        Jan 31      112-13E

11    0701(H)    23-17N                             13 mi.                                  SD                     Dived

        Feb 2       116-11E

12    0017-        21-21N                             4 - 6                                     SJ                      No APR

        0035(H)    120-09E                                                                                                  No SD

        Feb 5                                                                                                                        Surface

R - Radar

P - Periscope

Aircraft Contacts (Con't):

No.   Date       Lat                 Type             Initial          Estimated      How                     Remarks

         Time       Long                                   Range        Course          Contacted


13    0558(H)                                                                                          APR                 No SD

        Feb 5       21-21N                                                                                                   No SJ

                        120-09E                                                                                                  Surface

14    2134(H)   21-15N                               22 mi.                                    SJ                   Closed to 2 mi

        Feb 6       121-25E                                                                                                   IFF


15    2225(H)   21-15N                                 8 mi.                                    SD                  Surface

        Feb 6       121-25E                                                                                                   No IFF

16    0214(H)   21-02N                               42 mi.                                    SJ                    Dived

        Feb 7       121-21E                                                                                                   No IFF

17    1209(H)   21-03N           9-B24's          6 mi.             En route            P                   Submerged

        Feb 7       120-54E                                                     Formosa

18    1523(H)   21-15N           B-24               6 mi.            En route            P                   Submerged

        Feb 7       120-54E                                                     Formosa

19    1623(H)   21-15N           Rufe               5 mi.             N                      P                   Submergod

        Feb 7       120-54E

20    0925(H)   21-19N           20-B25's         8 mi.            N                      P                    Submerged

        Feb 8       120-53E

21    2157(H)   21-09N                                   7 mi.                                  SJ                     Surface

        Feb 8       121-07E

22    2125(H)   20-38N                                   2 mi.                                  SJ                     Dived

        Feb 9       121-19E

23    0225(H)   21-03N                                  22 mi.                                 SJ                     Dived

        Feb 10     121-07E

24    2125(H)   20-57N                                   4 mi.                                  SJ-SD                Dived

        Feb 10     120-55E

25    1202(H)   20-30N           B-24                 3 mi.           S                      P                      Submerged

        Feb 11     121-05E

26    0705(H)   20-44N                                  10 mi.                                  SD                     Dived

        Feb 14     125-04E                                                                                                       No IFF

Aircraft Contacts (Con't):

No.   Date       Lat                 Type             Initial          Estimated      How                     Remarks

         Time       Long                                   Range        Course          Contacted


27    1238(H)   20-45N                                  16-13 mi.                             SD                      Dived

        Feb 14     126-10E

28    1435(H)   20-46N           B-24                  8 mi.        S                        SD                     Dived

        Feb 14     126-15E                                                                                                        Sight

29    1454(H)   1934N           B-24                   8 mi.         S                        Sight                   Dived

        Feb 16     134-39E

Attack Data:

U.S.S. Archer-Fish                 Torpedo Attack No. 1             Patrol No. 6

• Time: 0017             • Date: 15 Feb. 19145            • Lat. 20-37'N         • Long. 127-33'E

Target Data - Damage Inflicted

• Description:    Single submarine (EC), Item 121 class. Contact made by SJ radar at 6,000 yards. Visibility - Night clear but very dark.

• Ship Sunk:     One submarine (EC), Item 121 class, 1142 tons surface, 14 foot draft.

• Damage Determined By:

Saw torpedo hit, lost radar contact following explosion, heard no screw noises after disappearance of target, heard heavy explosion eighteen minutes after target disappeared.

• Target draft: 14 feet           • Course: 240            • Speed: 11 kts.          • Range: 1,300 yds

Own Ship Data

(Stern Tubes)

• Speed: 11.5                        • Course: 000T                    • Depth: Surface                   • Angle: 0

Fire Control and Torpedo Data

• Type Attack: This was a night surface attack and with the exception of the final. few moments, was conducted entirely with the use of SJ radar ranges and bearings. The night was dark and clear with no moon. Early in the approach, by stopping our own screws, we were able to get an accurate screw count of target which proved very important in identification. Our ability to close the target to such a small range without being detected further proved the capabilities of submarines for a night surface attack. TBT bearings were given to the TDC just previous to firing and the Mark 8 TBT's proved effective. The wakeless characteristic of the electric torpedo was responsible for the success of the attack, because after missing the target with four bow tubes we were able to swing and fire the stern tubes being still undetected.


