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Meet Results and Photos
May 2023 El Mirage:

May El Mirage Results are now posted. 1/2 of May Meet and June Meet canceled due to rain out and wet / bad course conditions. July Meet results are pending.

(posted 7/11/23)

June 2022 El Mirage:

June El Mirage Results and September Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)
NOTE: July El Mirage Meet is canceled due to lakebed conditions. August is Speedweek. Hopefully we will be able to run in September.

(posted 6/17/22)

May 2022 El Mirage:

May El Mirage Results and June Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 5/19/22)

November and Year End Final 2021 El Mirage Results and 2022 Start Positions posted:

Nov El Mirage Results and November Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 12/01/21)

October 2021 El Mirage:

October El Mirage Results and November Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 10/28/21)

September 2021 El Mirage:

September El Mirage Results and October Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 9/24/21)

July 2021 El Mirage:

July Meet Cancelled Due To Extreme Heat

(posted 7/12/21)

June 2021 El Mirage:

June El Mirage Results and July Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 6/21/21)

May 2021 El Mirage:

May El Mirage Results and June Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 5/7/21)

Nov 2020 El Mirage: (First Official Meet of 2020 Season due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. October Meet blown out before first round completed.)

Nov El Mirage Results and May 2021 Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)
Oct El Mirage Results and November Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 11/12/20)
(Updated 11/30/20)

November and Year End Final 2019 El Mirage Results and 2020 Start Positions posted:

Nov El Mirage Results and November Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 11/15/19)

Oct 2019 El Mirage:

Oct El Mirage Results and November Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 11/4/19)

Bonneville Speed Weeks Results are now posted:

(posted 8/23/19)

URGENT: The May 2019 El Mirage Meet has been officially cancelled by SCTA due to lake bed conditions.
As of now, the June Meet is still scheduled for June 9th. As more information becomes available we will send e-mails and post on our Road Runners Facebook page and website. (posted 4/11/19)

November and Year End Final 2018 El Mirage Results and 2019 Start Positions posted:

Nov El Mirage Results are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 11/14/18) (updated 12/17/18)

Oct 2018 El Mirage:

Oct El Mirage Results and November Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 10/26/18)

Sept 2018 El Mirage:

Sept El Mirage Results and October Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 9/20/18) (updated 9/24/18)

August 11-17 Speed Week Results:

Results are posted: (Click Here for Results)

Contratulations to RJ Gottlieb and the Big Red Camaro Team for beating the long standing (ten year) So-Al Racing/Hot Rod Magazine Camaro AA/CBFALT record of 246.767 with a final 258.596 record. Big Red set records of 254 and 256 before the final 258.596 mark.

(posted 8/24/18)

July 12, 2018: Official word from SCTA - July El Mirage meet cancelled due to wet lake bed.

June 2018 El Mirage:

June El Mirage Results and July Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 7/13/18)

May 2018 El Mirage:

May El Mirage Results and June Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 6/1/18)

November and Year End Final 2017 El Mirage Results posted:

Road Runners ended the season #4 in SCTA Club Points - Tracie Carroll was #1 in Road Runners Club Points (1112) and Amanda Lane had Road Runners Fast Time for the season (199.430mph). We had 2 race teams in the Top 25: Go-Go-Gidget Racing was #2 in Motorcycle points and #2 overall. NotaBusa Comp Coupe was #3 in Car points and #5 overall. There were 236 total entries for the 2017 Season: 150 cars (63.6%) and 86 motorcycles (36.4%).

(posted 1/2/18)


A Special Saturday for the Road Runners                By Jerry Cornelison, November 6, 2017

 Saturday, October 28, 2017, began as another beautiful Southern California Day. The Road Runners had been invited by Richard Parks to attend the Santa Ana Drags Reunion at Santiago Creek Trail Park in Santa Ana. The purpose of this visit was to be presented the 1939 SCTA High Points Club Championship trophy won by the Road Runners. This 1939 Trophy had been in the collection of Road Runners founder, Wally Parks. Richard Parks wanted the Trophy to go back home to the Road Runners. This presentation was really special since we Road Runners are celebrating our 80th Anniversary year. The Trophy will be on view at the Road Runners “Club House” the Ed Martin Garage in Riverside.

Our day did require some “work in the pits” in order to end successfully. Several Road Runners members met at Ed Martin Garage at 9:45am to caravan to Santa Ana. Several more members met us at the site. We all arrived at the Park at 10am. There was a glitch! The original event had been rescheduled with the City of Santa Ana.  Apparently a verbal approval was given but not recorded. A large group, the Bulldoggers, or something like that, had reserved the park. The Bulldoggers and their Bulldogs were not willing to share a small corner of the park with a bunch of old hot rodders. Being a flexible group….. you know, do what you need to do to run the next pass…. a decision was made to relocate to the Cambra Speed Shop in Orange. Cambra was holding a Celebration of Life event for custom car Guru, Stan Betz. We ended up with a large, combined group.  We got to meet a lot of fellow “Car Folks”, share some nice fellowship and see a bunch of cool cars. Turned out to be a really great day!

Road Runners attending this special event were: Mike Ferguson, President; John Carroll, Vice President; Tracie Carroll, Treasurer; Jerry Cornelison, Secretary and Club Historian; Members Willie Martin, Jack Masson, Gary McGavin and Wendell Burns. (Wendell is also a reporter and photographer for the Bonneville Racing News.)


Picture by Tracie Carroll: President Mike Ferguson with the 1939 SCTA High Points Club Championship trophy


Club Standings – Total Points for the 1939 Season

1st           Road Runners Club                          203 Points

2nd          90 M.P.H. Club                              135        

3rd           Mobilers                                         116        

4th           Albata                                            114        

5th           Pacemakers                                     71         

6th           Hot Irons                                         61         

7th           Gophers                                          57         

8th           Throttlers                                         47         

9th           Sidewinders                                     43         

10th         Knight Riders                                   42        

11th         Idlers                                               29        

12th         Mercuries                                        28        

13th         Night Flyers                                     25        

14th         Revs                  (tie)                       18         

14th         Bungholers         (tie)                       18         

15th         Road Ramblers                               11         

16th         Hornets                                           10         

17th         Walkers                                            8         

18th         Comets                                             4         

(19 SCTA Clubs in 1939)


Road Runners Members Winning Points During 1939 Season        (by overall standing)

George Harvey (1939 Points Champion); Karl Orr (5th in SCTA Points); Jack McNay (7th in SCTA Points); Jack Harvey  (8th in SCTA Points);
Vic Edelbrock (13th in SCTA Points); Eddie Meyer (16th in SCTA Points); Orville “Snuffy” Welchel (23rd in SCTA Points)


Road Runners Members Competing at the May 1939 SCTA Meet

Entrant                                 Body                                      Head

Ak Miller                          Converted Coupe                Milled V8

Bill Schoenberg                 Roadster                              Stock V8

Pike – Hill                         Modified                             Stock V8

Buell – Preston                 Roadster                              Cragar

Jack Gallagher                  Roadster                              Winfield

Jack Gallagher                  Roadster                              Stock V8

Victor Meleo                    Modified                              Rajo

Riley – Triplett                  Roadster                              Winfield

Floyd Page                       Roadster                              Cragar

Roger Burnett                   Roadster                              Winfield

Jack McNay                    Streamliner                            Milled V8

Andre Durocher                     ?                                      Reo-Royale

Brisbane – McCance       Modified                                Cragar

Harvey – McAfee            Modified                                Milled V8

Zeke Miller                      Roadster                               Gerber

Orville Welchel                Modified*                             Milled V8

Kenny Farmer                 Roadster                               Riley 2 Port

Johnny Welchel               Roadster                               Cragar

(Statistics thanks to Jim Miller, Curator for American Hot Rod Foundation and SCTA Historian)

*NOTE: The Modified raced at the May ’39 Meet may be the same Modified later owned by Doug Caruthers (1946 Class Record Champion), the C&C Special. The Modified was later purchased by Art Chrisman and converted to the famous #25 Chrisman Dragster now on display at the NHRA Museum in Pomona. The Welchel Brothers, Orville “Snuffy” Welchel and Johnny Welchel, owned that Modified for a few years prior to WWII.

 (Posted 11/8/17)

October 2017 El Mirage:

October El Mirage Results are now posted. November Start Positions posted. (Click Here for Results)

#3587B Go-Go Gidget Racing remains #3 in Motorcycle points and now is #3 overall and #3600 Notabusa Comp Coupe is still #1 in SCTA Car points and is now #4 overall.

(posted 10/26/17)
(Updated 11/6/17)

2017 Bonneville and September 2017 El Mirage: (October Start Positions are now posted.)

2017 Bonneville and September El Mirage Results are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

NOTE: We have a very close race for #1 in Road Runners Points. Notabusa (Axle and Larry Foley Jr.) is #1 with 691 points and Go-Go Gidget Racing (Tracie Carroll) is #2 with 687 points. Notabusa is #1 in SCTA Car Points (#3 overall) and Go Go Gidget Racing is #3 in SCTA Motorcycle points( #4 overall).

