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September 11, 2001

Shinano to Sea Scan - 25 Years of Service to Her Country

WWII Key West Sea Scan Playboys of the Pacific
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History and Heritage

ARCHERFISH History - 1943 to 1968 - Technical information, and complete history of ARCHERFISH from WWII through Operation Sea Scan. Archer-Fish and Crew WWII Memorial Pages. Links to other web sites with historical information, stories and pictures from Archer-Fish's WWII service.

ARCHERFISH - Wikipedia Page

A Visit with Captain Enright, July 6, 2000 - Remembering Captain Joseph F. Enright, September 18, 1910 - July 20, 2000.

ARCHERFISH War Patrols - Complete Patrol Reports, Submarine Command Endorsements and Patrol Sailing Lists for Her seven War Patrols, 1943-1945.

The ARCHERFISH WWII Picture Album - Personal and official Navy photos highlighting Her service in World War II.

USS ARCHERFISH (SS-311) Proud Warrior...Proud Lady -
short story by G.L. Cornelison, 14 May 72.

Sailing Lists

ARCHERFISH Officers, Enlisted Men & Sea Scan Civilian Scientists.
Information about Shipmates from the time they reported aboard until separation.

WWII Period - Pacific Theater - 1943 to 1946

Second Commission Period - Key West - 1951 to 1955

Third Commission Period (pre Sea Scan) - Key West 1957 to 1960

Operation Sea Scan - World Wide - 1960 to 1968

Eternal Patrol Memorial Pages

Dedicated to the Memory of our Shipmates and our Boat, all on Eternal Patrol.

WWII Eternal Patrol Memorial - Shipmates who served 1943 to 1946

Post WWII Eternal Patrol Memorial - Shipmates who served 1951 to 1968
Five of our ARCHERFISH Shipmates are Still On Patrol:

James S. CLARK, LCDR, Commanding Officer - Lost aboard USS
GOLET (SS-361) - 14 Jun 44
Joseph R.L. BLANCHARD, RM3c - Lost aboard USS
SWORDFISH (SS-193) - 12 Jan 45
Fred A. TARBOX, EM3c - Lost aboard USS
SWORDFISH (SS-193) - 12 Jan 45
Edward A. JOHNSON, ENC(SS) - Lost aboard USS
THRESHER (SSN-593) - 10 Apr 63
Rodney J. KIPP, ETR3(SS) - Lost aboard USS SCORPION (SSN-589) - 22 May 68

The Operation Sea Scan Pages

ARCHERFISH Picture Gallery - Pictures of the Boat and Crew, patches, flags and banners, ports of call and more, including the famous "Goat Story" and a recording of ARCHERFISH's 3050th Dive.

"Open House on SS Archerfish" - Jacksonville Journal (FL), April 1958. (pre Sea Scan)

ARCHERFISH & Crew's World Travels - Follow the ARCHERFISH and Her Crews all around the world. Chronological account of every port of call, underway movement, mooring, anchorage, shipyard / Navy base visit, and other submarine or "target" encountered during the eight years of Operation Sea Scan, listed by operational phase, from 25JAN60 to Her last day, 17OCT68.

Where In The World..... - World maps pinpointing all of ARCHERFISH's Ports of Call for each Phase of Operation Sea Scan.

Ports O' Call Memorabilia - Odds and ends to help us remember some of our favorite places and activities "on the Beach".

Chicago Reunion '99 - Pictures from our September 1999 Reunion.. ARCHERFISH Recruit Company - ARCHERFISH and Crew sponsored a Recruit Division (formerly known as a Recruit Company) at Naval Training Center - Great Lakes as part of our Reunion 99 Activities. Pictures and story of the presentation of the Division and ARCHERFISH Guideons (flags) to the new Recruit Division and of their Graduation Ceremony, 17SEP99.

South Lake Tahoe Reunion '01 - Pictures & "Sailing List" from our October 2001 Reunion.

Indianapolis Reunion '03 - Pictures & "Sailing List" from our September 2003 Reunion.

Charleston Reunion '05 - Pictures & "Sailing List" from our October 2005 Reunion.

Laughlin Reunion '07 - Pictures & "Sailing List" from our October 2007 Reunion.

San Diego Reunion '09 - Pending

Playboys of the Pacific

The ARCHERFISH Crew during the Operation Sea Scan years became quite a notorious group of Sailors! Due to the nature of Sea Scan Ops, ALL Shipmates, Officers and Enlisted, had to be bachelors. Our crew also consisted of civilian scientists, usually two at a time. ARCHERFISH and Her Crew literally "sailed the Seven Seas" of the World and visited exotic (and some not so exotic) ports along the way.

During the 8 years of ARCHERFISH's World travels, Her Crew became known by several nicknames; some affectionately bestowed, some not so affectionately bestowed. Seemed to depend on who the "bestower's" were! One of the names we were known by and most proud of was "PLAYBOYS of the PACIFIC".