Attack Data Continued:

Tubes Fired                #3           #4           #5           #6           #7           #8           #9           #10

Track Angle               54S         57S        56S         56S        126S       134S      137S        334S

Gyro angle                  359         000        001.5      006         182         193        199          199

Depth Set                   3'             3'           3'            3'             3'            3'           3'             3'

Power                         -              -            -              -              -             -            -               -

Hit or Miss                 Miss         Miss       Miss       Miss         Hit         Miss       Miss         Miss

Erratic                        No            No         No         No           No         No         No           No

Mark Torpedo           18-1         18-1        18-1      18-1        18-1      18-1       18-1         18-1

Serial No.                   57235      57157     56459    56083      55697   55312    56521      56298

Mark Exploder           8-5           8-5          8-5        8-5           4-7       8-5         8-5           4-7

Serial No.                   10595      8581        9663    10486      16723     8778      9741        17225

Actuation Set              -------------------------------------- Contact ----------------------------------

Actuation Actual         -------------------------------------- Contact ----------------------------------

Mark Warhead           18-2         18-2         18-2      18-2       18           18-1      18-2         18

Serial No.                   4266         4422         4309     4488      1067        2194     4366        1189

Explosive                    TPX          TPX          TPX      TPX       TPX        TPX      TPX         TPX

Firing Interval              0                0 Sec        10 Sec   10 Sec    0            10 Sec   10 Sec     10 Sec

Type Spread               42L           12L           12R        42R       42L         12L       12R          42R

Sea Conditions           Calm          Calm         Calm      Calm     Calm        Calm     Calm        Calm

Overhaul Activity        Apollo        Apollo      Apollo    Apollo   Sperry      Sperry   Sperry     Sperry

• Remarks: The misses of the bow tubes is inexplicable since the TDC set up checked accurately throughout the attack. It is possible that he zigged toward decreasing the track even more.


• None

Anti-Submarine Measurements and Evasion Tactics:

• None

Major Defects:

• Gyro Compass. Mark 7 Mod 3

  (a) The follow-up motor of the master compass was binding resulting in seizure of the follow-up head. This further resulted in overloading of #2 rectifier tube causing a failure of the tube. The follow-up motor was replaced and two shims were added to the base plate, #2 tube was replaced, leads #4 and #6 between the filament transformer and filament of #2 tube were replaced. The follow-up system has operated satisfactorily since this failure.

  (b) #1 Gyro motor generator failed to operate properly following a direct current power failure. The odor of burning insulation coupled with excessive heating of field coils was noted. To date it has not been possible to replace this equipment in commission. The necessary replacement will be made during the forthcoming Navy Yard Overhaul.

Major Defects Continued:

• Bow Plane Rigging Gear

Upon surfacing after a routine morning trim dive February twelfth, it was found the bow planes could not be rigged in. Investigation disclosed the forward universal coupling on the horizontal rigging shaft had been fractured permitting the forward end of the shaft to fall down against the pressure hull. The coupling is listed as part A3-PL-732-201, or BuC&R No. 312219 on Portsmouth drawing No. 713-201 or Basic Bu. 312-200. In addition to the fracture, inspection revealed an excessive amount of play in the herring bone gears of the tilting tiller and this has undoubtedly since been aggravated by the pounding received by the planes while operating the rigged out position on the surface.

In that this same casualty occurred while this vessel was en route from Portsmouth Navy Yard to Panama, again from Panama to Pearl Harbor and a third time while training in Pearl Harbor, it is believed there must be a structural defect in the bow plane rigging gear. The shear pin devices PL 738-201 and 738-228 have failed to shear during any of the four fractures. It is anticipated that temporary repairs will be accomplished at Saipan and that a complete check and overhaul of bow plane rigging and tilting gear will be made during the coming Navy Yard Overhaul of this vessel.


Frequency                                                               Remarks

   4515 kcs                                           Reception was usually weak for schedules.

  6045 kcs.                                           Reception was best at night, but then not always satisfactory.

  9090                                                   Best frequency for reception at all times during this patrol.

  4155 kcs                                            Used for reception of China skeds with satisfactory results. Occasional interference and enemy jamming.

  2006                                                   Reception and transmission was satisfactory.

  2102               Wopaco

  2160               Frequencies


• Seven messages were transmitted this patrol addressed to Comsubspac and CTG 17.7. These transmission were made on 847O kcs and 4235 kcs. Station NAN accepted and relayed these messages as we were unable to raise NAK, NFN 17 or NSP 4. Two attempts to transmit on 4155 kcs proved unsuccessful. Station NAN was easily contacted and and no difficulty was experienced in transmitting to him.

• Enemy jamming was absent during our transmissions and believed. to be below normal during all reception.

