Archerfish's 3050th Dive

(and surfacing!) *

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Dive #3050 as remembered by our Shipmates who were there.....

"September 18, 1961 - Operating in the Bay of Bengal. While I was auxiliaryman of the watch, I made an audio tape of a drive from the time of clearing the bridge on the dive until we surfaced and the engines were running. Joe Cronin was chief of the watch at the time. After we were back on the surface and things had settled down in control room I played it back to see how it sounded. I had the volume turned up to max an the first thing you heard was the diving alarm. Cronin jumped up and started to go for the vents when he realized it was me and my "gawd dammed tape recorder." He was hot! . . . . Oh well, it wasn't the first (or last) time he chewed my ass!

Years later, one night while trying to play the tape for my "skimmer" brother in law, (there was a problem with the recorder) and the beginning of tape got chewed up (and the beginning of the dive was lost). I have never forgiven my self even to this day. One thing for sure...we still have the sounds of Archerfish, hopefully for ever." (Larry "Doc" Dachenhausen)

"Surfaced at 1906, 18 September 1961. During the dive, Joe Cummings was the Diving Officer in control room and David Dimmick (the XO) was the Conning Officer. I had to check the deck logs to get Cummings name, but I recognized the XO's voice. He still sounds the same." (Ken "Pig Pen" Henry)

"As I recall, the players were David Dimmick, Conning Officer, Frank Ford, Diving Officer, Joe Cronin, COW, Dave (Looney) Stevens, Aux. I don't remember who the IC Electrician was. I was not on watch, I just recorded it. I think Dimmick took the conn from Cummings. The XO and I pre arranged this days before I actually did it and I believe he wanted to be there when I recorded it. I'm not sure, but there was some reluctance form the ward room when I asked to record it however, the XO thought it was a good idea and supported me all the way." ("Doc")

" I knew that the XO was in the CON. I said Joe Cummings had the dive in Control only because he is the one that signed the deck log for that watch. It confused me because I never remember Joe on the dive in COC. I thought he took turns in the CON with the XO. Frank Ford would make more sense, but I didn't recognize the voice." ("Pig Pen")


* "Surfaced for the 5,388th (and final) time at 1646(local), 21 February 1968. Lt Kudla was the Diving Officer. Thanks to "Snook", dive number 5389 commenced at 2226Z, 17 October 1968." ("Pig Pen")


"The nostalgic among us like to think of Archerfish as buried at sea. The more cynical recall that she was towed out and sunk for target practice. Either way she now rests on the floor of the Pacific, permanently submerged. She's alone now, with only our memories aboard." (Keith Norlin, Hydro)



Webmaster Note: Many thanks to Doc for recording this dive it and making the tape available so we ARCHERFISH Sailors can relive the "ol' days". Thanks also to David Dimmick, XO, for approving and supporting the recording. I'm sure many other Diesel Boat Sailors and Nuc Boat Sailors will find joy in listening to this recording also.




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