(posted 9/18/17)(Updated 9/29/17)

July 2017 El Mirage:

July El Mirage Results are now posted & September Start Positions are posted. (Click Here for Results)

We have a very close race for #1 in Road Runners Points. Notabusa (Axle and Larry Foley Jr.) is #1 with 464 points and Go-Go Gidget Racing (Tracie Carroll) is #2 with 458 points. Notabusa is #1 in SCTA Car Points and Go Go Gidget Racing is #3 in SCTA Motorcycle points. Way to go!!!!!

(posted 7/20/17)
(Updated 7/31/17)

June 2017 El Mirage:

June El Mirage Results are now posted. July Start Positions will be the same as the June Start Positions. (Click Here for Results)
(The June Meet was suspended due to high winds. Since a full Round 1 was not completed, this is considered a non-meet.)

(posted 6/19/17)

May 2017 El Mirage:

May El Mirage Results and June Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 5/26/17)
(updated 6/7/17)

 (posted 10/28/16)
Seventh Annual Road Runners Kart Challenge:

Our March Meeting (3/14/17) will be held at Pole Position Raceway in Corona for our seventh annual Road Runners Kart Challenge. We will begin at 6:30pm with a short business meeting and then go racing.

We will hold a draw for heat race placement. Top 6 times from each heat race will transfer to the Main Event for a pace lap then grid start (for a total of 12 participants). Bring your helmet. Helmets provided free by Pole Position if you need one. Cost is $12.95 per race ($7 off regular price).

If there are some who would like to drive but not race we can probably arrange for a "fun run" between heat races. Friends and family are welcome to participate in racing and/or "fun run".

Hope to see you there.

1594 E. Bentley Dr., Corona, CA

(posted 3/13/17)

Nov 2016 El Mirage and End of Year Results:

November El Mirage Results are now posted. OFFICIAL SCTA 2015 RESULTS and 2017 START POSITIONS ARE NOW POSTED. (Click Here for Results)

(posted 12/5/16)

Oct 2016 El Mirage:

October El Mirage Results now posted. (Click Here for Results)

 (posted 10/28/16)

Sept 2016 El Mirage:

September El Mirage Results now posted. (Click Here for Results)
Congratulations to the Notabusa Team on thier new I/FCC Record.
 (posted 10/28/16)

Bonneville 2016:

Road Runners Results are now posted. (Click Here for Results)
(posted 9/2/16)

July 2016 El Mirage:

July El Mirage Results and September Start Positions are now posted. (Click Here for Results)
 (posted 85/16)

Road Runners and Friends,

There will NOT be an August membership meeting. Our next Membership meeting will be Tuesday, September 13, 7:00PM at Ed Martin Garage in Riverside. The next El Mirage meet will be September 11, prior to our next Membership meeting.

We wish our Bonneville Speedweek participants fast times and safe runs. Looking for some new entries to be added to our long list of Road Runner Land Speed records. (Speedweek Aug 13-19)

We also will have a number of Road Runners on the Salt in supporting roles.

2016 Bonneville Road Runner Entries
#          Class                   Driver                                Existing Record

104      TO/STR               Steve Anderson                 (Time Only)
643      F/PS                     Russ Deane                       236.599
3600    I/FCC                   Axle & Larry Foley           155.360
4449    B/BMP                 Kaylin Stewart                  219.509
7007    XXF/BMP            Jerry & Linda Wortman    open
7472    XF/BVFALT        Jerry & Linda Wortman    144.257
3710B 1650cc/P-PP         Bill Carling                        133.159
7919B 650cc/SC-PBG     Bill Anderson                    open

If I have omitted any Road Runners entries, please let me know.  (posted 7/31/16)(updated 8/2/16)

June 2016 El Mirage:

June El Mirage Results now posted. (Click Here for Results)
Congratulations to the Notabusa Team on thier new I/FCC Record.
 (posted 7/5/16)

May 2016 El Mirage:

May El Mirage Results now posted. (Click Here for Results)
Congratulations to Hayden Huntley on his new G/FL Record. The Road Runners currently hold 46 active records at El Mirage, Muroc and Bonneville.
 (posted 5/20/16)

November 2015 El Mirage and End Of Year Results:

November El Mirage Results now posted. OFFICIAL SCTA 2015 RESULTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE AND POSTED
(Click Here for Results) (posted 11/30/15)
(updated 1/7/16 - OFFICIAL SCTA RESULTS)


October 2015 El Mirage: (Meet Cancelled)

October El Mirage Meet cancelled due to lakebed flooding. (posted 10/15/15)

September 2015 El Mirage:

September El Mirage Results now posted.
October Start Positions are now available.
(Click Here for Results) (posted 9/17/15) 
(updated 9/29/15)

SCTA Mojave Mile 2015:
(Replacement event for Speedweek 2015 - Time Only)

The Road Runners were well represented by two of our race teams:
#2227B 650cc/A-G - 121.7mph - Flying Marshall Racing - Robert Marshall
#5300 AA/CBFALT - 232.9mph - Big Red Camaro - RJ Gottlieb (Event record, Mojave Track record, Top Speed of the Meet)

Way to go! Congratulations!!!
(posted 8/10/15)

Bonneville 2015:
(Cancelled due to track conditions)

July 2015 El Mirage:

July El Mirage Results now posted. September Start Positions are now posted.
(Click Here for Results) (posted 7/15/15)(updated 7/19/15)

June 2015 El Mirage:

June El Mirage Results and Stewart Harnick Finish Line photos now posted. July Start Positions are posted.
(Click Here for Results)

Congratulations to the Notabusa Team for their new record. The raised their own I/FCC class record from 123.074 to 128.565. According to Larry and Axle, "There is more left!" Way to go guys! Great Road Runners turn out for the June Meet with 11 entries. (posted 6/24/15)

Upcoming TV series:

News from the Big Red Facebook Page:

Big news from the Big Red Team today!!!
Eight episodes about The Big Red Camaro, its driver RJ Gottlieb and the team of people dedicated to the car’s performance will air on NBCSN beginning Monday, July 27th, 2015 at 9:00PM EST. The show will continue to air for eight consecutive Mondays in the same time slot and will re-air on NBCSN on Wednesdays, starting July 29th at 3:30PM EST, 12:30PM Pacific.

Big Red Camaro: The Original Outlaw Racer [Teaser]youtube.comBig Red Camaro: The Original Outlaw Racer [Teaser]5 years of filming and a 25 year racing legacy… Welcome to Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer! Premiering July 27th on NBCSN, this 8 episode docu-series

Click Here for Official Big Red Camaro: The Original Outlaw Racer Press Release (posted 5/26/15)

May El Mirage Meet: Cancelled due to wet lakebed - June Meet will be expanded to a two day event. (posted 5/21/15)

May 13, 2015:

Road Runners and Friends,
We are very saddened to announce that our friend and fellow Road Runner John Julis passed away on May 10, 2015.
John's obituary appears in the Riverside Press-Enterprise, today, May 13:

Messages of Condolence may be posted on John's Obituary page.

John's family announced a Celebration of Life to be held at John and Nancy's home on Sunday, May 31st at 2PM. All are invited. Address is: 2346 Old Heritage Rd., Riverside, CA 92503 (posted 5/13/15)

Jerry Cornelison - Road Runners

November 2014 El Mirage and End of Year Results:

Preliminary results are available on our Results page: We had 12 race teams at the November meet. Best showing in many years. A total of 14 teams competed this season. Next year looks like several more teams will be racing! Final SCTA standings (for our Club) and May 2015 Start Positions will be posted as soon as available.
(posted 11/17/14)

October 2014 El Mirage: Start positions for November are now available and posted. (updated 11/3/14)

Great turn out for the Road Runners - 11 race vehicles (8 cars and 3 motorcycles)! Results for the October Meet are posted on our Results page:
November Start Line postions are pending.
(posted 10/23/14)

Sept 2014 El Mirage:

Results for the September Meet are posted our our Results page:
October Start Line postions are now posted.
(posted 9/18/14) (updated 9/25/14)

Bonneville 2014 – Road Runners "On The Salt": (Cancelled due to flooded lakebed.)

