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Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles - Beginning of Phase II, JAN61
During Her life on Sea Scan Ops, ARCHERFISH traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, in 5 of the "Seven Seas" of the World. She made 129 Port Calls. The maps and lists, below, identify the ports visited. Multiple visits are indicated in parentheses on the first visit during a particular Phase. For an exact chronology of ARCHERFISH travels, please visit the "ARCHERFISH World Travels" web page.
Phase I & Phase II (Atlantic / Artic Sections)
Ports of Call

Phase I begins on 25JAN60 at Key West - Key West, FL; Philadelphia Naval Shipyard; Groton, CT, (2); Portsmouth, England; Hammerfest, Norway; Bergan, Norway; Faslane, Scotland; Julianehaab, Greenland; Thule Greenland; Godthaab, Greenland; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Belfast, Northern Ireland. Phase I ends on 5DEC60 at Groton.

Phase II - Atlantic section - begins on 10JAN61 at Groton - Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, (2); Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles; Colon, Canal Zone. Phase II - Atlantic section - ends on 6FEB61 as ARCHERFISH passes through Canal Zone to the Pacific.

Phase II (Pacific and Indian Ocean Sections), Phase III & Phase IV (Northern Section)
Ports of Call

Phase II - Pacific section - begins on 6FEB61 as ARCHERFISH passes through the Canal Zone to the Pacific - Balboa, Canal Zone; San Diego, CA; Pearl Harbor, HI (2); Yokosuka, Japan (3); Hakodate, Japan; Hong Kong, B.C.C.; Subic Bay, R.P.I. (2); Bangkok, Thailand; (Phase II - Indian Ocean section - begins AUG61 - Singapore, British Malaya; Penang, British Malaya; Colombo, Ceylon; Fremantle, Western Australia Phase II - Indian Ocean section - ends OCT61.) Sasebo, Japan; Mactan Island, R.P.I; Cebu City, R.P.I.; Pago Pago, American Samoa. Phase II ends on 7ARP62 at Pearl.

Phase III - Pacific section - begins on 18APR62
at Pearl - San Francisco, CA (4); San Diego, CA (4); Pearl Harbor, HI (23); Midway Island (9); Yokosuka, Japan (9); Portland, OR (2); Seattle, WA (3); Vancouver, B.C., Canada (2); Newcastle, Australia; Sydney, Australia (2); Apra, Guam (6); Kwajalein Island (2); Olympia, WA; Suva, Fiji; Auckland, New Zealand; Wellington, New Zealand; Subic Bay, R.P.I.(2); Hong Kong, B.C.C. (2); Bremerton, WA; Puget Sound, WA (2); Bangor, WA; Mazatlan, Mexico; Acapulco, Mexico; Kailua Kona, HI. Phase III ends on 24JUL67 when the western coast of the North American Continent is sighted.

Phase IV - Northern section - begins on 24Jul67 when
the western coast of the North American Continent is sighted - Victoria, B.C. (Esquimalt), Canada; Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA (4); Acapulco, Mexico; Mazatlan, Mexico. Phase IV - Northern section ends on 22FEB68 at San Diego. Phase IV - Southern section is never commenced.

Post Sea Scan - begins on 23FEB68 in San Diego
- Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, CA; San Diego, CA

17OCT 68 - ARCHERFISH's final resting place is off the coast of Southern California at Lat.32-23.0'N & Long.122-58.1'W in 2000 fathoms of water. (The X on the map above marks Her grave site.)

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