• No material failures were experienced. It was necessary to secure the Wolf Pack frequencies from 1800 to 1830 Z daily to receive the China broadcast on 4155 kcs as this ship only has two high frequency receivers.

• Comsubspac serials 79, 95 and 99T were not received.


• Negligible ills were experienced with the radar gear during this run. The SJ and SD performed excellently as a result of the good jobs turned in by the radar technicians aboard this boat and by the technicians of the USS Sperry relief crew while refitting in Guam. Plane contacts at comfortable ranges were numerous on the SJ, and those on the SD, when used, were also reassuring. Out of a total operating time of five hundred (500) hours on the SJ only thirty minutes were lost during the replacement of a T-R tube and two 6.07's in the IF strip of the receiver. The maximum range obtained by the SJ on high flying planes was 33,000 yards, while that on land was 100,000 yards.

• The results obtained by radar communications with the Batfishand Blackfish were highly satisfactory after the idea of varying the pulse rate to indicate a desire to communicate was adopted. The gear was not adversely effected by the intermittent keying of the SJ transmitter.

• The APR and SPA were used continuously while the SD was keyed only when an APR contact warrants so doing. The SJ performance in conjunction with the APR, SPA, and SD gave ample warning of enemy aircraft. Two contacts on the APR at 155 mcs. were followed by plane contacts on the SJ. While patrolling south of Formosa a frequency of 180 mcs. was detected on the APR.

Sound Gear and Sound Conditions:

• No trouble was experienced with the sound gear. Sound conditions were good. All bathythermograph cards indicated iso-thermal conditions.

Density Layers:

• No density layers encountered.

Health, Food, and Habitability:

• The health of the crew in general was excellent. There were a few minor infections which responded satisfactorily to treatment. There was one case diagnosed as Appendicitis, Acute, which recovered satisfactorily in 3 days with bed rest, Sulfadiazine and low enema.

• The food was of excellent quality, well prepared and well served.


• The state of training of officers and men is satisfactory. The transfer to new construction of experienced and deserving men and replacement by inexperienced men is noticeable. The performance of duty of the officers and men under combat conditions was excellent.

            (a) Number of men onboard during patrol                74

            (b) Number of men qualified at start of patrol           56

            (c) Number of men qualified at end of patrol             68

            (d) Number of men unqualified making first patrol     12

            (e)Number of men advanced in rating during patrol   12

Miles Steamed - Fuel Used:

Guam to Area             1,750 miles     21,750 gallons

In Area                       3,625 miles     24,030 gallons

Area to Saipan            1,466 miles     24,010 gallons

Saipan to Pearl            3,332 miles     64,020 gallons


Days en route to Area                         5

Days in Area                                       27

Days en route to base (Saipan)            6

Days Submerged                                 27

Days en route Saipan to Pearl             10

Factors of Endurance Remaining:

Torpedoes                  16

Fuel                            40,000

Provisions                   15 days

Personnel Factor         15 days

• Limiting factor this patrol: Patrol terminated three days early due to bow planes trouble.

Radio and Radar Countermeasures:

• None


• It is regretted that more damage could not be inflicted on the enemy. The lack of contacts can be attributed to the fact that our Philippine based bombers have the shipping situation in this area well under control.

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Care of Fleet Post Office,

Serial: 011                                                                                San Francisco, California,

3 March 1945.




Ltr. SS311/A16-3 dated

3 March 1945.

From :              The Commander Submarine Division FORTY-THREE.

To :                  The Commander-in-Chief, United States Fleet.

Via :                 (1) The Commander Submarine Squadron FOUR.

(2) The Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet.

(3) The Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet.

Subject :          U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH (SS-311) - Report or War Patrol Number Six - Comments on.

            1.         The Sixth War Patrol of the U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH was conducted in the South China Sea off Hong Kong and the southern tip of Formosa. The patrol was from 10 January to 3 March 1945. Twenty-seven days were spent in the area, all of them submerged.

            2.         This patrol was characterized by many plane and APR contacts and by a scarcity of targets. Only one possible target was sighted and this one, an enemy submarine, was disposed of in an excellent night surface radar attack. The patrol was terminated three days early due to bow plane difficulties.