Racing: (Click on vehicle # / Class for picture)
Anderson & Darbyshire,
#7919B 650cc/SC-PBG - Bill Anderson
Big Red,
#5300, AA/CBFALT - RJ Gottlieb
Back from the Dead Racing,
#866, D/CGC - Dave Bennett
Dyna Soar,
#3710B, 1650cc/P-PP - Bill Carling
Flatcad Racing,
#9785, XXO/BFCC - Buddy Walker
Flying Marshall Racing,
#2227B, 650cc/A-G - Bob Marshall
Gary McGavin Racing,
#812B, 100cc/M-G - Gary McGavin
Go Go Gidget Racing,
#3587B, 650cc/APS-G - Tracie Carroll
Masson & McGavin,
#4800, G/CGALT - Jack Masson & Gary McGavin
Russ Deane Racing,
#643, F/PS - Russ Deane
Wortman & Wortman Racing,
#7472, XF/BVFALT - Jerry Wortman

John Carroll, Jerry Cornelison, Mark Ewing, Mike Ferguson, Hayden Huntley, Josh Oliver, Dave Ward

John Carroll, Tracie Carroll, Delia Riley, Pat Riley, Charles Shimko

Chad Clabaugh, Jim Clabaugh, Bill Harris, Jim Kitchen, Mel Weber

11 Road Runners vehicles racing.
26 of our 62 members are going - (42 SCTA Members / 20 Associate Members) -
(posted 7/11/14)

July 2014 El Mirage:

Meet cancelled due to wet lakebed. We will try again in September! (posted 7/11/14)

June 2014 El Mirage:

Initial results for the June Meet are posted our our Results page:
July Start Line postions are pending.
(posted 6/26/14)

Start Line positions for the July El Mirage Meet are now available and posted. See link above. (Updated 7/3/14)

May 2014 El Mirage:

The May El Mirage Meet was cancelled late Sunday morning due to high winds. SCTA tried for two days to complete Round 1 (131 entries: 88 cars; 43 bikes). 110 vehicles were able to run and 21 did not get a pass. Speeds were recorded for vehicles that ran. "No Calls" were given to vehicles not able to run due to the wind shut down. Per SCTA Rules, no Meet Points were awarded but any records set, if certified, will stand.

Following are the results for Road Runner vehicles - #85 ,AA/GC, RMH Racing 168.684, Helen Winters driving; #98 G/GL, Enyart-Huntly Racing 137.811, Hayden Huntley driving; #844 C/CGALT, Miller & Miller Camaro - No Call, Steve Gibson driver; #866 D/CGC, '51 Henry J - No Call, Dave Bennett driver; #1169 D/GR, Ferguson & Carr 191.716, Mike Ferguson driving; #3076 C/STR, San Berdoo Roadsters 152.894 (licensing pass), Willie Martin driving; #4800 G/CGALT, Masson & McGavin Racing 109.251, Gary McGavin driving; #5300 AA/CBFALT, Big Red Camaro - No Call, RJ Gottlieb driver; #6375 C/CGALT, Dr's Orders Racing 114.260 (Rookie Run), Wendell Burns driving; #9785 XXO/BFCC, Flat Cad Racing - No Call, Mike Ferguson driver; #2227B 650cc/A-G, Flying Marshall Racing 87.449 (Rookie Run). This was a fantastic turn out for our Road Runners Club with 11 entries. Unfortunately, 4 Road Runners did not get to run.

Here are the Road Runners Starting Numbers for the June Meet (based on 2013 season results): #85 is 20; #1169 is 24; #2129 is 41; #4800 is 72; #540B is 101; #3710B is 143; #98 is 152; #7472 is 171; #5300 is 172; #844 is 183; #3076 is 195. The following Road Runners vehicles will be given Start Numbers when registering for the June Meet: #866, #6375, #9785, #2227B, #7919B.

Congratulations to the Cummins, Beck, Davidson, Thornsberry #911 C/BFMR for fast car speed for the May Meet at 252.739 (Land Speed Racers Club) and the Wossner Pistons/Noonan #68B 1350cc/APS-BG entry for fast bike speed for the Meet at 245.927 (San Diego Roadster Club). (updated 5/29/14)

November El Mirage Update, Final SCTA Standings for 2013 and Start Positions for May 2014:
See the
Results/Points/Standings page on our Road Runners website for details.

Road Runners Top Points for the 2013 season was the R.M.H. #85 AA/GC Camaro with 769 points. Road Runners Top Speed for the season was 203.229 by Helen Winters driving the #85 AA/GC. We ended with 2 cars in the Top 25: RMH Racing #20 & Ferguson & Carr #24. Road Runners Race Teams/Vehicles set 3 Bonneville Records. Road Runners still hold 47 active records dating from 1984 through 2013: Muroc - 2 records; El Mirage - 21 records; Bonneville - 22 records; Ohio Mile - 2 records. Congratulations to all! (A total of 206 vehicles were in competition in 2013 at El Mirage - 135 cars [66%] and 71 motorcycles [34%].) (posted 11/14/13)

November El Mirage: Good turnout for the Road Runners at the final El Mirage meet of 2013. We had 11 race teams on the lake! It's been a long time since we had so many entries at a single meet. At El Mirage for the November El Mirage meet: R.M.H. AA/GC; Ferguson & Carr D/GR; San Berdoo Roadsters C/STR; J. Masson Motorsports G/CGALT; Miller & Miller Camaro C/CGALT; Scott Baxter BSA 350cc/SC-VG; Carling's Dyna-Soar 1650cc/P-PP; Claytech Racing I/GL; Enyart-Huntly Racing G/GL; Dave Bennet Henry J D/CGC; Wortman & Wortman Racing XF/BVFALT.

All these cars and bikes will be racing next season and we will be adding 5-7 more that did not make this final meet, next season. Next season also look for: Riley Racing XO/VGC; Big Red AA/CBFALT; Anderson's Screwball 650cc/SC-PG; Flat Cad Racing XXO/BVGALT; Wendell Burns Racing CGC Falcon Futura; and possibly - Gary McGavin Racing 100cc/M-G motorcycle and Jess Feeback Racing Modified Sports MGB.

How great would it be to see 16 to 18 Road Runners cars and motorcycles at a single meet! 40's-50's-60's deja vous!

November race results will be posted as soon as available. (posted 11/12/13)

Member Spotlight Page - Several new biographies added under the Society of Land Speed Racing - Richard Parks, Gone Racin' series: Member Spotlight Webpage. (posted 9/19/13)

Road Runners Life Members - The Road Runners are proud to announce the induction of our first three Life Members: Bud Meyer, 1937- 50's; Pat O'Hern, 1947-1949; Johnny Welcher, 1937-1941. Life Members include living Charter Members and those who were Members any time from 1937 through 1949. An invitation has been sent to Tom Medley. We are searching for other eligible candidates. (posted 9/13/13)

Bonneville Speed Week 2013 - Road Runners results and pictures posted on Results Webpage. (posted 8/21/13)

July 2013 update: Results and pictures are now available and posted on our Results Webpage. (posted 7/21/13) (Updated 8/6/13)

NOTICE: August 2013 Meeting is cancelled since it falls during Speedweek. Many Road Runners will be at Bonneville. Next Road Runners Meeting will be Tuesday, September 10th.

June 2013 update: Two meets are in the books. Results and pictures are posted on our Results Webpage. The Club welcomed new members Basil Schmidt in May and Dave Ward in June.

The Road Runners, acting on the suggestion of member Vic Enyart (1950-1953, 2013) have added an amendment to our Constitution & By-Laws, creating a new level of membership. The Life Member category is created to honor those early members, still with us, who helped found our Club, kept it alive during WWII and brought it back strong following the War. Below is the new section added:

H.   Life Member (Amendment to Const & By-Laws, 6/11/13)

1)      Any original member of the Club (Charter Member) may join the Road   Runners as a Life Member (Associate Member). There will be no dues charges for Life Members.

2)      Life Member eligibility will include any Road Runners who were active members, at any time, from 1937 to and including 1949.

3)      Potential Life Members may be self nominated or nominated by a current Club Member.

We will be creating a letter of invitation and other related materials to support this new category of membership. We know of several candidates and will be attempting to contact them. We are searching for others. Please contact us via our website or FaceBook page if you can help us locate surviving Road Runners members from 1937 throught 1949. (posted 6/28/13)

April 9, 2013 Road Runner Meeting: The Road Runners are pleased to welcome three new Club members: Bridget Wester, R.J. Gottlieb and Josh Oliver.

Bridget Wester has been associated with the Road Runners for several years as part of the Harris & Wester race team. She has been active in helping organize and conduct several Road Runners social activities, most noteably, our Annual Awards Banquet. Bridget, along with husband and fellow Road Runner, Dale, were awarded the Harvey Haller Memorial Trophy for outstanding service to our Club for 2012. Bridget joins as a Associate Member.

R.J. Gottlieb joins as a Road Runners - SCTA Member. R.J. has an extensive racing background that includes the Silver State Classic Challenge, Mohave Mile, Mojave Magnum, Texas Mile, IMSA GTU & GTO, SCCA Trans-Am, Virginia City Hill Climb and NHRA Super Stock & Pro-Stock. Much of his racing has been campaigning the iconic "Big Red Camaro" since 1988.

Josh Oliver joins the Road Runners as an Associate Member. Josh is a professional filmmaker who has joined The Big Red Camaro race team to document their attempt for land speed records at El Mirage and the Bonneville Salt Flats. He specializes in filming auto racing activities and has been involved related tv productions.

