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A little more "nostalgia" for the ARCHERFISH Crew.
(requires JAVA and .wav capability)

Ports of Call / Pictures of the Boat

Launch of

Launching Tag,

Greenland, 4/60

to Pearl for the first time
since WWII,

Return to Pearl,

Return to Pearl,

"Homeward Bound"
Pearl, 4/7/62
(First return to a
Homeport in 375 days.)

San Francisco Bay,

Newcastle, Australia,
Press & Public
Information Cruise,

Sydney, Austrailia,

New Zealand , 10/64

Guam, 12/64
Standing: Glenn Fink,
Seated: unknown

Off Oahu, Hawaii,

Departing Pearl for
Puget Sound Naval
Shipyard, 3/3/65

Departing Pearl for
Puget Sound Naval
Shipyard, 3/3/65

Departing Pearl for
Puget Sound Naval
Shipyard, 3/3/65

Kaena Point, Hawaii, 11/65

Yokosuka, Japan 4/66
ARCHERFISH in Drydock #4.
SHINANO was built in Drydock #6
at the same shipyard.

Returning to San Diego
following call to last
Liberty Port, Avalon,
Catalina Island, California,

17OCT68 2226Z. ARCHERFISH is laid to rest, 2000 fathoms deep at Lat 32-23.0' N, Long 122-58.1"W
Patches and Flags

WWII Patch

WWII Battle Flag

Hand sketched Battle Flag
by unknown WWII
Archer-Fish Sailor

Post Shinano WWII Patch

Key West

Sea Scan

Playboys of the Pacific

"ComHogPac" Staffers

circa 1963-1967

circa 1963-1965

circa 1963-1965

circa 1965-1967

circa 1966

Official Playboy
Flag presented to
Archerfish 1967
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The Radio Gang : "Then"
Aug 1967, Esquimalt Base,
Victoria, BC.
Left to right:
Ron "Hollywood" Broadway,
Jerry "Corny" Cornelison
& Mike "Seymore" Whittemore.
The Radio Gang : "Now"
Reunion, San Diego, CA.
Left to right:
"Hollywood", "Seymore"
& "Corny"
Auckland, New Zealand, 25SEP64 -
Press & Public Information Cruise.
"Deacon" Davis on the stern planes.
Lt. "Louisana" Meaux prepares
to surface the Boat.


"Rights of Passage - In the Realm of King Neptune" - Crossing the Equator, 23DEC64
(see ARCHERFISH & Crew's World Travels page for details.)


Somewhere in the Pacific

Left to right: (?), (?),

D.R. Denning & Mac McCollum

In the Pump Room
circa 1966/67
(left) Rich Oswald, MM2(SS)
& (right) Web Meyers, EN2(SS)

"Engines Forward
- Burkholder!"


Thursday, 19JAN61. U.S. Naval Submarine Base, New London, CT. Sometime between midnight and 03:30. A typical night aboard Archerfish. Duke Durgin is the Duty Officer, a battery charge is in progress, Larry Dachenhausen is the Throttleman in the Forward Engine Room, a goat is chained to the ladder in the After Engine Room, and Robby Roberts has the charge in Maneuvering Room. ("Greasy Joe" Osier introduces the goat to Williams in the After Room & "Red Dog" Balthrop compares beards with the goat in the mess hall.)

For the whole, "this is no shit", true story as rememberd by those who were there, read : "The Goat on the Boat"

ARCHERFISH's 3050th Dive

Travel along as ARCHERFISH dives in the Bay of Bengal, September 18, 1961.
(Very large .wav file, so please be patient while it loads.)

Periscope Shots

Look at the world in various shots through ARCHERFISH's periscope.
These photos are all from the early Operation Sea Scan years.

(Thanks to Jim Mandelblatt for this link.)

Thanks to the following for contributing to this page: Robert Athorp, Mike Burkholder, Mike Casey (ARCHERFISH CD ROM), Jerry Cornelison, Larry Dachenhausen, Robert Davis, David Dimmick, Frank Ely, Kelsey Ray Farrell, Ken Fleming, Ken Henry (ARCHERFISH Archives), Norm McDonald, Larry Meyer, Sid Miller, Rich Oswald, Ron Rood, Daniel Smith & Everett Wenke.

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Sea Cruise

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