            3.         Details of the torpedo attack which sank the enemy submarine are as follows:

                        On 14 February 1945, at 2053, SJ radar contact was made at 7200 yards. The contact was developed and at 2650 yards the target could be seen to be a submarine or PC boat. The Commanding Officer spent the time until 2309 sending massages, checking and rechecking to make certain that his contact was not one of our own submarines. He then went in for his attack. At 2315 the target was definitely identified as an enemy submarine. Four bow Mark 18 torpedoes were fired at a range of 1300 yards on 56 track, small gyro angles, depth set 3 feet, calm sea; no hits. This attack was not detected and the Commanding Officer swung to bring his stern tubes to bear. Three minutes after the bow salvo, four stern Mark 18 torpedoes were fired at a range of about 1100 yards on 130 track, gyro angles 182 to 199, depth set 3 feet. One hit was made and the enemy submarine sank. She had been of the I-121 class of 1142 tons. The spread used had been three degrees between torpedoes.

            4. The ARCHER-FISH on return from patrol was clean and shipshape. She now goes to West Coast navy yard overhaul.

            5. The Administrative Division Commander takes pleasure in congratulating the Commanding Officer, Officers and Crew of the U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH on the completion of this patrol in a difficult area and on the destruction of an enemy submarine in a splendid attack.


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FC5-4/A16-3                                                                                      Fleet Post Office,

San Francisco, California,

Serial: 0194                                                                                          9 March 1945.





Report of Sixth War Patrol.

From:                          The Commander Submarine Squadron FOUR.

To :                             The Commander in Chief, UNITED STATES FLEET.

Via :                            (1)  The Commander Submarine Force, PACIFIC FLEET, Administration.

                                   (2)  The Commander in Chief, U.S. PACIFIC FLEET.

Subject:                       U.S.S. ARCHERFISH (SS-311) - Report of Sixth War Patrol.

            1.                    Forwarded, concurring in the remarks of the Commander Submarine Division FORTY-THREE.

            2.                    The Commander Submarine Squadron F0UR congratulates the Commanding Officer, officers and crew of the U.S.S. ARCHERFISH upon completion of this patrol, and the sinking of a Japanese submarine

            3.                    It is recommended that the ARCHERFISH be credited with the following:


1 - SS (I-121 Class) EC, 1,142 tons


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                                         SUBMARINE FORCE PACIFIC FLEET mr


Care of Fleet Post Office,

Serial 0498                                                                               San Francisco, California,

                                                                                                        13 March 1945.



ARCHER-FISH Report of                                         NOTE: THIS REPORT WILL BE

Sixth War Patrol.                                                                    DESTROYED PRIOR TO



From:              The Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet.

To:                  The Commander-in-Chief, United States Fleet.

Via:                 The Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet.

Subject:           U.S.S. ARCHER-FISH (SS-311) - Report of Sixth War Patrol.

(10 January to 3 March 1945).

          1.           The sixth war patrol of the ARCHER-FISH, under the command of Commander J. F. Enright, U.S. Navy, was conducted in the South China Sea off Hong Kong and the southern tip of Formosa. ARCHER-FISH, along with the U.S.S. BLACKFISH (SS-221) and the U.S.S. BATFISH (SS-310), formed a coordinated attack group with the commanding officer of the ARCHER-FISH as the group commander.

2.          The ARCHER-FISH spent thirty-seven days in area with many plane and APR contacts and only one torpedo target contact. This contact, however, was an I-121 Type enemy submarine which the ARCHER-FISH, in an expertly conducted attack, had the pleasure of sending to the bottom.

3.          Award of Submarine Combat Insignia for this patrol is authorized.

4.          The Commander Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet, congratulates the commanding officer, officers and crew of tho ARCHER-FISH for this aggressive, successful patrol and for the sinking of a submarine which the enemy can ill afford to loose. The ARCHER-FISH is credited with having inflicted tho following damage upon tho enemy during this patrol:

S  U  N K

1 - SS (X-121 Type) (EC)                                                                      1,100 tons (Attack No. 1)

                                                                                                      MERRILL COMSTOCK.


(Complete Reports)

Cominch                                 (7)                 Comsubsowespac                   (2)

CNO                                      (5)                 CTG 71.9                               (2)

Cincpac                                  (6)                 Comnorpac                             (1)

JICPOA                                 (1)                 Comsubspac                           (3)

AdICFO                                (1)                  ComsubspacAd                      (40)

Comservpac                           (1)                  SUBAD, MI                           (2)

Cinclant                                  (1)                  ComsubspacSubordcom         (3)

Comsubslant                           (8)                  All Squadron and Division

S/M School, NL                     (2)                  Commanders, Pacific              (2)

CO, S/M Base, PH                (1)                   Substrainpac                          (2) 

Comsopac                              (2)                  All Submarines, Pacific           (1)   

Comsowespac                        (1)   

                                                                                                         E. L. HYNES, 2nd,

                                                                                                         Flag Secretary.