The Road Runners - SCTA welcome The Big Red Camaro Team to our Club! Very glad to have them join our 76 year old Land Speed Racing organization. Looking forward to seeing them run the opening SCTA event at El Mirage in May. Especially looking forward to seeing them run Speedweek at Bonneville in August!! Welcome to the Road Runners guys! (Crew Chief Dave Ward will be joining the Road Runners at our May meeting.) (posted 4/10/13)

2013 El Mirage Procedures now posted on SCTA Website:

Also available on the Road Runners "Race Schedule and Duty Assignments" webpage. (posted 4/4/13)

March 12, 2013 Road Runner Meeting: The Third Annual Road Runner Kart Challenge will be held at Pole Position Raceway in Corona, beginning at 6:30pm, on March 12th, our next regular meeting date. Come and enjoy the “mayhem”! We will run 1 to 2 practice/qualifying sessions and a final “Braggin’ Rights” Grand Prix. We can also run a session for those preferring a “recreational” race vs. a “blood, guts and feathers” race! Address is: 1594 E. Bently Dr., Corona. It is near the 91 and 15 Fwy Interchange, just north of Magnolia Ave at Promenade Ave. (posted 2/15/13)

Road Runners Ramblings (January 2013): The Annual Road Runners Awards Banquet is set for March 23rd, 3:30pm till ??? at the historic Flabob Airport Cafe in Rubidoux. Club members are requested to begin looking for raffle prizes for the event. More details about the banquet to follow.

At our January Membership meeting, we welcomed two new Board Members. John Carroll takes over for Dale Wester at Vice President and Tracie Carroll assumes the office of Treasurer from Bill Harris. The Road Runners thank Dale and Bill for their years of dedicated service to our Club.

Two new members have joined the Road Runners. Former member Vic Enyart (1950-1953) returns to our Club. He will be racing partners with Hayden Huntley & Mike Huntley. They will be racing a 60’s era Lotus formula car in the G-Gas Lakester class. (picture is posted on our "Cars" webpage). Vic Edelbrock joins the Road Runners as an Associate Member. As most of you know, Vic’s Dad was a Charter Member of our Club. We are pleased to welcome Vic Enyart and Vic Edelbrock to the Road Runners.

2012, our 75th Anniversary year, was a good one for our Club. We ended 2012 with three Road Runners teams in the SCTA Top 25: Harris & Wester #675 XXO/BFALT-BGALT at #6; Ferguson & Martin #1169 D/GR at #19: R.M.H. Racing #85 AA/GC at #25. Road Runners booked new records at El Mirage and Bonneville. We look for 2013 to be even better. One of our multi-record setting teams is retiring but several new cars and motorcycles will be making their Road Runner debuts. (posted 1/15/13)

Road Runners Ramblings (November 2012): Congratulation to Road Runners Buddy Walker (pg 91), Russ Deane (pg 94) and Bill Harris & Dale Wester (pg 92) for getting their Land Speed cars pictured in the article "Salt 101" in the January 2013 issue of Hot Rod magazine (just received in the mail today). Also in this Anniversary Issue, covering some history of hot rodding, land speed racing and drag racing, some of the founding and early members of the Road Runners are mentioned: Wally Parks, Vic Edelbrock, Bobby Meeks, Dean Batchelor, Tom Medley, Art Chrisman, Jack Chrisman, Fran Hernandez, Ray Charbonneau. I may have misses some - still reading. The Road Runners have a long and rich history: 75 years and still going strong! (posted 11/12/12)

El Mirage October Meet:

I have waited to post anything about the crash at El Mirage last Sunday until it was officially announced on the SCTA website.

Dan Chilson, of the Gear Grinders Club, had a devastating crash in his Blown Gas Lakester. He was approaching the timing lights at around 200mph when his car spun resulting in a violent crash that completely destroyed the car. The rollcage and safety equipment did all it was supposed to do. Amazingly, Dan "only" suffered multiple broken ribs, collapsed lung, bangs and bruises. All things considered, he is doing pretty well at the Antelope Valley Hospital. Our prayers and best wishes are with Dan and his family. We pray for his rapid and complete recovery. - Road Runners

(Picture of the Chilson Lakester by Stewart Harnick, SCTA Photographer, taken at the May 2012 meet.)

October meet results are now posted on the Results Page. November Start Positions have been posted on the SCTA website and are now posted on the Road Runners Results Page. (updated Nov 1, 2012)

Road Runners Ramblings (September / October 2012): Buddy Walker's FlatCad Chevy Coupe sets two new records at the ECTA Ohio Mile. New records: XXO/BVGALT, 138.696 - Ohio Mile - ECTA, Sept 2012 - FlatCad Racing (Dale Hays) and XXO/BVGCC, 152.529 - Ohio Mile - ECTA, Sept 2012 - FlatCad Racing (Danny Rudd). The FlatCad Team set two records earlier this year during Speedweek. New Bonneville Records: XXO/BVGCC, 149.252 - Bonneville, Aug 2012 - Buddy Walker and XXO/BVGALT, 154.832 - Bonneville, Aug 2012 - FlatCad Racing (Dale Hays). Buddy says the team is done racing this season. They now begin the body and engine mods to shoot for 200mph at Bonneville next year. Buddy plans to bring his FlatCad to El Mirage for the May 2013 meet. He will be driving and is after some very "tall", long standing records set by the BMR Coupe in 1992 and 1993. There is still a lot of the 500hp the old flathead Caddy engine is making that is "unused". Should be a very exciting pursuit to watch! FlatCad Racing website:

Road Runners member Jess Feeback has been transferred by his company from Killeen, TX to King George, VA. What was going to be a very long trip to El Mirage to race has now become very, very long! He is still building his Modified Sports to run El Mirage and Bonneville. A picture of his build has just been posted on the Road Runners "Cars, Bikes and Drivers" page, Vehicles Under Construction section: Hope to see you next season on the Dry Lake Jess!

This weekend, October 7th, the Road Runners will hold our Family Picnic at the Citrus Heritage Park in Riverside, CA. We will be celebrating our 75th year as a Charter Member Club of the SCTA. Don't know if the Road Runners are the oldest car club around but I know we have to be one of the oldest. We are one of two original Charter Member SCTA Clubs still in operation. Proud to be a Road Runner! (posted 10/3/12)

September 16, 2012 El Mirage Meet: Meet has been cancelled due to wet lakebed. (posted 9/13/12)

Road Runners Ramblings (August 2012): The Road Runners were there when the SCTA was organized in 1937. As the last of the current Road Runners leave the Salt at Bonneville 2012, I thought you might find the following information of interest:

The Road Runners currently hold 41 Land Speed Records at Muroc, El Mirage and Bonneville ranging in dates from June 1984 (El Mirage) to August 2012 (Bonneville). 32 of the records are held by 9 active Road Runners race teams. The other 9 records (1984-1999) are held by 6 retired Road Runners race teams.

Happy 75th Anniversary Road Runners (1937-2012). (posted 8/15/12)

UPDATE (Speed Week - 8/15, 1:30 PM): Just heard from Bill Anderson. He got the 650cc/SC-PF record at 128.703. He pushed the Gas record from 83 to 118 and the Fuel record from 104 to almost 129. Nice job Bill! Congratulations.

(Picture is from 2011 Speed Week)

Buddy Walker has the FlatCad '38 Chevy Coupe in Impound removing the heads for engine size verification to validate both his new records in XXO/BVGCC and XXO/BVGALT. Don't know what the records are yet but his top speed was 165.949. I'll post speeds when I get the information. Congratulations Buddy!


Just received from Buddy - "Records are certified. XXO/BVGCC is 149.252, and XXO/BVGALT is 154.832. Fastest run was 165.949. Records were set in the 1 to 2 mile times. We have a lot left! Engine survived!"

(Picture is from 2012 Speed Week) (posted 8/15/12)

UPDATE (Speed Week - 8/15, 9:00AM): Bill Anderson has a new 650cc/SC-PG record of 118.350. Changed class to SC-PF and qualified for record at 129.458. Made Return Run this morning. Don't have result yet.

Buddy Walker got a record running the FlatCad in XXO/BVGCC. Changed classes to XXO/BVGALT and qualified. Return run this morning. No result yet on that record attempt. He has to tear down the engine for record certification for (hopefully) both records following the run this morning.

No additional news from the Harris & Wester Team. Won't know more about the extent of engine/trans damage until they get home and tear everything down. They have had extraordinary luck with their current engine. In spite of their misfortune at Speed Week this year, they currently hold 12 Land Speed Records at Bonneville and El Mirage and have put 3 Team Members in the Bonneville 200mph Club! (posted 8/15/12)

Speed Week 2012 Update (5:50pm 8/14): Bad news for the Harris & Wester Camaro. This just in from Rich Ross: "Well a couple pistons, a set of push rods, a few roller rockers, a rebuilt trans and torque converter, rod and main bearings and the Harris an Wester car will be back up and running. Hopefully that's all........ It started with the shift to 3rd with 10 lbs of boost and then the trans let loose and wing zinged the motor to 9300 rpm. Not a good out come for a Jimmy 6...." They had a 192 qualifying run and were attempting the backup run this morning. The Salt giveth and the Salt taketh away.......

