.US 311 - "Archerfish Highway"
and Archerfish "Memorial Milemarkers"



On the Road Again -
"Archerfish Highway" - US311
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Thanks to Shipmate Mike Burkholder,
Greensboro, NC

The "official" USS Archerfish Speedway

Dunnellon, FL to Saratoga Springs, NY
for the USSVI Convention 2004

Thanks to Shipmate Ken Henry, Dunnellon, FL


West Virginia 311

Click on the link above for a beautiful drive through the Allegheny Mountains in southeastern West Virginia (311)
and western Virginia (311) along another "Archerfish Memorial Highway".
- Thanks to Shipmate Mike Burkholder and his wife Mariann for bringing this webpage to our attention.

Mike and Mariann Burkholder
Greensboro, NC to Texas

Traveling to a car show
with their
1941 Graham Hollywood.

(Mike and Mariann are, single-handedly,
keeping this page supplied with new material.
Thanks to both of you!)



Galen Steck, 245 mi north of
Madison Heights, Michigan

(Thanks to Galen for the special trips
to collect these photos!)


From the travels of Chuck Micele -
North Carolina, Alabama and Louisana

- Thanks Chuck!


South Carolina - about 50 miles North West
of Charleston near Lake Moultrie.

Photo from Jerry & Sue Cornelison's roadtrip exploring
the SC countryside following the 2005 Archerfish Reunion.


  Mile Marker 311 on I-84N
Baker County, Oregon

Thanks to Shipmate Larry Cameron.

Arkansas 311 at 21, south of Blue Eye
on the Missouri, Arkansas border.
(South of Branson)
  Thanks to Shipmate Larry Meyer.

Larry Meyer, on the road again........
Westbound I-40 in Arizona (above)
Eastbound I-70 in Colorado (right)
.....so Larry, how was Las Vegas????

More from I-40 in N/E Arizona
(We need to have Arizona DOT rename
this as the Archerfish Exit!)


Thanks to Arizona residents and 2007 Archerfish Reunion Hosts, Andy and RuthAnn Steiner.


Another Roadtrip from the Burkholders -
off to another car show with their '41 Graham Hollywood
I84 in New York, just before entering Connecticut

I65 in lower Indiana, just above Kentucky

Three More from the Travels of Larry Cameron

(Right) 2/07 - Hwy 89 Prescot, Arizona

(Bottom Left) 3/07 - Hwy 101 between Sequoia and
Olympia, Washingon

(Bottom Right) 9/07 - Hwy 200 in Eastern Montana

("LC" definitely gets around!)


Chuck Micele's trip, goin' & comin', from Florida to
New London for a Navy Divers Reunion
(Upper Left)
US 81 S/W Virginia near Roanoke,
northbound - Exit
to US311

(Upper Right)
US 81 in Northern
Virginia. Milemarker
311, northbound

US 84 in Southern New York, exit to NY311.

(Must have just missed Mike and Merrian Burkholder....
see above.)

US 81 in Northern
Virginia. Milemarker
311, southbound.

US 81 S/W Virginia near Roanoke,
southbound - Exit
to US311

Chuck Micele in Louisana - Trip to Veteran'sPark

(Left) - Houma, Louisana, exit to LA311 and Veterans Park

(Below) - LA Hwy 311, known as Veterans Parkway
(notice sign in front of Chuck's car)

(Below Left) - Veterans Park

(Below Right) - Veterans Park Memorial Wall

(Bottom Left) - Viet Nam Memorial

(Bottom Right) - Maintaining the theme, even the
USMail Box is painted appropriately.

  Garret Kelly at milemarker 311 on Hwy 1 - Northwestern Minnesota...............ya' shour, you betcha'!

John Potanovic on NY 311 in Putnam County, NY -
Eastern New York.

NY Hwy 311 is only about 5 miles long, running between
US 84 and the Dutchess County line in Upstate New York.

Good eyes John! That would have been an easy one to


  Robby Roberts, southbound I-75 in Michigan.

Looks like Robby and Steck stood on the same
ground, literally. See Steck's southbound I-75
picture above. It is also evident that the Michigan
DOT has upgraded their mile marker signs.

Thanks for the updated (ver. 2009) picture Robby!

Larry Meyer, westbound on US54 in north east New Mexico.

Larry stopped and took this shot on his way to San Diego for the Archerfish Reunion and USSVI Convention.

I left this picture large so you can see the neat Archerfish graphic in the back window of the camper shell on Larry's truck. (graphic thanks to D.R. Denning)


Here is what we have so far......

Highways   Mile Markers   State License Plates
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
  California (6)
Colorado (1)
Florida (2)
Georgia (3)
Illinois (1)
Indiana (2)
Michigan (1)
Missouri (1)
Oregon (1)
Pennsylvania (1)
South Carolina (1)
Texas (1)
Virginia (1)
Washington (2)
Ontario Canada (1)
Germany (1)

Show your Archerfish Pride...........
Find those "Archerfish Higways", "Archerfish Mile Markers" and get your Archerfish Pride Plate!!!

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