(Articles and biographies from various sources)

Bill Anderson
(by: Redliners Racing International)

Doug and Roy Caruthers
(by: Road Runners)

Amanda Ferguson
(by: Jerry Cornelison - Road Runnrs)

Buddy Fitzgerel
(by: Road Runners)

Don Francisco
(by: Woody's Custom Shop)

Ralph Haun
(by: Ralph Haun for
(New December 2013)

Hot Rod Magazine (January 2013 issue): 75 Years of Edelbrock
(By Thom Taylor, Photography by Edelbrock Collection, Hot Rod Archives, Larry Chen)
Great article about Vic Edelbrock Sr., Charter Member of the Road Runners and Vic Edelbrock Jr., current Road Runners Member.
The January 2013 Hot Rod is a "Collector's Anniversary Issue", celebrating "Edelbrock 75 Years" and "Hot Rod Mag 65 Years".
The history of the Road Runners is deeply connected to both iconic brands.

Jerry Kugel
(by: Gray Baskerville, Rod & Custom, Feb 2009)

Buzz and Dean Lowe
(by: Dean Lowe with Rodney Bauman)

Rod & Custom article from May 2009 about Dry Lakes Racing History
Several Road Runners and their cars are featured in the photo section: Picture #9 George Temple (older brother of Shirley Temple); #14 Orville "Snuffy" Welcher (Welchel) and possibly his brother John Welchel; #18 Bob Snook; #19 Vic Edelbrock; #20 Wally Parks, Eldon Snapp (artwork) & Harry Cameron; #21 Don Baxter, John Riley, Eldon Snapp, and Randy Shinn; #23 Wally Parks; #24 Eldon Snapp

Walt Rose
(by: - Daily News for Port Townsend & Jefferson County, WA)

Kustomrama Website
(Kustomrama is located in Oslo, Norway)
(The Kustomrama website includes material borrowed from the Road Runners Website)
The Kustomrama website highlights the following Road Runners:
Jack Avakian, Dean Batchelor, Ray Brown, Bill Burke, Fred Carrillo, Doug Caruthers,
Art Chrisman, Wes Collins, Chuck Daigh, Vic Edelbrock Sr, Vic Edelbrock Jr., Lute Eldridge,
Lee Enfiajian, Bill Faris, Charlie Faris, Harvey Haller, George Harvey, Jack Harvey,
Jerry Kugel, Buzz Lowe, Ernie McAfee, Rulon McGregor, Bobby Meeks, Bub Meyer,
Ak Miller, Bob Morton, Ray Morton, Wally Parks, Bill Phy, Bob Pierson,
Dick Pierson, Jack Ratledge, Joe Reath, Fred Renoe, Randy Shinn, & Don Waite


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The following Road Runners members biographies are from a series of stories and articles
Richard Parks as posted on the
Society of Land Speed Racing Historians website*
(all biographies used with permission)

Tom Bryant

Jerry Cornelison

Chuck Daigh

Ak Miller - Tribute (3 Pages)

Ak Miller - Biography

Bob Morton

Karl Orr

Wally Parks 94th Birthday Banquet at NHRA Museum

Joe Reath

George Rubio

Eldon Snapp

*Please Note: There are more historical stories about the Road Runners Club and members, as well as lots of
other LSR, Hot Rod and other historical racing information contained in the various issues of the
Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter. To visit the site, please click on the link above.

Guidelines for developing your own biography:

Getting your biography on paper, even if only in outline form, is a nice gift for your family and friends. It is especially important once a person is gone. I encourage you to set aside some time and complete the biographical outline below. Include pictures. Be sure to caption the pictures. Don't feel like your life or racing involvement is "not important" enough to write about. Richard Parks (Editor of the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter) says each person's story is important because it is part of the history of the sport. Past activities and stories are history and today's will be tomorrow's history.

I did not feel my story was important or worthy of being included in the collection of biographies that Richard Parks is documenting. However, he kept after me until I finally put pen to paper. It was a neat experience remembering and writing about my past. Looking at my old pictures brought back fond memories. I'm really glad I did it now and it's fun to share with my family.

Write or outline your own story. With your approval we will submit it to Richard Parks for the collection. He helps edit and organize it for you. If you do not want to submit it for the Society Archives, we will only post it to the Road Runners Member Spotlight page. If you don't want it submitted at all, you will have it to share with just your family and friends. Whichever way you decide.... You Win!

Suggested biographical guideline:

a) Where did your family come from; your parents and grandparents and what did they do for a living?
b) Where were you born and where did you grow up? What elementary, junior high and high school did you attend?
c) Did you take any shop classes, while you were in school? Name your friends, especially those interested in racing.
d) Did you join any car clubs or work on or own a car, or a race car, or work as a crewman on a race car while in school?
e) What kind of jobs did you have as a young person while growing up? What kinds of hobbies and interests did you have?
f) What did you do after graduation? Did you join the military? Were you drafted? Did you fight in the war?
g) What kind of racing did you get involved in? Did you own a racecar, drive a racecar or work as a crewman?
h) Who were some of your friends that were involved in racing with you? Name and describe them.
i) Tell us about your family, your wife and children. Were they involved in racing?
j) What kind of work did you find after you left school? Was it racing related employment?
k) Are you retired from racing? What are you doing today?