Still waiting to hear from Buddy Walker but I think he got a new XXO/BVGALT record with the FlatCad.

Bill Anderson is changing from Gas to Fuel and was planning on running today to qualify. I have no additional details as of 5:50pm Tuesday.
(posted 8/14/12)

Speed Week 2012: Still waiting for confirmation but it looks like our three Road Runners race teams competing at Speed Week are setting some records. Unofficial but looks like Bill Anderson is in the books with a new 650cc/SC-PG record. Don't know the speed yet. I think he will also be chasing the class fuel record. The Harris & Wester Camaro and Buddy Walker's FlatCad '38 Chevy Coupe were both in Impound last night and made return runs this morning. Unofficially, it looks like they both got records. Again, I don't know speed details yet. More to follow........ (posted 8/14/12)

Roadrunners North Get-Together, July 22 - From Mike Retzlaff : To Roadrunners All,   The first ever Roadrunners North Get-Together has come and gone. With three club members, two spouses and a members sister in attendance, we talked cars, experiences and learned much about each other as we sat around the table and enjoying a great lunch. Let me see, we had Tri-Tip sandwiches, potato AND pasta salad, fresh Sloughhouse corn, fresh fruit and veggies to boot. One thing for sure, no one got up to leave right away. But as life goes, so does the things one does with their free time. Scott Baxter had to get back to Jackson, and Dave and Julia Bennett had a long trip back to the Oakhurst area. So after a three-hour "meeting", we made plans to meet again and find a way to have more members show (yes, it was agreed to have on a Saturday, same time and make sure everyone knows that hotel rooms are close by and we do have sleeping facilities here (an extra bedroom, a hide-a-bed in the "serenity room" and a mancave with a very comfortable floor as well (do I hear sleeping bag and air mattress).  I am very grateful that we had a chance to meet up with other club members. I know for a fact that we were in others minds and thoughts as several of you expressed regrets of not being able to be here. Sheri and I look forward to meeting #2. Suggestions and your thoughts for date and times are appreciated. Thanks Roadrunners. Have a great Bonneville time to all who go (for sure Bill Anderson and Harris's and Wester's). Break a record!! for all of us. With Respect, Mike Retzlaff (posted 7/23/12)

Road Runners Ramblings (July 2012) - July Results and September Start Positions are now posted on the Results Page of our website. Congratulations to the Harris & Wester Team with Mike Ferguson driving the Camaro on yet another new record. Way to go guys! The Ferguson & Martin Roadster and the Clabaugh Racing Lakester both posted best times and the RMH Camaro had another nice run above 180. We only had 4 vehicles running this meet. Hope to see more Road Runners "running" in September. Best of luck to the Harris & Wester Team, to Bill Anderson's Screwball MC-Sidecar and Buddy Walker with his "FlatCad" at Speedweek!

Announcement regarding our August Meeting: In lieu of our regular meeting, which falls during Speedweek, we will be having a dinner get together at Olivia's Mexican Restaurant in Riverside and NOT AT our usual meeting location, the Ed Martin Garage. This is a "no host" affair. Most dinner entrees run around $11 to $16 and a la carte items are less. Olivia's website link and menu:

Dinner is at 7pm, Tuesday, August 14th at Olivia's Mexican Restaurant, 9447 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA. Please RSVP by August 13, to Jack Masson if you and/or guests plan to attend. Jack's phone is 951-737-9449 and e-mail is:

We will be back at the Ed Martin Garage for our meeting in September. (updated 7/20/12)

Road Runners Ramblings (June 2012): We had a successful meet for Road Runners in May. Chad Clabaugh and Team Clabaugh completed their Rookie Run requirements in their I/GL. The Harris & Wester XXO/BGALT Camaro got another new record with Mike Ferguson driving for Richard Ross who had Army Guard Duty. The R.M.H. AA/GC Camaro had a good run with Helen Winters posting her fastest El Mirage speed prior to a slight mishap on the second run. The Ferguson & Martin D/GR posted their best speed to date. Jim Kitchen ran slightly off his own record in the San Berdoo C/SR. The Screwball 650cc Sidecar tested it's new larger engine. Jack Masson Racing got in the first run of the new season in the G/GALT English Austin. We also had a great photo shoot for the 75th Anniversary Road Runners group picture. At the June meet, Amanda Ferguson got her fastest pass ever in the R.M.H. Camaro. Richard Ross came back and reclaimed the record in the Harris & Wester Camaro. Team Clabaugh posted their best speed to date with Chad at the wheel. The Ferguson & Martin GR was a little slower than their May time due to a slipping clutch. Jim Kitchen joined the El Mirage Spin Club. Bill Anderson’s Screwball is still shaking out the bugs and Jack Masson Racing is still chasing speed. Despite a couple of shut downs due to head and cross winds it was not a bad meet.

The Northern California Road Runners get together will be on July 22nd, Noon, “until it ends”, and is being hosted by Mike Retzlaff. Address is 6921 Mitchlen Ct., Sloughhouse, CA (east of Sacramento). A few SoCal members may be making the trip up to Sacramento. There are several NorCal members, current and past, in the area that can get together for this event. Call Mike Retzlaff if you are available and interested. Mike’s cell is 916-225-8321.

We welcomed two new members to the Club at our June Membership meeting. Nathan Comstock submitted his application for membership and was voted into the Club. Nathan is building a Classic Gas Coupe ('66 Corvair) with member Darrin Graham.

Jess Feeback submitted his application for Out of Area membership and was voted in by the members. Jess lives in Killeen, TX, and is building a Modified Sports ('80 MGB) that he plans to run at El Mirage and Bonneville next season. (posted 6/15/12)

June 2012 El Mirage Results and July Start Positions posted - (posted 6/13/12)

June Start Positions are now posted - (posted 5/31/12)

May 2012 El Mirage Results posted -
We had seven vehicles racing at the opening meet for 2012. We had hoped to have eleven on the lake but due to some mechanical issues and/or illness issues we were missing a few entries. Still, it was a nice start to the season. Mike Ferguson, driving the Harris & Wester Camaro, bumped up Richard Ross' XXO/BGALT record from last November. Richard had Guard Duty on race weekend so Mike stepped in for him. Team Clabaugh, Chad doing the driving, ran for their first "lakes meet", continuing a family tradition begun by Grandpa Bill in the 40's. We had a 75th Anniversary photo shoot on Saturday afternoon. We are waiting for the final pictures to be available. Hope to have them before our next meeting. Bill Anderson posted a picture he took on our Road Runners Facebook page. This was shot during the set up for the photo shoot. Don't know if you can link to this if you are not on Facebook but you can give it a try:

Our next Road Runners meeting is on June 12, AFTER the June El Mirage Meet on June 10. - (posted 5/24/12)

Road Runners Ramblings (May 2012): Former Road Runner Dean Lowe has provided a great story and pictures from the early 60's when he and his Dad ran the L&L Screw Machine Products Studebakers. Click on this link to read his story and see the pictures: (Links available on both the "Member Spotlight" and "Back In The Day" pages on our website.)

At our May Club meeting last night, we welcomed three new members. Tracie Carroll, member John Carroll's daughter is a new member. She plans to race a motorcycle in the near future. Jake Krotje joined our ranks. He has opened a new fabrication shop in San Marcos, called The Flying Dutchman. His racecar plans are to be determined. Bill Clabaugh joined as an Associate Member. Bill has been attending meeting for months with his son and grandson who are Road Runners members. Team Clabaugh will be bringing their new Lakester to El Mirage this month. Bill will be returning to his "racing roots". He ran a 30 Ford Coupe on the lakes as a member of the Russetta Timing Association in the late 40's. Last month, our first "over seas" member joined the Club. Lars Wallin, from Trollhattan, Sweden, recently purchased the former Valenzuela Brothers (Whittier Muffler) lakes roadster and had it shipped to Sweden. His plan is to make it street legal but otherwise, leave it original. It still sports the Road Runner painted on the grill. Picture available on our Cars, Bikes and Drivers webpage. Welcome to all our new members.

