Archer-Fish WWII Crews

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Dedicated to our Archer-Fish (SS-311) Shipmates who sailed before us. During WWII, they created a history and heritage we were, and continue to be, so very proud of. Without their successes and sacrifices, and those of other crews and submarines like them, we certainly would not be enjoying the prosperity and freedom that we all, too often, take for granted today.

Thank you Shipmates from those of us who followed......

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Archer-Fish WWII
Sailing List

1943 - 1946

Eternal Patrol

1943 - 1946

Active / Found WWII Crew List
a/o 3/10/17

Donald A. Deiss S1c
10/44-2/46, WP5, 6 & 7

Howard A. Dunn, Jr. RT1c
1/45-11/45, WP6 & 7

Andrew Joseph Kmetz S1c(TM)

Thomas F. Wargo S1c

Carl A. Wilken MoMM1c
9/43-11/45, Comm, WP1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Robert C. Wilson LTJG

Myron W. Zeiders S1c(RM)(SS)
7/45-5/46, WP7

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