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Bob & Dick Pierson's famous 2D '34Coupe
The Road Runners car club was established in January 1937. Along with six other clubs they became Charter Members of the new Southern California Timing Association (SCTA), organized on November 29, 1937, to conduct speed trial events on the dry lakes of Southern California. Of the original seven SCTA Charter Member Clubs, two remain active today, the Road Runners and the Sidewinders.

Two of the founding members of the Road Runners were Wally Parks and his close friend Ak Miller. Wally Parks was instrumental in helping organize the new SCTA which held it's first official speed trials meet on May 15, 1938, at Muroc Dry Lake. Ak Miller later served as SCTA President. Wally Parks went on to form the NHRA in 1951.

In the early years, the Road Runners met in Huntington Park and Whittier. Many members from those early days would later become legends of hot rodding. Besides Wally Parks and Ak Miller, Road Runners included Ray Brown, Bill Burke, Fred Carrillo, Art Chrisman, Chuck Daigh, Vic Edelbrock Sr., Vic Edelbrock Jr., Jack Harvey, Jerry Kugel, Bobby Meeks, Bub Meyer, Bob Morton, Ray Morton, Bob and Dick Pierson, Joe Reath and Don Waite, all of whom would later be inducted as members of the American Hot Rod Foundation Pioneers.

Road Runners members were innovators. Following WWII, Belly Tank Lakesters began to appear at the dry lakes. In 1946, Road Runners member Bill Burke is recognized as having been the first to take an Army Air Corps, surplus P-51 wing tank, build a rolling chassis, stuff in an engine and run it at an impressive 131.96 mph.

In 2001, the Road Runners SCTA Club moved it's headquarters to Riverside, California, and began holding meetings at the historic Ed Martin Garage.

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The birth of the belly tank lakester -
designed and built by Bill Burke, 1946.
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Road Runners member Randy Shinn - 1946
SCTA Points Champion and class record holder.
Road Runners members have raced a varity of land speed racing vehicles from 1937 to present day. Club members hold a number of current speed records and the Club has a significant number of members in the Bonneville 200 , El Mirage "Dirty 2" and Muroc 200 MPH Clubs. Twenty-four former Road Runners are members of the Dry Lakes Racers Hall of Fame.

Note: Pierson Coupe and Burke Belly Tank pictures are copyrighted from the collection of Al Baker and Images used with permission.
Randy Shinn picture is from Veda Orr's "'Lakes' Pictorial - 1946 Season" booklet. Copy owned by & included in Road Runners' historical archives.

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  Mike Ferguson - President     John Carroll - Vice President


  Jerry Cornelison - Secretary     Tracie (Carroll) Habraken-Parkes - Treasurer


  Neel Sutton - Sgt at Arms      
  John Carroll - SCTA Inspector (cars), SCTA Car
Technical Advisor, Inspection & Impound
    Tracie (Carroll) Habraken-Parkes - Volunteer for SCTA & BNI
Registration Trailer & Sales Trailer, Licensing
    Jerry Cornelison - SCTA Scholarship Committee,
Road Runners Historian & Webmaster
    Steve Gibson - SCTA Club Rep, SCTA Classic Coupe &
Sedan Committee, SCTA Scholarship Evaluator
  Gary McGavin - SCTA Save The Salt Rep, SCTA
Club Rep - Alternate, SCTA Scholarship Evaluator
    Jack Masson - SCTA Club Rep, SCTA Classic
 Coupe & Sedan Committee Chairman


  Second Tuesday each month at:
Ed Martin Garage
6672 Indiana Ave.
Riverside, California
Phone: (951)686-6878
NOTE:   Meetings begin at 7pm - "Bench Racing" begins around 6:15pm.
Please bring a lawn chair or folding chair for seating.


  President Mike Ferguson - Phone (951)961-3932

President's E-mail or Webmaster's E-mail


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Road Runners Safety Film - 1952
This vintage Road Runners safety film includes action from
the Santa Ana Drags and a SCTA meet at El Mirage - 1952.
  Collection of photos from Road Runners and friends.
A nostalgic visit to Dry Lakes racing and Hot Rods
from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's
El Mirage and Bonneville video clips from
the Internet - (You Tube and other sources)
  Society newsletter and archives plus
link to Hot Rod Hot Line website.
  A poem penned by Madeleine Blanchette
captures the spirit of El Mirage following
her first visit to an SCTA racing event.

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