The following Road Runners Race Teams are confirmed for the opening May meet at El Mirage: R.M.H. Racing (Reese Adams / Helen Winters), Ferguson & Martin (Mike Ferguson /Willie Martin), San Berdoo Roadsters (Jim Kitchen), J. Masson Motorsports (Jack Masson), Harris & Wester (Bill Harris / Dale Wester), Bill Anderson's Screwball (Bill Anderson), McRat Racing DMAX (Pat McSwain / Robert Miller), Dyna Soar (Bill Carling), Flat Cad Racing (Buddy Walker), Team Clabaugh (Jim, Chad, Steve, Bill Clabaugh). We will be doing a Road Runners 75th Anniversary group photo on Saturday, May 19 at around 5:45pm, following Course Walk. All Road Runners race vehicles, running or not, and members present will be included in the photo. (posted 5/9/12)

Member Spotlight Page: Another new Road Runners biography is now linked to our "Member Spotlight" webpage. The new story is on Don Francisco, written by his nephew, Charles Rollins. Enjoy! (posted 4/2/12)

2012 El Mirage Procedures: The revised El Mirage Procedures are now available on the SCTA website or on the Road Runners Duties page. (posted 3/29/12)

Member Spotlight Page: A new biography on Road Runner Charter Member Eldon Snapp, by Richard Parks, is now linked to our "Member Spotlight" webpage. Enjoy! (posted 3/29/12)

2012 Road Runners Club Duties: Members duties for the El Mirage racing season are now posted on the "Race Schedule and Duty Assignments" webpage. Patrol position assignments are posted. Patrol position numbers will be posted as soon as available. (posted 2/20/12)

Road Runners Annual Banquet - 75th Anniversary Celebration - Our Club, founded in January 1937 by Wally Parks, Ak Miller and others, is celebrating 75 years of Land Speed Racing history! Our Banquet will be held on March 17, 2012, at the Flabob Airport Cafe at the historic Flabob Airport in Riverside (Rubidoux), CA, beginning at 4pm. There is ample area to park and show off your hot rod if you choose to drive it to the event. Lots of great socializing, great food and great raffle prizes. Current members and one guest are free. Charter Members of the Club will be hosted. All former members of the Club are invited and encouraged to attend. Cost is $15 per person. For information, contact Dale Wester at 714-616-0781(c) or 714-970-7709(h). Order form for 75th Anniversary t-shirts and sweatshirts. Restricted to current and former members and their families (updated 2/15/12)

Delia Riley Elected as 2012 SCTA Treasurer - Congratulations to (Road Runner) Delia Riley who was elected as the 2012 SCTA Treasurer at the November SCTA Board & Reps meeting. Many thanks to (Road Runner) Pat Riley who servered two terms as SCTA Treasurer, the maximum, continuous term allowed by SCTA By-Laws. During Pat's term he implemented several improvements and enhancements thereby providing better service, tracking and reporting to the organization. (posted 11/19/11)

Nov 2011 El Mirage Results posted -
May 2012 Start Positions posted. 2011 Year End Results posted.

The November El Mirage meet went on as scheduled. It was cold Friday and Saturday and we had overnight rain on Friday night / early morning hours of Saturday. The rain settled the dust and tightened up the track a bit. Sunday was mostly sunny and a bit warmer. We had a great time and lots of really good food at our Road Runners End of Season Pot-Luck and BBQ on Saturday evening. We saw some good runs on both days. The highlight was a 254.840 pass by the Cummins, Beck, Davidson & Thornsberry #911 A/BFR. The Harris & Wester GMC Camaro, with Richard Ross driving, raced away with a new XXO/BGALT record. Full Road Runners results are now posted on our website. As someone said on Sunday, "Not bad for a 'rained out' weekend!" (posted 11/15/11)

November El Mirage Info - The Course Prep day scheduled for El Mirage tomorrow morning (Sat, Nov 5 @ 9am) has been cancelled. The BLM has closed the lakebed for tomorrow. As of now, the November meet is still on as is our End of Racing Season Road Runners BBQ and Pot Luck. If we race, we will be looking for volunteers to do Course Prep on Friday the 11th during vehicle Tech Inspection. Keep watching the SCTA website for the latest OFFICIAL information. We will also be notifying you if the meet is called off. (posted Nov 4, 2011, 6:30pm)

Oct 2011 El Mirage Results posted -
November Start Positions pending. November Start Positions are now posted (updated 11/1/11)

Sept 2011 El Mirage Results posted -
October Start Positions now available and posted. (updated Sept16, 2011)

Speedweek 2011 Update - Just got a call from Dale Wester. Harris and Wester backed up their 184 qualifier from yesterday with a 181 pass this morning. New record is 182.853, upping the old record of 169.212 set last year by Salt Cat Racing. Mission accomplished but they are still chasing tuning gremlins with the new blower set up. No doubt they will get that sorted out sooner rather than later. Really looking forward to seeing them run 200 at El Mirage! Congratulations guys!

Buddy Walker had to make a hurried flight home because his daughter-in-law was about to deliver a baby. Happy to tell you that Buddy has a brand new grandson. Mother, baby and Grandpa all doing fine. Buddy had a good week - maiden run of his new Coupe at Bonneville and a new grandson. Congratulations Buddy!

All Road Runners competing at Speedweek are finished running. I will post some "numbers" on our Results page as soon as they are available. (posted Aug 18, 2011)

Speedweek Update - The following message is from a post on Facebook by Bill Anderson:

Bill Anderson ("Screwball" Sidecar Motorcycle) - Finally able to get on line. Its been a very busy week so far. I got the fuel pressure and supply issues sorted (sorta) and got it to run reliably but slow. The best quarter speed was 121. Got two records. 500 SC/PBG at 111.494 and the 500 SC/PBF at 112.717. Not great but I have no pride and will take what I can get. I spoke briefly to Bill Harris (Harris & Wester Camaro/GMC) on Sunday. Had run to 225 but "some lights came on and we shut it down". I saw him in impound this morning but he didn't come back to impound. So I'll assume the lights came on again. Spoke briefly to Buddy (Walker) and saw the Flat Cad (Flat Cad Racing '38 Chevy Coupe) in line but no further news. (posted Aug 16, 2011)

Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, May 10th and June 14th, 7:00pm at Ed Martin Garage, Riverside, CA - Minutes were sent via e-mail to all Club members. If you would like a copy of the minutes of either meeting, please contact me. Jerry Cornelison, Secretary. (posted June 15, 2011)

June 2011 El Mirage Results posted - (updated June 20, 2011)

May 2011 El Mirage Results posted - (updated June 1, 2011)

Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, April 12th, 6:30pm at Pole Position Kart Raceway, Corona, CA - Guests: John Carroll - Prospective Member (third meeting), Buddy Walker - Prospective Out of Area Member (mandatory meeting), Jake Krotje - Prospective Member (third meeting), Bill Claybaugh - Claybaugh Race Team, Dave Pizzo - Guest, Bridget Wester - Guest (Dale Wester’s wife), Diane Harris - Guest (Bill Harris’ wife), Gwen Saxlund - Guest (Mark Saxlund’s wife)

John Carroll presented his application for membership. Voted in by members. John was a member of the Rod Riders years ago. He now lives in Riverside and wants to get involved in LSR again. He is not sure what he will build yet but it "will be Ford powered". Buddy Walker presented his application for out of area membership. Voted in by members. Buddy is building a '38 Chevy Coupe XXO/BVGC with a vintage, flathead Caddy. This year, he plans to run Speedweek and then El Mirage after that. Welcome to both new Road Runners.

Reminder that El Mirage Lake Clean-up will be on May 7th. We need as many people as able to participate. Details on SCTA website.

Copies of the 2011 El Mirage Procedures were handed out to all members present. They are also available on the “Duties” page on the Road Runner website and on the SCTA website.

The first Annual Road Runners Karting Challenge was conducted. 16 members raced in two preliminary Heat Races with the top 5 in each heat transferring to the Main Event. (C = Coupe Guy, R = Roadster Guy, B = Motorcycle Guy)

Heat #1 (by finishing order):
1. Charles Shimko (B)
2. Willie Martin (R)
3. Terry Geer (C)
4. Gary McGavin (R)
5. Dale Wester (C)
6. Bill Carling (B)
7. John Carrol (R)
8. Mark Saxlund (R)
    Heat #2 (by finishing order):
1. Jerry Cornelison (C)
2. Mike Ferguson (R)
3. Steve Gibson (C)
4. Buddy Walker (C)
5. Bill Anderson (B)
6.  Pat Riley (C)
7.Bill Harris (C)
8.John Julis (R)

Top five from each Heat transferred to the Main. The Main was a F1 style, grid start. (First turn was mayhem! This event got very “racey”!!!)

Main Results:
1. Buddy “38 Flattie” Walker (C)
2. Willie “Guardrail Willie” Martin (R)
3. Mike Ferguson (R)
4. Charles “Xstream” Shimko (B)
5. Terry “Tucalota” Geer (C)
6. Steve Gibson (C)
7. Jerry Cornelison (C)
8. Jake “Flyin’ Dutchman” Krotje (R) - Relief Driver for Bill “Screwball” Anderson
9. Gary “Vanwall” McGavin (R)
10. Dale Wester (C)

Fastest lap was laid down by Jake “Flyin’ Dutchman” Krotji at 25.40sec. Charles “Xtream” Shimko laid down a 25.48 pass for second best Road Runner time. Very impressive Jake and Charles! Track record for the week was 24.27sec. Jake and Charles were #8 and #11 of the Top 12 for the week of all drivers at Pole Position. Way to “Represent” boys!!

OK – So who won Braggin’ Rights for the Great Road Runners Karting Challenge?? Coupe Guy finished first but a Roadster Guy was right on his tail. A Roadster Guy and Bike Guy laid down the fastest laps. Coupe Guys, Roadster Guys and Bike Guys will all likely brag about our own and our group’s exploits. In the end, “Fun Won” so we can all brag. There was a unanimous “voice vote” to make this an Annual Road Runners event so we have a year to brag and “smack talk”. Next year’s event should be really interesting!