During our 1967 visit to San Francisco, we were greeted by Playboy Club Management and a bevy of Playboy Bunny beauties! ARCHERFISH and Crew were officially recognized by Playboy Inc. as "Playboys of the Pacific" and presented a Playboy flag which we proudly flew from #1 periscope. We presented the San Francisco Playboy Club with an official Playboys of the Pacific ARCHERFISH plaque. Then there was lots of picture taking, tours of the Boat and a general good time. The ARCHERFISH Crew was the guest of the San Francisco Playboy Club during the length of our visit. Here are just a few photos of the visit: (Click images for larger pictures.)

Archerfish Pride

ARCHERFISH lives on through Shipmates License plates.
If you have an "ARCHERFISH" License plate, take a picture and send it to us.
We will add it to the gallery so you too can show your A-Fish Pride. DBF!

("click" on license plate for larger image)
California: (car)
Shipmate Ted Armstrong
California: (truck)
Shipmate Ted Armstrong
Shipmate Jerry Cornelison
California: (travel trailer)
Shipmate Mac McCollum
California: (travel trailer)
Shipmate Doc Munk
California: WWII
Shipmate Charles Wells
Colorado: (airplane)
Shipmate Mike Casey
Shipmate Ken Henry
Shipmate Chuck Micele
Georgia: (pre 2005)
Shipmate Joe Forrest
Georgia: (2005)
Shipmate Joe Forrest
Shipmate Jim Kinnard
Shipmate George Hughes
Shipmate Skip Jullian
Indiana: (motorcycle)
Shipmate Jerry Oliver
Michigan: Shipmate
John Tomaszewski
Shipmate Larry Meyer
Shipmate John Close
Shipmate Ken Fleming
South Carolina/Germany:
Shipmate Norman McDonald
South Carolina:
Shipmate Robby Roberts
Shipmate Lou Willis
Virginia: WWII
Shipmate Hershel Lighter
Washington: CO
Shipmate Scotty McComb
Shipmate Terry Hageman
Ontario Canada:
Shipmate John Foley
Burkholder's Sub Bus
USSVI Tar Heal Base
Rsvd for: ?? I know there are
send me your A-Fish plate!
"National" ARCHERFISH Day
Each March 11th (3/11), to remember, honor and celebrate our grand old Boat and Her Crews,
all former ARCHERFISH Sailors are encouraged to "Show the Colors". Fly the Stars and Stripes
at your home and wear your ARCHERFISH ballcaps, shirts and jackets. Show your PRIDE!
At 1057hrs, (3 minutes till 11) pause for a special moment of reflection and remembrance.

Thanks to Shipmate George Hughes for suggesting "National" ARCHERFISH Day.

Archerfish in Print

Your Copy

In Association with Available at
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Read an excerpt from
Gallant Lady
Promotional flyer (.pdf)
Other books by Don Keith

(now available in paperback)
by CDR George Wallace USN (ret)
and Don Keith

A biography of the USS Archerfish

"click title link for details"

The true story of this amazing submarine.....

Written by: (ARCHERFISH Crewmember) Ken Henry, ENCS(SS),
USN (ret) and Don Keith


** Also available in audio and paperback editions. **

Shinano! The Sinking of Japan's Secret Supership

By Captain Joseph F. Enright, USN, with James W. Ryan.
Exciting, "first hand" account of the Fifth War Patrol of ARCHERFISH
by her Commanding Officer.

SHINANO is out of print and only available through
used book dealers and auctions.

You can find it by linking to or Torpedo Junction, below.
(Signed editions available at Torpedo Junction.)

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Sea Assault The Sinking of Japan's Secret Supership

By Captain Joseph F. Enright, USN, with James W. Ryan.
Exciting, "first hand" account of the Fifth War Patrol of ARCHERFISH
by her Commanding Officer.

The End Comes for a Proud Lady

(Click images for larger pictures.) Sailing alone during
Her final moments.
She was sunk off San Diego as a torpedo target by
USS SNOOK (SSN-592) on 17 October 1968.

Looking through USS Snook's periscope on the afternoon of 17 October 1968 (pic 6).

It took three torpedoes to sink Archerfish. A MK37-2 was fired but did not acquire the target. A second MK37-2 struck near her stern doing little damage (pic 2). The second shot (pics 3-6) was a MK 14-5 torpedo that hits ex-USS Archerfish (AGSS-311) amidships, sinking the target in 52 seconds.

Her bow reaches
skyward, then She
descends to Her
Final Resting Place.

Current Happenings

Nothing scheduled at this time.

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Other Submarine Links: (Useful information and resources for Submariners)

Keeping The Home Fires Burning

This virtual candle burns in memory and honor of our men and
women in uniform - past, present and future.

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Operation Sea Scan & Pre Sea Scan era Shipmates contact Ken Henry

WWII era Shipmates contact Doc Carter

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