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Joseph Francis ENRIGHT, Commander, USN

Davis Eli BUNTING, Lieutenant, USN

Ralph Lewis HAMILTON, Lieutenant, USN

John Kneeland ANDREWS, Lieutenant (jg), USNR

Joseph Jasper BOSZA, Lieutenant (jg), USNR

Gordon Eugene CROSBY, Jr., Ensign, USNR

Justin Clark DYGERT, Ensign, USNR

William Haxton CASSADY, Ensign, USNR

Daniel Webster ELLZEY, Boatswain, USN

AUGUST, John Frederick, S1c, USNR

BARTON, Harvey Buell, EM1c, USNR

BECKER, Robert Clayton, TM3c, USN

BIARS, Kopel Sidney, RM3c, USNR

BJORGAN, Clifford Ordell, SM3c, USNR

BROWN, Paul Tappan, F1c, USNR

BROWN, William Allen, StM2c, USNR

BIJNTAIN, Finley Cline Monroe, CTM (AA), USN

BOVARD, James Chester, S1c, USN

CARNIFAX, Thomas Henry, EM3c, USNR

CARTER, Leo Allen, Jr., CPhM, USN

CICHON, John Joseph, CMoMM, USN

COUSINS, Richard Merton, RT1c, USN

COUSINS, Thomas Earle, CEM, USN

CONK, Gerard, EM3c, USNR

CRAFT, Robert Charles, QM3c, USNR

DEISS, Donald Albert, S1c, USNR

DOLAN, James Cane, S1c, USNR

DUNN, Howard Ashley, Jr., RT2c, USNR

FORD, Garland Thomas, CGM, USN

FOTHERGILL, Robert Elmer, RM3c, USNR


FULLER, William Marlin, S1c, USNR

FULLER, Marteen William, TM3c, USNR

GIBBONS, Bernard Thomas, MoMM3c, USNR

GRANDIN, Edward Gustave, MoMM2c, USNR

GRAVATT, Albert Carlisle, MoMM3c, USNR

HALL, Johnnie Leo, F1c, USNR

HARRIS, William Elvon, F1c, USNR

HEALEY, John Patrick, Bkr2c, USN

KRAMER, Dewight Francis, EM3c, USNR

KEAST, Edwin Paul, SC1c, USNR

KENNEY, Richard Albert, FCS1c, USNR

LEFEBVRE, Gerald Alfred, RM3c, USNR

LEWIS, Jack Wilson, S1c, USN

LIGHTER, Hershel Arthur, CMoMM, USN

LIPPACHER, Robert Frank, RM3c, USNR

  LUBECK, Ernest Howard, MoMM2c, USNR

LUNA, Amenico, MoMM1c, USN

MACKIN, William Andrews, Y2c, USNR

MANTZEY, Edward Minnis, QM1c, USN

MAYHEW, Wilbur Wesley, TM2c, USNR

McCOMBS, James Luther, S1c, USNR

McMAHON, Edward Charles, EM2c, USNR

McLAUGHLIN, Charles Francis, Jr., MoMM1c, USN

MYERS, Earl Edgar, RT3c, USNR

NELSON, Billy George, S1c, USNR


O’KEEFE, Westley John, S2c, USNR

PARKER, Jack Richard, Flc, USNR

PARSONS, Lester, Flc, USNR

PICCHI, Henry, Flc, USN

PITTMAN, James Vester, Jr., S1c, USNR

POTANOVIC, John Francis, MoMM3c, USN

ROGERS, James Robert, SC1c, USN

SPRIET, Edwin Albert, Flc, USNR

STEULLET, Frederick Thomas, MoMM1c, USN

STEWART, Irwin Grant, S1c, USN

SYKES, William Lewis, QM2c, USN

SCOTT, Levi Frank, StM1c, USNR

VALENTINE, Elgin Richard, EM2c, USN

VERZWYVELT, Anthony Everist, MoM3c, USNR

WARD, Emory Dan, S1c, USNR

WELLS, Charles Neal, MoMM1c, USNR

WELLS, Lowell Earnest, TM2c, USNR

WHEELER, George Dewey, Jr., TM3c, USNR

WHALEN, Thomas William, MoMM1c, USNR

WHARTON, Wade Lemuel, BM1c, USNR

WHITE, Robert, EM2c, USNR

WILL, Alfred Irving, MoMM2c, USNR

WILKEN, Carl Anthony, MoMM2c, USNR

WILSON, Norman Jay, FCS3c, USNR

YOTTER, Carl Norman, TM2c, USNR

ZIELINSKI, Edward Felix, TM 1c, USNR

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