Next Road Runners meeting is May 10, 2011, 7PM at Ed Martin Garage, Riverside. (posted Apr 13, 2011)

Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, March 8th, 7pm at Ed Martin Garage - At our Tuesday meeting, guests Delia Riley (prospective member - third meeting), John Carroll (prospective member - 2nd meeting), and Bill Claybaugh, member of the Claybaugh Racing Team joined us. It was very nice to see Bill back following his recent illness.

Delia Riley submitted her application for membership. She has been a Team Member of Riley Racing since Pat has been racing his '38 Coupe. She is and has been very active in SCTA and BNI activities at El Mirage and Bonneville. Delia was voted into the Club by members. Welcome Delia.

We just held our annual banquet and it was a very successful and fun event. See details and pictures on the 2011 Banquet Page on our website. Many thanks to Bridget and Dale Wester for getting some really great raffle items!

The April regular membeship meeting will be moved from our normal venue, the Ed Martin Garage, to Pole Position Raceway in Corona. We will be meeting at 6:30 to hold the (first annual ??) Coupe VS Roadster Kart Race Challenge. Our Motorcycle guys say they can't identify with either so this may become the Coupe VS Roadster VS Motorcycle Kart Race Challenge! So far, 20 members have signed up to race. This should be a fun event. Pole Position Raceway is located at 1594 E. Bentley Dr, Corona, CA. Click here for directions.

Willie Martin says that the Road Runners have been invited to display our race vehicles at the 5th annual Over the Hill Gang Car Show to be held in San Bernardino on June 4th. The event organizers want to have some cars and motorcycles that people don't normally see at Cruise Nights and local Car Shows. More details will be available at our April and May Club meetings.

If you would like a copy of the complete meeting minutes, just drop me a request: Secretary-Road Runners

Next Road Runners meeting is April 12, 2011, 6:30PM at Pole Position Raceway, Corona. (posted Mar 9, 2011)

Road Runners 2011 Annual Banquet - Hope you were there! If not, you missed a wonderful time. Around 60 Road Runners and guests enjoyed good company and great food at a historic venue. There were many, many outstanding raffle and auction items donated by over 5 dozen businesses. Please visit the 2011 Banquet page for pictures and information. (posted Mar 9, 2011)

Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, February 8th, 7pm at Ed Martin Garage - Dale Wester's son, Shannon Dale Wester, from Opelika, Alabama, joined the Road Runners Club as an Associate Member. Shannon made his Rookie Run at Bonneville in the Harris & Wester Camaro/GMC in 2009. Last SpeedWeek he qualified for his C and B License at Bonneville. Even though he will not be racing at El Mirage, Shannon wanted to support the Road Runners by becoming an Associate Member.

We had four guests at our meeting: Delia Riley, prospective member attended her second meeting; John Carroll, prospective member attended his first meeting (John was a member of the Rod Riders in the early 60's. He now lives in Riverside and plans to get reinvolved with racing after many years of being away from the lakes.); Jeff Clauson, member of the Ferguson & Martin Race Team; and Gary McGavin who is reactivating his Road Runners/SCTA membership. Welcome all!

Reminder that our Road Runners Annual Banquet is coming up on March 5th, 4:00pm, at Flabob Airport. (See posting from Jan 11th below for links to maps.) The deadline for reservations has been extended to February 15th. This event will be at a unique venue and there are many, many great raffle prizes to be handed out. You won't want to miss this! If you are coming in from out of town and are looking for a campground, the Rancho Jurupa Park (County) Campground is adjacent to the Flabob Airport and is a nice camping site in a wooded area next to the Santa Ana River.

We will be looking into the possibility of holding one of our monthly meetings at Pole Position (Kart) Raceway in Corona. After a short meeting we plan to conduct the First Annual (??) Coupe Guys vs. Roadster Guys Road Race Challenge. (The Bike Guys will have to decide which camp the will join.) Could be great fun or total mayhem.... which ever!? Should be lots of fun with a years worth of "braggin' rights" for the winners! More details will follow.

Road Runners Club Duty assignments for the 2011 racing season were discussed. If you have not already contacted Vice President Dale Wester to request a specific duty or time, please do so ASAP. See the minutes of the Feb 8th meeting for more information.

If you would like a copy of the complete meeting minutes, just drop me a request: Secretary-Road Runners

Next Road Runners meeting is March 8, 2011, 7PM at the Ed Martin Garage, Riverside. (posted Feb 9, 2011)

Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, January 11th, 7pm at Ed Martin Garage - Associate Member Dave Bennet has been upgraded to full SCTA / Road Runners status. Dave is preparing a '51 Henry J to run in the Classic Gas Coupe class. We hope to see the car at El Mirage this season. Delia Riley attended her first meeting as a prospective member. Delia has been doing a lot of SCTA-BNI volunteering at El Mirage and Bonneville over the past several years. Welcome Delia.

The Annual Road Runners Banquet is coming up on Saturday, March 5th. This will be a fun event held at the historic Flabob Airport in Riverside (Rubidoux) at the Airport Cafe. There are going to be some realy great raffle prizes available. Cost is $10 for a Club member plus one guest and $15 for non member guests. The exact start time will be announced but it will begin in the late afternoon. Map of Flabob Airport location here. There is ample room to bring your hot rod or race car to display if you like.

REMINDER: Club and SCTA dues must be paid by January 31st.  Dues for SCTA members are $75 and Associate Members $30. Failure to pay dues will result in loss of membership. To be reinstated, a person must submit an application for membership as a new member. (see Road Runners By-Laws, II E and VI B 3) Drop your check off at the Ed Martin Garage or mail your dues payment to: Bill Harris, 6635 Hawarden Dr., Riverside, CA 92506.

We are looking into a Road Runners Club event at Pole Position Raceway (indoor Kart Racing) in Corona. Our Road Runners "Coupe contingent" has challenged our "Roadster contengent" to a group match race. Lot's of good natured posturing and "trash talk" going on. This should be fun! Keep watching here for details.

If you would like a copy of the complete meeting minutes, just drop me a request: Secretary-Road Runners

Next Road Runners meeting is February 8, 2011, 7PM at the Ed Martin Garage, Riverside. NOTE: We will be showing the DVD of the recent SCTA Safety Seminar at our February meeting. (posted Jan 12, 2011)

Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, December 14th, 7pm at Ed Martin Garage - Top Points for 2010 season was Bill Anderson (837). Top Speed for the season was Helen Winters driving Reese Adam’s B/GC Camaro (182.364). Congratulations.

The recent SCTA Safety Seminar was excellent. All clubs will be getting a DVD copy of the seminar very soon. Very good information. Suggest all racing members and crews watch the video.

The Banquet Committee has suggested historic Flabob Airport, in Rubidoux, as the site of our annual banquet. The full restaurant will be available for our event. They will serve a buffet with chicken, ribs and more. The Club will supply the beer and wine. Fee is $10 for Road Runner Club members and one guest. $15 per person for all other guests. Fee includes all food, drink and server tip. Date is March 5, 2011. A final head count and payment is due by our February 8, 20011 meeting. There will be lots of great raffle prizes thanks to ongoing work by Dale and Bridget Wester. There is also plenty of room to display hotrods, racecars and motorcycles. Thanks to Reese Adams for suggesting Flabob Airport Restaurant as the venue for this event. Great idea!

Road Runners and SCTA dues are now due and payable. The SCTA-BNI will once again subsidize SCTA memberships. Also, the annual SCTA fee has been reduced by $10. Dues as follows: Road Runners $30. SCTA $45. Total $75. All dues must be paid by January 31st or you will be dropped from the membership. Associate Members dues remain at $30. SCTA Life Members pay only Road Runners dues. You can mail your dues check to Treasurer Bill Harris, drop your check off at Ed Martin Garage or bring it to our January Club meeting.

Willie Martin remained everyone of the annual Ed Martin Garage Christmas Party on Friday, Dec 17th, 6pm. Come on out for brats, beer and fun – rain or shine!

Jerry Cornelison suggested a possible Club event at Pole Position Indoor Kart Track. There was significant interest by members present. He will check into rates for a group activity.

If you would like a copy of the complete meeting minutes, just drop me a request: Secretary-Road Runners

Next Road Runners meeting is January 11, 2011, 7PM at the Ed Martin Garage, Riverside. (posted Dec 15, 2010)

Charlie Miller Passes - Long time Road Runners member Charlie Miller passed away on Tuesday, October 12. Charlie had been an active member of the Road Runners and SCTA until recent years when health issues slowed his activities. Charlie owned and raced the Classic Gas Altered Camaro known as the Whale.

Services for Charlie will be Thursday, Oct 21, 10 AM at Preston & Simons Mortuary, 3358 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA. Internment to follow at Riverside National Cemetary 11:30 AM. (posted Oct 18, 2010)

September El Mirage Results and October Start Postions - The September El Mirage results and October Start Positions are now posted on our Results / Points / Standings webpage. (updated Sept 24, 2010)

Bonneville Update:

Bonneville Road Runners Update: (a/o 8/17) The Harris & Wester XXO/GC Camaro is in the records book again as Dale Wester ups his own 2007 record to 197.462. Helen Winters will be on the salt this morning (8/18) to better her 206.654 pass from yesterday. Dave Consalvo and his Hyabusa and the Campbells in their A/PP may still be on the salt. Bill Anderson (two new records), Ron Kuns and Jim Kitchen have left for home.

Well Done Road Runners!!!!!! (posted Aug 18, 2010)

Bonneville Results: See Results / Points / Standings webpage. (posted Aug 16, 2010)

Road Runners At Bonneville Speed Week 2010 - Racing: Reese Adams / Helen Winters - Adams & Winters Camaro; Bill Harris / Dale Wester / Richard Ross - Harris & Wester Camaro; Bill Anderson - Anderson's Screwball MC Sidecar; Ron Kuns - Maggot Racing Honda CX; Jim Kitchen - San Berdoo Roadsters Street Roadster; Casey Campbell / Tim Campbell / Kris Lewis - Campbell Racing Pickup; Dave Consalvo - Flying Consalvo's Hayabusa. Tech Inspectors: Pat Riley - cars and Charles Shimko - motorcycles. Spectating: Mark Winters, John Julis (and son), Gary McGavin (If I missed anyone, please let me know) (posted Aug 3, 2010)

2011 El Mirage & Bonneville Schedules (firm) - posted on our Race Schedule and Duty Assignments Page (posted July 17, 2010)

Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, July 13th, 7pm at Ed Martin Garage - (meeting notes pending) (posted July 17, 2010)

July El Mirage Results & September Start Positions - The July El Mirage results are now posted on our Results / Points / Standings webpage. (posted July 12, 2010)

June El Mirage Results & July Start Positions - The June El Mirage results are now posted on our Results / Points / Standings webpage. (posted June 22, 2010)

Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, June 8th, 7pm at Ed Martin Garage - Five guests joined us for the June meeting: Mike “Kiwi” Tomas – prospective member (second meeting), Bill Clabaugh – Claybaugh Race Team (guest), Rachel Ross – Harris & Wester Race Team (guest), Dave Pizzo – (guest), & Jeff Clauson – Ferguson & Martin Race Team (guest).

Tim Campbell, former Road Runner and member of the Campbell Family Race Team, submitted his application for membership and was voted back into the Club. Welcome back Tim.

In keeping with tradition, the Road Runners will suspend our regular August meeting and meet for dinner to recognize our Speedweek participants and wish them well. Details of this dinner gathering will be announced.

El Mirage this weekend, June 13. If racing, have fun, be safe and go fast!

If you would like a copy of the complete meeting minutes, just drop me a request: Secretary-Road Runners

Next Road Runners meeting is July 13th , 7PM at the Ed Martin Garage, Riverside. (posted June 9, 2010)

May Update - Meeting Notes from May 11th and May El Mirage Results - The Road Runners results for the May opener at El Mirage are now posted on our Website, Results Page. Road Runners set two new El Mirage records: The Harris & Wester Team beat their own XXO/FALT record posting a 170.492 in their Jimmy powered Camaro. Richard Ross was at the wheel. Bill Anderson and his "Screwball" recumbant MC-Sidecar set a new 500cc/SC-PF record of 116.798. Bill now holds both the Gas and Fuel record for this class. Helen Winters, driving Reese Adam's Ferguson & Winters Camaro set a personal best speed and fastest Road Runner speed of the meet at 182.364. Also on the lake were the Ferguson & Martin D/GR, Jim Kitchen's C/STR, Jack Masson's G/GALT, Mark Cavender's 1350cc/APS-G and Dave Consalvo with his 1350cc/APS-G.

At the May Road Runners meeting, we welcomed two new out of area members, Bill Woodcock and Justin Gray of San Jose. They are building a very unique Land Speed car. It is an electric motor powered, steel bodied '34 Ford Coupe. They hope to have it ready to race Bonneville and then to bring it to El Mirage in September. It is likely to be an "attention grabber". The Road Runners are happy to welcome Bill and Justin to the Club! (posted May 17, 2010)

Notice: The 2010 El Mirage Procedures and now available on our website and on the SCTA website: El Mirage Racing Procedures - 2010 (EMP). Significant and important changes. Please read prior to the beginning of the new racing season. (posted Mar 24, 2010)

Road Runners Annual Banquet, Celebrating the 2009 Racing Season - Saturday, March 20th - We enjoyed a nice evening of good food, great raffle prizes, racing awards and the company of fellow Road Runners. Mark Cavender was awarded the "Top Points" and "Top Speed" plaque. Pat Riley received the "Harvy Haller Memorial Award", plaque and trophy for Outstanding Service to the Club. It was a great evening. (posted Mar 21, 2010)
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Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, March 9th, 7pm at Ed Martin Garage - Prospective members from the Claybaugh Race Team joined us again this evening: Jim Claybaugh, Steve Claybaugh, Chad Claybaugh, Mark Sotelo (all prospective members) and Guest, Bill Claybaugh. Jim, Steve, Chad and Mark will be submitting their Membership applications at our April meeting.

Vice President Mark Cavender covered the 2010 El Mirage Road Runners duty assignments for the upcoming El Mirage racing season. Those assignment will be posted on our "2007 Race Schedule and Duty Assignments" webpage shortly.

Road Runners SCTA Club Rep Charles Shimko reported on the results of the 2010 ELM Procedures changes. The new 2010 ELM Procedures will be posted on the "2007 Race Schedule and Duty Assignments" webpage as soon as available from SCTA.

President Jack Masson reminded members of our upcoming Annual Road Runners Awards Banquet. It is March 20 at the Old Spaghetti Factory, 11896 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga (Google Map). No host coctails at 5pm, dinner orders beginning at 6pm. Price is $10 per person. RSVP deadline is March 15. Send checks to Treasurer Bill Harris. (mailing address on our Members Only page).

Jerry Cornelison thanked Club members fror their support during the illness and loss of his wife Susan. He thanked the Club for the donation is Susan's memory to the Riverside Humane Society - SPCA.

A complete copy of minutes of our March meeting have been e-mailed to Members. Next meeting will be April 13, 2010, at the Ed Martin Garage, 7pm. (posted Mar 10, 2010)

Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, February 9th, 7pm at Ed Martin Garage - At tonight's meeting we welcomed four guests: The Clabaugh Raceteam, prospective members attended their second meeting. Jim Clabaugh, Chad Clabaugh and Mark Sotelo. Unfortunately, Steve Clabaugh could not attend. He works for the LA Dept of Power and was out working damage control due to our recent storms. Sarah Burns, member Wendel Burns daughter attended as a guest.

We announced our 2010 Membership roster. We dropped five members: Two long time members resigned. Three members were dropped for not renewing their Road Runner and SCTA dues by the January 31, 2010 deadline.

Bill Harris and Dale Wester presented the final version of our Road Runner's New Member Orientation plan. It is a fine piece of work and fits in nicely with the proposed modifications to the SCTA El Mirage Procedures Rookie Orientation and Training program. This is all a proactive step to ensure we maintain a safe and efficient racing situation for our organization and the public.

Dale Wester brought some head restraints and safety info from Safety Solutions to share with the Club. This was a chance for some "hands on" with these items. Thanks to Dale for providing this important material.

Our annual Road Runners Banquet date was announced, March 20. Information regarding the event and where and how to make reservations has been sent to all Club members.

A complete copy of minutes of our February meeting have been e-mailed to Members. Next meeting will be March 9, 2010, at the Ed Martin Garage, 7pm. (posted Feb 10, 2010)

Road Runner Meeting Notes - Tuesday, January 12th, 7pm at Ed Martin Garage - Seven guests: Robert Miller, prospective member attendedhis third meeting. He submitted his application for membership and was voted into the Club. Robert is part of the McSwian "Casper" diesel truck team. Five prospective members visited us for their first meeting. Race team consisting of grandfather Bill Clabaugh, dad Jim Clabaugh and sons Steve and Chad Clabaugh and their friend Mark Sotelo were in attendance. They are rebuilding a retired Lakester they recently purchased. The final guest joining us was Sarah Burns, member Wendel Burns daughter. Welcome to all.

Charles Shimko has volunteered to become our second SCTA Club Rep, replacing Pat Riley who was recently elected SCTA Treasurer. Thanks to Charles for stepping up and thanks to Pat for his long service as our Club Rep.

Reese Adams announced a new item available to Club members. We will have a very nice denim with embroidered Road Runner logo over the pocket available within a few weeks. Shirt can be work informally or semi-formally, with tie, to attend meetings or whatever. Nice way to represent or club and historic Road Runner logo.

A complete copy of minutes of our January meeting have been e-mailed to Members. Next meeting will be February 9, 2010, at the Ed Martin Garage, 7pm. (posted Feb 10, 2010)

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